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Mercuriall Guitar Effects Plug-ins (17 May 2018)

Mercuriall guitar effects plug-ins: U530, ReAxis, Spark.

Chris Hein Ensemble Strings for Kontakt (16 May 2018)

Chris Hein – Ensemble Strings is an incredibly detailed, flexible and musical string-ensemble-library.

Legendary analogue synthesizers by Arturia (14 May 2018)

Legendary analogue synthesizers in software emulation powered by Arturia.

Zebra 2 Synthesizer for Windows and OSX (29 Apr 2018)

A powerful, high quality (but still CPU friendly) sound engine together with numerous sound sculpting tools makes Zebra2 capable of a near-limitless range of new sounds and textures.

Waves Complete Plug-ins bundle for Windows 64 bit and MAC OSX (24 Apr 2018)

New 2018 version of Waves Complete plug-ins bundle for Windows 64 bit and MAC OSX now available.

HALion 6 Sampler for Windows x64 (08 Apr 2018)

HALion 6 Sampler for Windows x64 with complete factory sound library.

Roland TR-808 for Windows 64 Bit (07 Apr 2018)

The boom, snap and sizzle of the most famous drum machine ever, now in your DAW.

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