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25 May 2018AKAI MPC Software Expansion - Elements Of UK Dance
The pure sounds you need, custom-built, ready to go. Akai Professional's "Elements of" sound sets cover the world's hottest genres of electronic music, organizing them into a creative arsenal custom-built for your MPC. Each package contains the must-have sounds of multiple boundary-breaking genres. When combined with the unmatched capability of an Akai Pro MPC, each "Elements...
25 May 2018Marcos Ciscar Fingerpicked Guitars
Product Overview Fingerpicked Guitars is a combination of two guitar recordings. One mono recording of an old Levin nylon string guitar in 24-bit 44,1KHz and one stereo recording of a new Guild steel string guitar in 24-bit 96KHz. The aim is to obtain a vivid fingerpicking sound suitable for americana, celtic and film music etc. The new range of instruments from Marcos Ciscar aims to capture beautiful...
25 May 2018Hideaway Studio Presents - Orbitone Collection II
Orbitone Collection II was conceived very much as an extension to the original release of complex warm electronic textures made with unusual combinations of vintage technologies… Featuring The Worlds Oldest String Synth That Never Was!… The 1972 Eminent 310 Unique was a very unusual mix of combo organ and string synthesizer in its own right but what was particularly special about it...
23 May 2018Native Instruments Session Strings Pro 2
RICH STRINGS – EXTENSIVE EXPRESSION Detailed and intimate contemporary sound of a 22-piece ensemble Phrase and rhythm animators for generating unique, creative arrangements Numerous articulations for extremely realistic expression DETAILED SOUND WITH A MODERN DESIGN Incorporate new string textures into pop, R&B, dance tracks, or modern scores. SESSION STRINGS PRO 2 offers a mid-sized contemporary...
23 May 2018Vengeance Essential Tech House Vol.1
Vengeance Essential Tech House is here to help you bring down the house or raise the roof - whichever you prefer! This new samplepack by Vengeance Sound delivers authentic, up-to-date tech house and techno samples. Explore over 2,200 samples, including a wide variety of fresh one-shots such as bass drums, claps, snares, hi-hats, cymbals, percussion, vocal shouts, synth shots and FX sounds - all subdivided...
20 May 2018Arturia Synclavier V
Arturia Synclavier V [v1.3.0] DIGITAL DREAM MACHINE The Synclavier V faithfully recreates the elite digital synthesizer/workstation that started it all, powering some of the biggest hits and film soundtracks of the early ‘80s with its unique rich, edgy sounds. If you were to ask anyone back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s to name the Holy Grail of synthesizers, the most revered of...
20 May 2018Arturia Stage 73 V
Arturia Stage 73 V [v1.3.0] Stage-73 V EPIC ELECTRIC PIANO The Stage-73 gives you actual authentic modeling of both Stage and Suitcase versions of the most popular electric piano on the planet —completed with unparalleled control of virtual mechanics, a complement of effects pedals, and built-in classic amps. The Stage-73 uses our award-winning modeling technology to faithfully reproduce the...
20 May 2018Street Swarm Maschine Expansion
VINTAGE FUNK CINEMASCAPES Captures the explosive sound of 90s New York hip hop 50 MASCHINE and 59 BATTERY Kits with specially recorded acoustic drums and melodic elements Feel the sting with exclusive REAKTOR PRISM and MONARK presets KILLER BEES FROM THE UNDERGROUND In early 90s New York, hip hop swarmed from the underground onto Main Street. Raw and unpolished, it crackled with boom-bap drums spliced...
20 May 2018Basement Era Maschine Expansion
EAST COAST SOUL The jazzy, soulful sound of classic East Coast hip hop and boom bap 50 MASCHINE and 57 BATTERY Kits packed with layered, melodic samples 272 hard-hitting drums and 528 one-shots for classic vinyl sound NEEDLE TO THE GROOVE In the late 80s and early 90s, boom bap was king. On the East Coast, hip hop producers and artists like Pete Rock, Grand Puba, and Gang Starr’s DJ Premier dropped...
19 May 2018iZotope Trash 2
Trash 2:  Distort. Mangle. Transform. Meet the most comprehensive distortion engine ever designed.  Combining the power of multi-band, dual-stage distortions with advanced post-filtering, Trash 2 offers immediate sonic transformation!  Give your low end some thump, get a warm crunch on the midrange, and let your high end soar. Trash any track: not just guitars and basses, but drums, synths.
19 May 2018Meteoric Rise Maschine Expansion
SOULFUL FUTURE POP A feel-good fusion of soul, trap, and cutting-edge pop 59 BATTERY kits and 50 MASCHINE kits bursting with pristine drums and melodies Over 400 construction loops of complex trap beats, melodic hooks, and more POST-GENRE A new sound has taken over the mainstream. Bold, bright, and bursting with soul, it’s an irresistible pop fusion that blends cutting-edge EDM production, intricate trap-style beats.
19 May 2018StudioLinked Drumma v1.1
Drumma is a virtual drum machine. Packed with 14 incredible drum libraries. It includes 4000 one shot drum samples. Each kit contains 2kicks, 2 snares, 2 claps, 2 hats & 4 xtras. The 4 xtra pads can contain percussion, vocals or hits. Drumma gives you full control over tweaking & mixing individual drum samples. You can solo, mute, tune or send samples through hi & low pass filters. A true...
19 May 2018Arturia Solina V
Arturia Solina V [v2.3.0] No strings attached We’re keeping the love alive with Solina V, our physical model of the classic Arp/Eminent Solina string machine. Before polyphonic synthesizers, there were the string machines. The Solina, made originally by Eminent and rebranded for Arp, defined a class of sounds that are still as in demand today as ever. The Solina was probably heard on more albums...
19 May 2018Arturia Wurli V
Arturia Wurli V [v2.3.0] The Return of a Classic Wurlitzer-V is Arturia’s amazingly accurate physical model of the classic Wurlitzer 200A electric piano. The Wurli 200A piano had a sound that could go from mellow and soft to hard and brash. This harder sound is what made it so popular in rock music as it could cut through a mix like a knife. A soulful reproduction Using advanced physical modeling...
19 May 2018Arturia Analog Lab 3
Arturia Analog Lab 3 [v3.1.0.1391] ULTIMATE KEYBOARD SOUND COLLECTION Analog Lab gives you instant access to over 6500 of the best designer sounds from the 21 authentic legendary keyboards in our critically acclaimed V Collection. Have your mind blown by the power of sound Analog Lab gives you streamlined access to 6500+ of the hottest presets from our award-winning V Collection. Featuring sounds from...
17 May 2018Togu Audio Line TAL-Mod 1.1.1
Description TAL-Mod is a virtual analog synthesizer with an exceptional sound and almost unlimited modulation possiblities. Its special oscillator model is able to create a wide range of sounds, from classic mono to rich stereo leads, effects and pads. Routings can be done with virtual patch cables. Just connect a modulation output with a modulation target. After that it's possible to adjust the...
17 May 2018MAGIX ACID Pro 8 Complete
Contains: MAGIX ACID Pro 8 PC Version [32/64 bit] MAGIX ACID Pro 8 MAC Version [32/64 bit] MAGIX ACID Pro 8 Sound Content [10.5 Gb]
16 May 2018Chris Hein Ensemble Strings
Chris Hein – Ensemble Strings is an incredibly detailed, flexible and musical string-ensemble-library. A special characteristic of this library is the fact that the ensemble-sounds have not been recorded in a group. Instead, the carefully selected and matched instruments have been recorded separately and edited. Consequently, each instrument is perfectly in tune, offers excellence in timing...
16 May 2018Chris Lord-Alge Mixing Daughtry Tutorial
Watch a legend mix a rock song Chris Lord Alge is one of the most renowned mixing engineers in the world. His style can be heard on records from legendary artists such as U2, Aerosmith, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, The Who, Green Day and dozens more. His plugins are some of the most used ever created, and his process is lightning fast. Now is your chance to sit at the console with one of...
16 May 2018AngelicVibes Uphoria
The Uphoria VST Uphoria is one of the hottest romplers for Trap, Hip Hop and R&B producers. It was created by AngelicVibes to bring you a whole new world of sound. It is committed to helping you create some of your best music yet. With its expert sound design and stunning user interface, Uphoria outshines many VSTs out there for the modern producer. Take this opportunity and let Uphoria breathe...
16 May 2018Mercuriall Spark v1.1.1
Description Spark is a VST plugin that models four Marshall® tube amplifiers, four guitar cabinets, four overdrive pedals and a set of the most common spatial effects. Modeling Spark is the realization of all our latest achievements in the field of real-time electric circuits modeling. First of all, it’s a tube push-pull power amplifier that is working with a reactive load (guitar cabinet).
16 May 2018Mercuriall Tube Amp Ultra 530 v1.1
Description Tube Amp Ultra 530 VST/AU/AAX plug-in (briefly U530) based on the popular sound studio preamp ENGL® E530, having a wide range of tone. On this basis, you can customize the sound of the powerful hi-gain to bright crunch and crystal clean tone. We hope that many musicians will use U530 in its arsenal. Modeling No waveshapers, and EQ. We use only clean solution of nonlinear differential...
16 May 2018Mercuriall ReAxis v1.0.5
Description ReAxis is a VST plugin that models MESA/Boogie® Triaxis™ (rev. TX5A) preamp. It includes tube power amps, four guitar cabinets and three microphones, a Wah-Wah based on Dunlop® 535Q, several overdrive pedals and a set of the most common spatial effects. Key Features Electronic circuits of amps and pedals are modeled with our custom technology using Neural Networks Pedals,...
16 May 2018Overloud Gem Comp G
Comp G VCA Master Bus Compressor Overloud Comp G is the revolutionary simulation of a legendary VCA Master Bus compressor. Hyper-realistic simulation of the original unit thanks to the 4th generation dsp technology Built-in Parallel Compression Built-in Mid-Side Processing Built-in filters on the Sidechain Continuous time and ratio selection Low CPU usage: more than 1000 instances on a Macbook Pro...
14 May 2018TSE X50 v2.4.8
TSE X50 v2.4.8 The X50 is a digital emulation of a famous US guitar amp. Because two almost similar amps were made both red channels are modeled. The green channel is modeled after the first amp. You can't go wrong with this amp for rock and metal! PEDAL BOARD - NoiseGate, TSE808, R47, Phaser, Pandora's Box and SDM-2. TSE X50 v2.0 Pre+PA - Hi-gain guitar amplifier completely re-modeled with...
14 May 2018Myloops Psy Trance Collection Sample Pack
Your favorite go-to library for Psy Trance Samples Psy Trance Collection is a library of Psy Trance Samples that brings you the essential bricks as one shots for building psy trance productions. We have spent over a year creating this library that contains 832 psy trance samples. you will not find any “filler” sounds in this pack. No hands up, no hardcore, or jumpstyle sounds in here. All Psy Trance Samples (kick.
14 May 2018Myloops Trance Kicks Volume 2
Your go-to library for Trance Kicks Trance Kicks Volume 2 is a brand new set of kicks created specifically for uplifting trance music. Talented producer Yura Rusetsky (who previously created Trance Kicks Volume 1) teamed up with Myloops once again and created an exciting set of 185 professional quality kick drums ready to use in your productions. We also included the complete demo project and additional bonus sounds (FX.
14 May 2018Myloops Trance Claps Vol.1
Description Your go-to library for Trance Claps. Trance Claps Volume 1 is a brand new set of clap samples created specifically for uplifting trance music. Talented producer Yura Rusetsky teamed up with Myloops once again and created an exciting set of 300 professional quality trance clap samples ready to use in your productions. We also included the complete demo project and additional bonus sounds (FX.
14 May 2018StudioLinked Trophies by Bryan Michael Cox
Description Trophies is a virtual instrument engineered with modern beat makers in mind. This impressive software is influenced by 9x grammy music producer Bryan-Michael Cox. trophies contains signature sounds and features. Sound content stretches over 500 presets divided across 13 instrument categories. The categories include: Acoustic guitars, electric pianos, ambient pads, mono leads, drumkits & more.
07 May 2018Arturia SEM V v2.3.0
Arturia SEM V v2.3.0 [PC/MAC] More than a Resemblance A giant has come back to life. Oberheim's legendary SEM - Synthesizer Expander Module - is back for the first time as a high-end software emulation powered by Arturia's exclusive TAE® technology. The SEM module was originally made to compliment other synthesizers but later came into its own as a great sounding synth. The unique filter...
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