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iZotope RX 5 Advanced (08 Feb 2016)

New version of iZotope RX Advanced restoration audio editor.

Virtuoso Solo Violin (03 Feb 2016)

The most living, breathing solo violin virtual instrument.

2 new Orange Tree Samples Plug-ins (29 Jan 2016)

Grand Kalimba & Cherry Electric Bass for Kontakt sampler.

3 Sample Modeling Virtual Instruments (21 Jan 2016)

3 new Sample Modeling virtual instruments added.

Positive Grid Plug-Ins (20 Jan 2016)

Positive Grid plug-Ins for tracking and mastering.

Vocalizer Pro for Windows (16 Jan 2016)

Check out Vocalizer Pro for Windows x86/x64.

AIR Music Tech Virtual Instruments (15 Jan 2016)

3 AIR Music Tech virtual instruments added to our catalogue.

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