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New Native Instruments Maschine Expansions (29 Nov 2015)

8 new Native Instruments Maschine expansions added.

Cthulhu Chord and Arp VST-Plug-in (26 Nov 2015)

One Note Becomes Many. Cthulhu is firstly a chord memorizer and player.

AmpliTube 4.0.2 (24 Nov 2015)

AmpliTube version 4.0.2 released.

Exhale from Output Sounds (21 Nov 2015)

EXHALE is a playable vocal engine built for producers, composers, artists and sound designers.

Mac OSX Mixing and Tracking Plug-ins (20 Nov 2015)

3 new OSX plug-ins bundles added.

BML SABLE Strings (19 Nov 2015)

The world's finest chamber strings library.

New Prominy Guitar Sample Libraries (18 Nov 2015)

Check out new Prominy guitar sample libraries.

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