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Symphobia [5 DVD]
Symphobia [5 DVD]
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17 Aug 2017Sknote Disto V2
Disto is an emulation of two different devices in one. It is designed by merging their features to get a single processing system. It was designed taking inspiration from our rack of devices here: one pair of Distressors and one stereo FATSO Jr. by Empirical Labs. A Mid/Side encoding/decoding matrix is added to the rack, which, thanks to independent controls, gives full access to Mid and Side processing.
17 Aug 2017Minimal Electronic
Taking cues from Trentemøller, Robert Lippok and Brain Eno, this 4th pack in the 43% Giant series shifts gears away from the loud and into the quiet. Swapping dense leads and distorted bass lines for soft swells and fidgeting beats. Tech Specs 368 MB (Wav format) 235 Loops 148 One shots Variety Inside the pack you’ll find Arpeggios, Convolution Reverbs, Drones, Keys, Melodic Sound Design.
17 Aug 2017Strezov Sampling VIBE Instant Drumkit
Instant Drumkit recorded in a large hall! Co-produced by drummer extraordinaire Michael Schack this highly versatile instrument features a huge collection of inspiring performances and amazing one-shot samples (19 GB) at a super affordable price! DESCRIPTION Being in active developement for more than 8 months, VIBE is a library that heads into new territories for Strezov Sampling. VIBE is special...
17 Aug 2017Spitfire Orstphone (Aluphone)
A very special new member of the mallet family. This extraordinary array of aluminium bells played by a master of his craft in the hall at Air Studios, deeply sampled to Spitfire's strict 'definitive' code. A unique and essential magical addition to your sonic arsenal. Key Stats 6312 Samples 14.6 GB Uncompressed .WAV 6.9 GB disk space required 13.8 GB disk space required during install...
17 Aug 2017Spitfire Chamber Strings [18 DVD]
Small can be more beautiful. 16 of the finest string players, playing the finest instruments via the finest signal path in The Hall at Air Studios, London. A super deep-sampled encyclopaedia of string articulations and techniques. The Spitfire team's favourite string product to-date. Key Stats 72697 Samples 107.3 GB Uncompressed .WAV 80.9 GB disk space required 161.8 GB disk space required during...
15 Aug 2017Papa Records House and Deep House Drums and FX
'Papa Records Presents: House & Deep House Drums & FX' from Loopmasters join forces with Reel People and Papa Records for an exclusive collection of House & Deep House, bringing an indispensable sample mine of Royalty-Free drums and FX samples for your music.   Featuring the essential House elements you know and love, with 909s, 808s, Oberheim DMX and more in full force. Recorded...
15 Aug 2017Elica Le Bon Vocal Acapellas
'Elica Le Bon: Vocal Acapellas' from Loopmasters present a stunning collection of contemporary urban vocals direct from the heart and streets of London. This Royalty-Free collection features serene vocals delivered in 24-Bit Quality, packed with catchy hooks, warm harmonies and rich adlibs for your tracks.   Elica Le Bon is an artist and producer based in West London, known for her dynamic vocal delivery.
15 Aug 2017Boom Library Medieval Life Bundle
Contains: Boom Library Medieval Life Designed [2 DVD] Boom Library Medieval Life Construction Kits [5 DVD] Description Ever struggled to find unobtrusive sounds without any traffic noise to create historic backgrounds? Well we did, so we decided to create a library to address that. Designing the sound for a scene which is set in the medieval times can become a very long-lasting process. Well, due to the lack of smartphones.
13 Aug 2017Born To Produce Deep House in Cubase
Make a track from nothing, right through to the final mixdown learning Cubase and becoming a better producer at the same time! The quickest and easiest way to learn Cubase. When you have completed this 5 hour course you will have all the knowledge and skills needed to write your own dance tracks. What You Will Learn The basics of Cubase, the mixer, using samples, EQ, editing and making a loop Program a lead melody.
13 Aug 2017Dave Seaman Electronic Underground Vol.2
Loopmasters present Dave Seaman Electronic Underground 2; an intensifying collection of electronic sounds from one if the industry's longest-serving and well-respected Producer/DJs. Join Loopmasters on another exclusive royalty-free journey, delving into the esteemed history of House and all things Electronic. Dave Seaman is a name synonymous with the forefront of electronic music - having devoted...
13 Aug 2017Puremagnetik Mark Two Berlin
Mark Two Berlin is a distinctively unique and versatile instrument recorded from a restored Fender Rhodes MKII. It was salvaged from a Berlin collector and brought back to life after many months of restoration. It joins Puremagnetik’s Mark One Brooklyn in a league of electric piano instruments with a charm all their own - for those seeking real world character over perfection. The Mark Two Berlin...
13 Aug 2017HZ03 Hans Zimmer London Soloists - Solo Epic Drums
The definitive collection of Hybrid Cinematic Widescreen percussion, produced by the man who created the idiom. This volume expands on the breadth of solo content found in HZ01 with a selection of detailed and deep sampled solo drums performed by percussion guru Frank Ricotti. Recorded by Geoff Foster at Air Studios and mixed by 3 Oscar & Grammy winning composer/ producer/ engineers. Key Stats 10720 Samples 17.
13 Aug 2017Audiomodern Atom
Advanced Film & Game Sound Design Tool Introducing ATOM, a unique new virtual instrument for Kontakt with a powerful custom engine fully equipped to spark your creativity. The machine is built around a beautifully diverse collection of intricate textures and organic elements, that were created from a huge collection of field recordings, custom made acoustic instruments including a tuned anker, propellers.
13 Aug 2017Gothic Instruments Dronar Dark Synthesis
Create atmospheres and FX loaded with tension, darkness and mystery. Add tension, darkness and mystery to your music and evoke instant emotions in your audience with DRONAR: Dark Synthesis - the fourth module in Gothic Instruments´ incredibly successful series of Kontakt sound design tools. Twisted. Bold. Supernatural. Disturbing. Industrial... Heavily synthetic tones that are reminiscent of...
13 Aug 2017Addictive Drums 2 ADpak - United Heavy
Hard-hitting drums for heavy music Powerful drum hits Legendary drum room Production-ready presets About United Heavy United Heavy is a powerful ADpak for Addictive Drums 2, featuring a boutique drum kit recorded in one of the world's most sought after drum rooms. Whether you play fast or slow, rock or metal - or just need drums that make an impact - the United Heavy ADpak will deliver the goods.
08 Aug 2017Sonuscore The Orchestra
THE ORCHESTRA is a revolutionary all-in-one 80 player orchestral library whose heart is our breakthrough Ensemble-Engine that empowers you to convert your ideas into music. Simple and incredibly fast. We found a way to revolutionise your way of composing complex orchestrated music. It’s a new simplicity, a more natural approach to cope with multi-facetted orchestral colors and rhythms. THE IDEA...
08 Aug 2017HZ02 Hans Zimmer Los Angeles
Hans Zimmer presents rock aristocrat Jason Bonham playing his enormous sounding DW Vistalite kits at legendary locations in Los Angeles, alongside more exclusive Zimmer gems. Key Stats 34335 Samples 44.2 GB Uncompressed .WAV 25.7 GB disk space required 51.4 GB disk space required during install Overview The ultimate epic kit, played by the ultimate epic drummer, in 3 epic locations produced by the...
08 Aug 2017Sacconi Strings Quartet [17 DVD]
Spitfire Audio Sacconi Strings Quartet [17 DVD] Purpose built tools for writing for string quartets performed by an award winning and sought after British group in arguably the best chamber acoustic in the world. Key Stats 46768 Samples 106.6 GB Uncompressed .WAV 70.7 GB disk space required 141.4 GB disk space required during install Kontakt Full Required Overview When you convince, cajole and caress...
07 Aug 2017Vengeance Nu Disco Vol.1
Nu Disco House is on the rise, and we’re sending you straight to the top of it with this new samplepack! Explore more than 2,400 rich and wide analog basslines, lush pads, cutting leads, crisp pianos, pitched vocals, powerful drums, snappy snares, hand claps, live-recorded conga loops, and guitars. Vengeance Nu Disco also includes an incredible array of uplifters, downlifters, impact hits, classic synth stabs.
07 Aug 2017Epic Stock Media Fantasy World
Now you can create the perfect mood and sound environment for your fantasy, adventure, 2D, 3D, mobile app games and motion graphics, film and audio productions. With Fantasy World you get 52 ambience loops (full versions) and 49 minimal versions plus 10 additional non-melodic loops for a total of 111 dynamic loop-able audio assets. Inspired by massive hit games like World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls.
07 Aug 2017Indian Folk
Description Bringing you melodic instrument loops as diverse as India's rich cultural history, Indian Folk contains just under one thousand 24-bit Wav files full of color and authenticity. With the arrival of movies and pop-music, the popularity of India's folk music was weakened, but this product aims to hold true to this dance-oriented heritage. Instruments like Folk Violins, Bollywood Violins.
05 Aug 2017Audiofier Abstrung v1.1
he second installment, a new chapter. Crystals generator In common with the whole Randomisers Series, Abstrung hosts the new Crystals Generator, a special delay generator whose repetitions can be pitched in different ways. In addition to that, the delay line can be filtered, and blurred with the Cloud filter. Grains can be more or less pronunced to one’s taste. The repetitions can also be effected by distortion.
05 Aug 2017BML Mural Symphonic Evolutions
The most extraordinary selection of beautiful, haunting and utterly unique Symphonic Evolutions (Evos) presented both as standard 'long' articulations in the BML codebase and as Spitfire's totally unique "Evo Grid" system. These fantastic creations from the mind of Ben Foskett are so unbelievably special and unique that we've decided to make them ultra exclusive by only offering...
04 Aug 2017Roland VS Tera Piano for Concerto v3.2.0
Tera Piano brings the unparalleled expression, depth and warmth of our world class concert piano to your creative process.. Features 48khz stereo .ogg format (VBR) Adjustable key sensitivity Fine and course tuning controls, both manually or via midi control for coarse tuning Convolution Reverb with 8 impulse responses Decay and wet/dry mix controls Per instrument Limiter toggle Multiple instruments...
04 Aug 2017Roland VS Tera Guitar for Concerto v1.9.0
The Tera Guitar line from Roland Cloud represent the most authentic virtual guitars ever created. Features The Search is Over How many times have you auditioned a virtual guitar and thought "I guess it sounds kind of like a guitar, sort of?"  We've been there too.  Having to settle time after time was frustrating enough to warrant creating our own virtual guitar, so we did. ...
02 Aug 2017Roland VS Concerto v3.3.0
Roland VS Concerto is required for these sample libraries: Roland VS Anthology 1985 Vol.1 Roland VS Anthology 1985 Vol.2 Roland VS Anthology 1987 Roland VS FLAVR Grit Roland VS Tera Piano Roland VS Tera Guitar
02 Aug 2017Roland VS SYSTEM-1 v1.0.5
Sounds with Character and Loads of Controls in a PLUG-OUT Capable Synthesizer Back in the 1970s, Roland launched the SYSTEM 100, SYSTEM 100M, and the now almost mythical SYSTEM 700. These modular and semi-modular synthesizers are heralded to this day for their flexibility and character of sound. In the spirit of its predecessors, the SYSTEM-1 breaks new ground with remarkable flexibility and access...
02 Aug 2017Roland VS Anthology 1985 Vol.2 for Concerto v3.2.0
Anthology 1985 is a faithful reproduction of Roland's legendary synthesizer from 1985 recreated in a modern and easy-to-use virtual instrument. Features Ultra-Deep Sampled replica of its legendary counterpart from 1985 128 patches in 2 volumes that represent base 64 patches and expansion card 4 velocity layers per note ADSR resonant filter for lush sustains and harmonic decays Multiple instruments...
02 Aug 2017Roland VS Anthology 1985 Vol.1 for Concerto v3.2.0
Anthology 1985 is a faithful reproduction of Roland's legendary synthesizer from 1985 recreated in a modern and easy-to-use virtual instrument. Features Ultra-Deep Sampled replica of its legendary counterpart from 1985 128 patches in 2 volumes that represent base 64 patches and expansion card 4 velocity layers per note ADSR resonant filter for lush sustains and harmonic decays Multiple instruments...
02 Aug 2017VSL Vienna Suite v1.1
High-Precision Stereo & Surround Audio Plug-ins Vienna Suite Pro has arrived with a refreshingly new approach to classic audio-processing tasks. Its many unique features provide you with further developed algorithms, improved real-time visualization and more flexibility in any setup, from stereo up to 12.2 surround formats! We know your sonic endeavors demand intuitive interfaces that effortlessly...
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