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Synergy [5 DVD]
Synergy [5 DVD]
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VipZone Multisamples vol.7 - Virus Leads
VipZone Multisamples vol.7 - Virus Leads [Reason Refill] Dance Leads from Access VIRUS synthesizer. Sequencer used: Cubase SX Sampler used: Reason's NN-XT Reverbs used: Reason's RV7000, Cubase Reverb A Delays used: PSP-84 delay (with tiny modulation applied to reduce phase/flange effect)
Miroslav Refills Vol. 5: String Ensembles
Miroslav Refills Vol. 5: String Ensembles [DVD/REFILL] Articulate and Moving Ensemble String Sections Beautifully sampled ensemble strings from the legendary Miroslav Orchestra collection. Featuring 11 and 24 violin sections, violas, celli and basses played in a variety of performance articulations such as legato, staccato, pizzicato, tremolo, sul ponte, spiccato, detache and more. Includes additional...
VipZone Hardcore Essentials
VipZone Hardcore Essentials [SF2 / SXT / WAV formats] Styles: Hardcore and Gabber 128 DRUMS (Bounce Kicks, Dark Kicks, Deep Kicks, Extreme Kicks, Filtered Kicks, Noise Kicks, Standard Kicks) 122 DARK VOCALS - WORDS AND SENTENCES (Intro Vocals, Numbers, Sentences, Single Word Vocals, Two Words Vocals, Vocal Effects, Vocal with Effects) 10 HARDCORE SYNTH MULTISAMPLES (Format: SF2 Multisamples, SXT Reason).
Viral Outbreak Refill
Nucleus SoundLab Viral Outbreak Refill [DVD] Viral Outbreak is a new soundware product based on the sounds of the Virus* TI hardware synthesizer. Using the power of extensive 96khz multisampling, manual looping and professional preset design, Nucleus SoundLab brings this powerful electronica sound to your productions! Viral Outbreak is available both as a VSTi plugin, and a Reason 4.0 Refill. Viral...
2rAw Club Trackbuilders
House, techno, 2-step, drumnbass styles with beats, bass and synth loops in rex-refill-acid-wav file formats allowing you less time converting and editing and more time creating great dance music. Mix n Time with the 2rAw Acid and Rex2 formats. 304- Acid/wav files- bass, beats, rhythm, synth 304- Rex2/Refill files- bass, beats, rhythm, synth File Format: Rex/Acid/Wav.
2rAw Uptown Breaks
PowerFX drops the BOMB!!!! ...Wicked beats and syncopations with variations for butt moving connotations. Ultra modern-futuristically hip, Uptown Breaks is the SHIT!!! 342- Acid/Wav files 229- Rex2 files File Format: Rex/Acid/Wav.
Contents Loops (Drum, Percuussion, Vox, Instrumental, Hed, Hat, & FX), Fills & Rolls, Turntable FX & Stops, Scratches, Basses, Piano/Clav, Organs, Synths, Atmospheres, Guitar, Sax, Horns, Wind, Bells, Strings, Orch Hits, Stabs, Ragga, Vox Drums, Male & Female spoken, shouted & sung vocals, Crowds & Chants, Computer Vox, Hed Hits & FX, SFX, plus loads more! More info on the Producer Coldcut have always...
Creative Essentials 1
The library features 8 ReFills on 3 CDs: 2444 NN-19 patches 2027 REX2 files 26 Redrum Kits "I was impressed with the overall quality of the sounds and I feel that the sampling technique behind both the single-sampled and multisampled instruments is of a very high standard.....What really impressed me was the Dr:rex loops...everything I tried seemed to have been processed with considerable care through ReCycle.
Dirty Ol' Relics
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be. Once upon a time the instruments in this collection were revered as technological wonders, titans of musical prowess. It sometimes took several large men to carry them to and from your gig, and they often cost more in maintenance than their purchase price. Nowadays, we buy and sell instruments rapidly, change our software more often than our underwear, and generally...
MS-2000 Massive Funkin Family Music
Organize it all for the hottest piece of music software and you get RETRONICA, the new sample CD-rom for Reason. With Retronica and Reason you have the perfect tool to make the best retro/electro/funk/jazz music imaginable. 160 NN19 Patches 75 Subtractor Patches 11 Redrum Kits 153 Refill/Rex2 Drumloops 33 Refill Electric Piano Loops 16 Refill Vocoder loops 12 Upright Bass refill loops File Format: Rex.
Roots of Disco
Sample Messiah
DJ Harsh, The Notzel Brothers, Ars Larsen & Lars Boske pool their vast sample resources to create the ultimate, modern Euro dance sample CD. Capturing the essence of the classic dance sample collections with the sounds of today - this collection is a unique resource for anyone making modern music.
Sonic Stop Table Manners Scratches
Wired. The Elements of Trance Refill
This is the Reason Refill version of the forthcoming Zero-G plug-in Virtual Sound Module "WIRED - THE ELEMENTS OF TRANCE", featuring over 1.2 Gigabytes of samples (raw). This massive and exclusive sound archive from Nigel Anderson (the producer of "TOTAL TRANCE") provides every constituent you need to make the perfect trance track in Propellerheads' REASON software studio, including just about every...
Futurist Drum n Bass
Futurist Drum 'n' Bass is your complete construction kit for building drum 'n' bass tracks the fast way.Futurist Drum 'n' Bass is your complete construction kit for building drum 'n' bass tracks the fast way. Use this library to create one of the most versatile and exciting styles of music happening today?fast tempos and fractured breaks that resonate throughout the worlds of rock.
Retro Funk (with Groove Control)
Spectrasonics takes Retro into the future! * Awesome Live drum & percussion grooves * Authentic Vintage Sound, Feel & Style * Multiple world-class Drummers, Studios and Engineers * Transitional Song Construction Elements * Ultra-Wide Sonic Variety * Unprecedented Control A fresh take on the killer vintage sound. The sonic texture of these loops makes them ultra-flexible, bringing massive "vibe" to any modern track.
Reason 3 [3 CD]
3 CDs. New Reason 3.0 gives you one-step loading of complex, customizable instruments and effect setups, a new instrument-packed soundbank, instant integration with MIDI keyboards and controllers, a new intuitive file browser, plus a suite of mastering tools. For a pleasurable, performance-friendly Reason experience. Less fuss, more inspiration As a Reason user, you can forget about the downsides of music production.
Reason Drum Kits 24 bit
DVD. Welcome to the Reason Drum Kits ReFill, a massive supply of exquisite drum samples with unprecedented sonic realism and detail. Drums with such presence and rich vibrancy in the sound, such accuracy and control in the response, you’ll swear there’s a resident drummer inside your computer. Reason Drum Kits consists of nearly 10,000 individual samples, recorded by a team of experts in...
EZ Rollers Drum'n'Bass Producer Pack
Media: DVD Size: 1.6 Gb EZ ROLLERS DRUM & BASS PRODUCER PACK Multi-Format (ACIDized WAV, Reason Refill, EXS24, HALion, KONTAKT instruments and REX2 Files) When it comes to Drum'n'Bass The EZ Rollers need no introduction. One of the UK's premiere D'n'B production teams has finally made a sample library, and it rocks... This is the most happening selection of Drum & Bass samples on the planet from one...
HIP HOP Essential Reason Refills
DVD. 1.4 Gb Collection of HIP-HOP Refills for Reason: Downtempo Beats.rfl Electro Hiphop.rfl Hydroponic Hip-Hop.rfl MuRAYA Collection 5 ReFill.rfl NEMESIS HIPHOP AND BREAKBEAT REFILL 1.rfl REJ Drum Bonanza.rfl Table Manners.rfl Underground HipHop.rfl Uptown Breaks.rfl
Sonic Refills Vol. 11: Retro Keys
Includes a massive collection of keyboard sounds in one easy to use "refill" for Reason! Focusing on standard first call keyboard sounds ranging from organs to pads to electric pianos, leads, basses and more for the ultimate session rig inside Reason's NNXT sampler. With distinct character sounds going back in time from the late 1960's to the late 90's this collection has the sounds to do styles of...
Chemical Synths Refill [DVD]
Zero-G Chemical Synths (Reason Refill) A hot addition to our our range of Reason Refill/REX libraries is Chemical Synths, a totally fresh and eagerly awaited title conceived, assembled and produced by accomplished game and independent movie composer, Jonathan Heslop. Having already produced Zero-G's Ambient Textures Refill, which received high praise from the industry's media on its release last year.
VipZone Multisamples vol.2 - Leads 2
VipZone Multisamples vol.2 - Leads 2 [SF2/SXT Formats]   QLIMAX LEAD - very strong lead. BENNY BENASSI LEAD - it's probably no need to describe this type of sound. It's just sound of Benny Benassi SYSTEM LEAD - very good lead in the style of Kenny Takito based on portamento effect. Should be used with portamento-compatible sampler, like Reason's NN-XT VIRUS POWERCORE LEAD - characteristic dirty lead.

Refills for Reason sound editor.

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