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Synergy [5 DVD]
Synergy [5 DVD]

Plektron Guitar Amp v3.5.0

Platform: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64, MAC OSX X32 PowerPC, MAC OSX X64 Intel
Format: Standalone, VST
Disks: 1 CD
Plektron Guitar Amp v3.5.0

Guitar amp 3.5 offers wide set of amplifiers and effects. Using it is simple and intuitive, the new graphics and layout of the components have been carefully designed to have a good workflow to glean your sound immediately. If it is the right sound, you can save your own set! Plug your guitar to the audio board and start Guitar Amp 3.5 in stand alone mode, or just record in your favourite VST host with the plug-ins version.

What's New in GA 3.5

  • 6 new original stomp effects
  • All components are now available as single VST
  • Online components reference guide
  • Re-arranged stompboxes screen. Now the effects are divided per categories
  • Hard tested with major vst hosts, Cubase, Mixcraft, Ableton live (jbridge), Reason 9.5 (jbridge)
  • Solved a lot of errors and bugs
  • Free upgrade for all GA3 users


  • AMPS: Hiwatt, Hiwatt MK2, Combovox, British, British two, Audiosonic, Bluesman, Epic, Splitamp, Phonix, Neusonor, Route amp, Plek60, Bassvox
  • MODULATIONS: Chorus, Vibrato, Tremolo, Phaser, S-tone, Flangex, Stereoflange
  • FILTERS: Vocalizer, Filter, Paraeq2, Grapheq, Vintage wah, Modern wah, Analogue filter, uHiboost
  • AMBIENCES: Vintage delay, Vintage reverb, uVerb, Yaled, Spring reverb, Tape delay, Ultra Delay
  • OD/DIST: Fuzz, Blue diamond, Fire drive, Metal scream, uDrive, Analogue drive, Octa Crush
  • DIGITAL EFFECTS: Looper, Repeater, mSynth, DPS, DFS
  • PITCH SHIFTERS: Voices, 2pitch, Illusion, Slider
  • DEGRADERS: uDegrader, uRing, Radiosim
  • DINAMICS: Tube gain, Vintage compressor, Slow env, Levels
  • OTHERS: uDoubler, Analogue rotator, Infinito, Old-Pop
  • TOOLS: Decks recorder/playback, Chromatic tuner, Multi oscs machine
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