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4 New Maschine Expansions (19 Jul 2016)

4 new Maschine expansions added.

3 EZkeys MIDI packs (15 Jul 2016)

3 new EZkeys MIDI packs added.

Kick Drum Virtual Instruments (10 Jul 2016)

3 kick drum virtual instruments.

NI Symphony Woodwinds Serie (06 Jul 2016)

NI Symphony Woodwinds Serie available.

XILS-lab Vocoders and Synth (04 Jul 2016)

Featuring XILS-lab vocoder plug-ins and virtual synth.

Eventide Ensemble Plug-ins for Windows 64 bit (30 Jun 2016)

20 different plug-ins from Eventide, including: H3000 Factory, UltraReverb, Octavox, etc.

Hofa plug-ins bundle (29 Jun 2016)

Hofa plug-ins bundle - 14 plug-ins in one samples pack,

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