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24 Sep 2017Groove3 Into The Lair Dave On General Mixing
18 Videos | Length: 2hr 44min 46sec Tutorial 1 - Dissecting a Mix Pt. 1 (9:20) Mixing engineer Dave Pensado goes over key points in dissecting a mix in part 1 of his two part series in the 64th episode of Into The Lair from Pensado’s Place. Tutorial 2 - Dissecting a Mix Pt. 2 (10:47) Dave goes over key points in dissecting a mix in part 2 of his two part series in the 65th episode of Into The...
22 Sep 2017Echo Sound Works CODA for Serum
CODA is a one of a kind collection of sounds, presets, samples and more, that will help make your productions more unique by simply sounding different. ‚ÄčIt's a huge collection of melodic and powerful sounds, presets and samples inspired by orchestral and organic sources. We spent two months sampling cellos, violins, harps, choirs, you name it, we sampled it. BUT... CODA isn't just us slapping...
21 Sep 2017Cymatics Academy The Master Collection
Before we decided to create Academy.fm, we were actually taking on another major project: We were attempting to build an ultimate collection of packs that would be applicable to absolutely everything and inspirational to everyone! This project was way more challenging than we expected though, because not only did we want to provide sounds for different genres, but we also wanted to include patches for Massive.
21 Sep 2017Sound Dust Hammr Growler
Mind your ears ! Hammr Growler is the filthy brother of the not particularly demure Hammr+  and a part of the Hammr Suite,  a classic tonewheel organ sample set developed with Oasis/Sheryl Crow keyboard player Mikey Rowe and recorded by genius Andy Britton at the very lovely Toyroom Studios here in Brighton.The Growler is a 3GB monster that captures from 4 mic positions the full tilt sound...
18 Sep 2017June Miller - The Definitive DnB Collection
Loopmasters proudly present June Miller - Definitive DnB Collection; a menacing selection of brooding Synthscapes, epic Atmospheres and hi-octane Drums! As always, all content is 100% Royalty Free and primed for deeply darkside productions in all genres. June Miller have a pedigree like no other, with a back catalogue featuring what has to be the deepest and darkest Drum & Bass sound in the known...
18 Sep 2017Tamra Keenan Vocal Acapellas
Loopmasters proudly present Tamra Keenan Vocal Acapellas – a stunning selection of exclusive vocal tracks from one of the industry’s most established singers. This exclusive collection is provided 100% Royalty Free, bringing the all-important human element to your tracks, and professional Vocals direct to your studio! Irish singer/songwriter Tamra Keenan has been synonymous with electronic...
18 Sep 2017Roger Love Vocal Power
"Voice Coach of the Stars" Roger Love has helped Anthony Robbins, Suze Orman, and other bestselling authors become the most sought-after speakers in their field. Now you can benefit from the life-changing techniques he has taught to entertainment, media and business celebrities in VOCAL POWER. Change how other perceive you... and how you perceive yourself! Presence, charisma and star quality...
18 Sep 2017String Audio LIGHTless for Omnisphere 2
STRING AUDIO legendary samples and sound design skills meet Spectrasonics award-winning Omnisphere 2 virtual instrument, the result is an incredible library of hybrid, organic signature patches, and multis that will bring a whole new palette of sounds colors in your music productions. "The dark and moody character of String Audio’s sample content is right down my alley, and with LIGHTless...
18 Sep 2017Black Octopus Sound Leviathan 2
Leviathan 2 has arrived!  Following the explosive success of the first volume – Black Octopus has delivered yet another monstrous sample pack that is destined to shape the sound of music for years to come.  In production for nearly 2 years, and calling upon 8 skilled professional producers & sound designers, Leviathan 2 is jam packed with 5000 samples, loops, & MIDI files. This...
17 Sep 2017Vengeance Essential Deep House Vol.1
Dig deep into this new samplepack by Vengeance Sound that will lift your Deep House, Future House and Minimal House productions to new heights. Dive into 2,450 samples of live-played saxophone riffs, lovely guitar strums and licks, powerful synth chords, ultra low basslines, subterranean drums, crisp percussion, and thrilling effects. All instruments are played live, by professional musicians. All...
17 Sep 2017Vengeance Dance Explosion Vol.2
Dance Explosion is back! Volume 2 features 20 new dance floor smashers as construction kits, featuring drums, FX sounds, melodies and basslines as audio loops and MIDI files. The genre masters DJ THT and Artur Morkel give you 2.2GB of power spread over more than 1000 files! You'll find everything that modern HandsUp has to offer. The tempos are located at a driving 140-150 BPM, and each file has...
17 Sep 2017Vengeance Dance Explosion Vol.1
"Vengeance Dance Explosion" has landed: 20 perfectly composed and mixed hands-up hymns as extensive construction kits, FX, MIDIs and vocals! All areas of HandsUp are here! Rock hard "4 on the floor" beats, melodic "euphoric" hooks, strong shuffled / groove quantized sequences, chart compatible vocal pop, commercial electro vs. HandsUp melodies - all combined in one magnificent...
17 Sep 2017Vengeance Sound Trap Essentials Vol.1
Get ready for Vengeance Trap Essentials Volume 1! Trap music is a crossover between electro, dub and hiphop. With more than 2000 of the sickest and punchiest samples of all time, we bring you the deep, boomy 808 kicks, insane pitching alarm sounds, and amazing chopped up vocals and tapestops you need for this exciting genre. This samplepack includes tons of oneshots for kicks, snares, claps, percussion.
13 Sep 2017Waves Electric 88 Library
Get the soul and character of a unique electric piano, sampled to capture the nuances of the original vintage instrument, with effects, compressor and amp added. Over time, vintage pianos tend to sound different from key to key. They detune, change in tone and become non-linear. The fascinating thing is that these audible imperfections creates a beautiful and unique instrument, one that can move you...
13 Sep 2017Waves Electric 200
Precise sampling of the classic 200-model electric piano featured on classics by Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Queen, with effects, compressor and amp added. Electric 200 captures the bite, bark and punchy reed tone of the electric piano model used on classic recordings by Ray Charles, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan and many more. Sampled from two individual instruments, each with its own distinct tone, Electric...
13 Sep 2017Waves Electric Grand 80 Piano Library
Faithfully sampled from the classic electric grand piano which defined 80s pop, rock and R&B hits by Elton John, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock plus many more, and served electronic music innovators from Vangelis to the present. Featured on hits by Journey, U2, The Police, George Duke, Phil Collins, Toto, Hall & Oates, Billy Joel and countless others, the original 80-model electric grand continues...
11 Sep 2017SoundSpot Oracle Reverb
A great sounding reverb is arguably one of the most important factors in achieving a full and atmospheric mix, and with that in mind, the SoundSpot® team set out to create a reverb that can deliver to the demands of modern production. After many months of development we are proud to announce the arrival of the Oracle Algoverb. The Oracle is a one stop shop for all your creative reverb needs, and...
11 Sep 2017Divergent Audio Group Chordscape
Product Overview Chordscape is an ambient infinite tape playback machine designed to create evolving modulated dark ambient soundscapes but can be used for all sorts of different sound design scenarios. Chordscape is now at Version 1.1 with many new features and snapshots included. Updates inculde: Start/stop playback using a key-switch (either colored Red or Green) at the bottom of the virtual keyboard.
09 Sep 2017Trance and EDM Vocals Vol.2
'Trance & EDM Vocals Vol 2' from Producer Loops continues this best-selling series which blends the best elements of Commercial Trance and EDM. Inside you'll find five energetic Construction Kits complemented by five complete vocal performances, perfect for chopping, slicing or forming the backbone of an entire production. An essential purchase for fans of the Armada, Spinnin'.
09 Sep 2017KV331 SynthMaster New v2.8.10
SynthMaster is an 'all-around' semi-modular software synthesizer and effect plug-in that features many different synthesis methods including VA, Additive, Wavetable, Wavescanning, Phase Modulation, Frequency Modulation, Pulse Width Modulation, Ring Modulation, Amplitude Modulation, Physical Modeling and SFZ Sample Playback synthesis. With its multi-algorithm oscillators, analog modelled/digital filters.
06 Sep 2017Waves Clavinet Library
Requires Waves Complete! Accurately sampled from one of the funkiest keyboards ever created: the iconic D6 model Clavinet famous for its percussive playability and gritty sound. The original Clav has always held a special appeal in funk, fusion, rock and soul music for its unique melodic twang and sonic versatility, from brilliant, vibrant, nitty and gritty to soft, rich, mellow tones. For this instrument.
06 Sep 2017Martin Britz Invictus Guitar
Product Overview Invictus Guitar is an electric guitar library with two instruments: One with dry recordings and one amped containing around 5.7gb of samples each, an advanced pattern editor, a set of key switches for different sounds and more. 3500 SAMPLES The library consists of over 3500 individual recordings. Each of these recordings were hand edited to create approximately 1790 dual tracked samples.
06 Sep 2017Unmute Groovz Vol.1
New pack just landed // Fresh round of groove with the latest Unmüte recipe. Right on time for warmer days, Unmüte brings you a breathe of coolness with Groovz Vol.1 for Serum. Time to focus on an abstract but no less essential ingredient, Groove. This eclectic new pack, built around a sense of rhythm and fresh sounds concept, offers a wide range of presets for Serum and construction kits.
06 Sep 2017Blue Cats Late Replies
Description Blue Cat's Late Replies is a powerful delay and multi effects plug-in that can be indefinitely extended by hosting third party VST, VST3 or AU plug-ins anywhere in the signal path. With its unique topology, the plug-in is a full-featured delay machine with unlimited powers: both the 8 taps pattern module and the two nested feedback loops include plug-in slots that can host built-in...
04 Sep 2017Touch Loops Dusty Projections
Dusty Projections is a journey into the astral psyche of a producer on a mission.  This full fat, unadulterated yet beautiful collection of wonky Hip-Hop and 'Beat Scene' inspired samples, loops and one shots provides an up front and personal insight into the workings of one of the underground scenes great beat makers and sound designers. Through years of searching, digging & collecting...
04 Sep 2017Surge Sounds Future Pop Serum Soundbank
A modern collection packed with current sounds. This soundset, packed with 128 top notch Xfer Serum presets crafted with the most current sound design techniques, brings you a soundbank that you just cannot wait to start producing with! You’ll also find 5 construction kits with all the relevant audio, stems and MIDI from the demo. Every sound was inspired by so many remarkable Future Pop, Melodic...
04 Sep 2017Infinite Structures by Futurephonic Serum Soundset
Last year, our Sonic Formations sample pack went and became one of the most popular sample packs and brought Futurephonic to a bigger global audience. When we asked you what you'd like to see in the future, the answer was resolute: synth patches. How could we deliver the same sort of sound design and glossy production, whilst maintaining the fun factor? Xfer Records' Serum is leading the way in VST technology.
04 Sep 2017Function Loops Trance Vocal Hooks
Trance Vocal Hooks offers an outstanding collection of Trance & Psy voices to enrich your productions. These vocals were inspired by the biggest hits of today. You know how hard is to find good vocal hook for your track, so we made it easy for you: recorded over 700MB of vocal loops. Ethnic, tribal, psychedelic - it's all there. First of all, whole content is Key labelled, for ease of use....
04 Sep 2017Boom Library Mechanicals
Mechanicals - Bundle The sound of complex mechanical processes is truly fascinating and it counts to the most interesting and most challenging sound effect tasks we can think of: Too many layered sounds and it becomes indefinable. Not enough layered sounds and the SFX composition does not do justice to the often rich and tricky visual appeal. Working with absolutely clean and incisive source sounds...
02 Sep 2017Unmute Delta Vol.1
Back to our Roots // Tribute to Future Bass, Future Music and more Delta Vol.1 draws its strength from the raging elements to deliver its firepower. As requested from many customers, Unmüte used all his expertise from Future music to deliver this inspiring release.   This comprehensive new pack, built around Future Bass concept and style, offers a wide range of presets for Serum, along with construction kits.
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