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14 Jan 2018Arturia V Collection 6
KEYBOARD LEGENDS REDISCOVERED The ultimate synth, organ, piano, and performance keyboard anthology. 21 seminal instruments, supercharged, and at your command. Description Bringing together over 100 years of landmark keyboard instruments in one software package, the sounds behind every hit, every genre, and every musical movement are now at your fingertips. Painstakingly recreated in beautiful detail.
14 Jan 2018Cinesamples CineHarps
CineHarps is a collection of deeply sampled orchestral harps that's easy to use and is loaded with techniques and features that will make this a classic in any composer’s template. Recorded with wide variety of perspectives at the MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, CineHarps will fit nicely into any mix. About the Library For the 10th anniversary of our landmark product CineHarps.
10 Jan 2018Sample Magic Soulection
Futuristic trap beats and dusty soulful melodics. Combining the dusty sampling techniques of old-school hip-hop with the contemporary sound-design of trap ‘Soulection’ is 1GB+ of nostalgia tinged banging loops, MIDI, and one-shots. Lush evolving pads, dirty chopped up grooves, hooky vocal lines, ethereal FX and contemporary ambiences.
10 Jan 2018Mike Shiver Essentials Vol.2
Mike Shiver Essentials Volume 2 is a brand new sound library that brings you the essential bricks for building Progressive House & Progressive Trance productions. First of all, the package offers 7 complete Audio and MIDI Construction Kits created by Mike Shiver (who also produced Mike Shiver Essentials Vol.1), containing audio loops as well as MIDI loops. Each construction kit is a portion of...
06 Jan 2018Empire 2 Trap Construction Kits [KLI + Multiformat]
The disk contains both Multiformat and KLI versions. Description The Empire series from Big Fish Audio is back with 50 more kits of Trap bangers! Empire 2: Trap Construction Kits brings you over 2GB of the same Trap snares, 808s, and synths that you loved from the first volume - as well as inspiring new beats and melodies that are sure to make a hit! Produced in the styles of Baauer, TNGHT, and RL Grime.
06 Jan 2018E-Instruments Session Keys Upright v.1.0
Session Keys Upright Modern upright piano Two separate sound banks: Open and Closed Pentamorph sound control to transform the whole sound with a single knob Animator with more than 400 flexible piano phrases Smart Chord function to create instant piano chords from single keys or pads Native Instruments NKS compatible Size: 40 GB / 20 GB (lossless sample compression) 24 bit, 44.1 kHz Session Keys Upright...
06 Jan 2018Psilocybian Psychedelic Forest Tutorial
Psychedelic – Forest Tutorial is a 10h long creation of a full track with psychedelic and forest influences. CONTENT KICK BASS 37min PERCS 26min RETURNS 17min SYNTHS 2h 5 EFFECTS 48min ARRANGEMENT & MIX 6h  
02 Jan 2018Hit Life 2 - Modern Hip Hop
This sample pack contains: Hit Life 2 - Modern Hip Hop [Multiformat Version] Hit Life 2 - Modern Hip Hop [KLI Version] Description Big Fish Audio is proud to present Hit Life 2: Modern Hip Hop. The sound of modern Hip Hop is an elusive beast, but Hit Life 2 has the punch and intensity to capture it in every kit. From deep 808 basses and punchy drum loops to hand-crafted synth leads and vocal chops.
02 Jan 2018Audio Assault Westwood Drums
Westwood Drums includes a full range of mixing tools & effects on every channel to adjust the way the microphones affect the signal, compress, transient design and shape the drums the way you need to. Features Unprocessed Drumkit with 4 snares and 4 kicks 2 band parametric equalizers with shelves and filters for all channels Compressor, Clipping, Saturation, Transient Shaping & Reverb The Punch...
02 Jan 2018AudioThing Type A
Type A Vintage Enhancer Type A is a plugin inspired by a famous vintage tape encoder. The original unit was designed to be a noise reduction system for tape recording (encode stage) and playback (decode stage). Type A emulates the encode stage, which was often misused as an enhancer, dynamically increasing the top end of a signal without introducing artefacts or altering the harmonic content. The...
02 Jan 2018Sugar Bytes Guitarist v1.0.4
Unrivalled Functionality Guitarist is a virtual guitar that's designed to emulate rhythm parts played on an electric guitar. The actual guitar player has been transformed into a step sequencer system with a huge level of customisation when it comes to chords or fingering patterns and a detailed control over authentic nuance and expression. Key Features Four electric Guitars with more to come soon...
02 Jan 2018Myloops Static Movement Psy Trance Sample
A Professional Psy Trance Sample Library By Static Movement This is a library of Psy Trance Samples that brings you the essential bricks as loops & one shots for building professional psy trance productions. The library contains 250 psy trance samples. you will not find any “filler” sounds in this pack. No hands up, no hardcore, or jumpstyle sounds in here. All Psy Trance Samples (Drum Loops.
01 Jan 2018Audio Damage AD043 Filterstation2 v2.0.1
Filterstation2 is the Audio Damage take on the classic serial/parallel/stereo dual filter topology, made famous (and some would say "indispensable") by the Sherman Filterbank and its many clones. With twelve filter algorithms, an envelope follower with stereo sidechain input, a full FSU section for extra signal hacking, and an easy-to-use interface, Filterstation2 is a valuable addition to any producer's toolkit.
01 Jan 2018Native Instruments Symphony Series - Percussion
NATURAL PERCUSSION An exhaustive set of 55 orchestral percussion instruments, recorded at Studio 22, Budapest. PERCUSSION offers superb balance between precision and ambience, and the range and playability to meet the needs of any orchestral production task. It also provides an outstanding percussion set for pop and electronic genres. PRECISION AND AMBIENCE With a wide range of both classic and exotic percussive instruments.
01 Jan 2018Ujam Virtual Drummer Phat
What’s in There? A virtual Hip hop drummer that follows your direction 5 meticulously recorded kits. 30 styles, 720 patterns (intro, verse, chorus, ending). Full control over tempo, timbre and variations. Custom FX algorithms. Make ‘em Say Uhh! Virtual Drummer PHAT is your go-to ace for grooving funky and urban drumming. For all genres from Retro Soul to G-Funk, PHAT adds a smooth rhythm...
30 Dec 2017Sugar Bytes Obscurium v1.0.5
Timbral Organism Obscurium is a synthesis tool for sound and pitch. It feeds on your input of scales & chords to produce futuristic soundscapes and vivid harmonics. Key Features Avantgarde Sound Design Tool 8-voice Saw, Pulse, Supersaw and FM Synthesis VST Interface can host & control plug-ins Generative Harmonies or straight MIDI-Input MIDI out Draw Tools, Modifiers and Super Obscure Mode...
30 Dec 2017Sugar Bytes WOW2 v2.2.1
Sugar Bytes WOW2 v2.2.1 [PC / MAC Versions] + Tutorial We dreamt of a WOW2 and now it is here! With a future-dripping user interface, 21 incredible filter types with the famous vowel mode. With distortions that cover your tracks with gas and put them on fire. Modulations that cause more trouble than your modular dark room. And finally that warm and juicy sound, that you were looking for. Get WOW2 now! (Skrillex.
29 Dec 2017Sugar Bytes Aparillo v1.0.1
  The Cinematic Machine Aparillo is an advanced 16-voice FM synthesizer, tailored for majestic sonic motions. A clever arrangement of synthesis, wave shaping, filtering, FX and modulation unfolds into a serious sound design tool for epic sonic creation. Make sure to check out the Orbiter, a mass-controller for immediate, instant blockbuster sounding themes. Synth Two FM Operators give birth to...
29 Dec 2017Ostinato Brass
About Ostinato Brass The phrase library for complex brass chords. Last year we released our Ostinato Strings library. It was designed to solve one specific issue that virtual instruments have struggled with for years: how to create realistic ostinato motifs without sacrificing playability. The library took our phrase-based approach and extended the harmonic scope so that far more complex chords than...
29 Dec 2017Deconstructing a Mix 6 Chris Lord-Alge
18 Dec 2017Ujam Virtual Drummer Heavy
What’s in There? A virtual rock drummer with real drum performances Full control over tempo, timbre and variations. 5 meticulously recorded kits. 30 styles, 720 patterns (intro, verse, chorus, fill, ending). Custom FX algorithms: Slam and Character. For Those About to Rock Virtual Drummer HEAVY is a forceful rock and indie specialist. For all genres from soft pop rock ballads to Seattle-style overdrive grunge.
18 Dec 2017Studio Box Mark III
State-of-the-art sound effects surroundings and ambiences created by leading foley artists and sound designers. 10.000 royalty-free sound effects (30 gigabyte) 16 and 24 bit WAV Easy to use guide Studio Box, now available in version Mark III, is one of the most complete soundeffect collections, a comprehensive foley library for your film,- advertising-, games- and music-productions. Categories Nature...
17 Dec 2017David Glenn Mixing Vocals Tutorial
Learn how to mix professional sounding vocals that cut through the mix EQ, compression, parallel processing and more, mix engineer David Glenn will help you to develop your mixing skills by teaching you the art of mixing vocals. HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL LEARN FROM THIS COURSE Mixing Vocals is full of tips, techniques and strategies to take your vocal mixes from dry and dull to unique and exciting.
17 Dec 2017Shepard Tones
Description Foreword: “… Shepard Notes is the latest psycho-acoustic phenomena in modern cinematic scoring. The Shepard’s create a whole new emotional atmosphere around your composition. What’s so beautiful about them is that they create an illusion of elements rising or falling, but without really doing so and without conflicting with the rest of your music. It’s a...
17 Dec 2017Ecliptiq Audio Cryo
Cryo offers an extensive collection of depressing drones, haunting plucks, dystopian hits and frightening growls with a versatile and intuitive engine like few other. cryo is a handy tool for every sound designer and cinematic composer for a reasonable price. Features 270 unique presets 250 custom made impulse response samples 8,4 GB content more than 11000 samples 6 different types of modulation possibility...
16 Dec 2017Audiority Echoes T7E
Analog Modelled Italian Magnetic Echo Plugin. Echoes T7E is a faithful recreation of a vintage tube magnetic echo made in Italy in the early ‘60s. This echo effect unit is based on a magnetic spinning drum with both record and playback heads arranged around a recording wire wound around the drum circumference. This solution provides better stability over the usual tape transport with reduced wow and flutter.
16 Dec 2017Origin Sound Takeshi
Origin Sound are proud to present “Takeshi”, our latest release that brings an oriental twist to the Trap & Hip Hop world. Oozing with authenticity and original eastern vibes, this library shouts creativity, innovation and ambition. Expect a vast collection of organic leads, tearing synth lines, weighty basses, experimental SFX, hard hitting drums and much more. Inside “Takeshi”...
16 Dec 2017Roland VS Concerto v4.0.1
Contains: Roland VS Concerto v4.0.1 VST Plug-in Roland VS Concerto Complete Sound Library v4.0 What is Roland Cloud Concerto? Roland Cloud Concerto is the sample playback and RAINLINK based recording engine that powers the Tera, FLAVR and Anthology series of Roland Cloud virtual instruments. Although Concerto alone does not an instrument make, it is the underlying engine that powers many current Roland...
16 Dec 2017Knight Savage for Omnipshere
Instrument Categories: Bass, Bells, Brass, FX Pads, Plucks, Synths Knight Savage (Omnisphere Library) The Third Omnisphere Library in the Hades Family Includes 50 High Quality Instruments Movie, Dark, Hyper Sounds When It’s Getting Dark!
15 Dec 2017AIR Music Technology Boom 1.2.11 for Windows
Air Music Technology originally created Boom as part of the Creative Collection of instrument plug-ins included as part of Avid™ Pro Tools™.  As the popularity of Pro Tools grew, more and more musicians and producers relied on the incredible sonic firepower of this amazing Drum Machine. Boom continued to evolve, and demand grew. Boom is now available on its own by popular demand,...
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