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Symphobia 2 Samples Library (29 Aug 2015)

Massive amounts of fresh and inspiring symphonic effects, all-new orchestral articulations and real legato ensembles.

Appple Logic Pro 10 (27 Aug 2015)

10-th version of Logic Pro digital audio workstation.

Dave Parkinson trance samples (24 Aug 2015)

Making trance music? Check out "Dave Parkinson Trance Essential".

Cinematic Guitars Infinity (22 Aug 2015)

4 products in one at a low price!

8 string guitar library for metal and rock (19 Aug 2015)

8 string guitar library for metal and rock.

ARIA Sounds Sample Libraries (16 Aug 2015)

Complete collection of ARIA Sounds sample libraries now available.

Quick Search Module (11 Aug 2015)

New quick search module is now working on the site.

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