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Bobby Owinski 101 Mixing Tricks Module 3
Are Your Mixes Dull And Boring? USE THE SAME BIG STUDIO TRICKS AS THE A-LIST PROS! I’m Bobby Owsinski, author of The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook and 23 other books on recording, music and the music business, and I want to introduce you to my 101 Mixing Tricks coaching course. In it you’ll find 101 big studio mix tricks used by the A-list mixers that I’ve collected over the years.
Bobby Owinski 101 Mixing Tricks Module 4
Are Your Mixes Dull And Boring? USE THE SAME BIG STUDIO TRICKS AS THE A-LIST PROS! I’m Bobby Owsinski, author of The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook and 23 other books on recording, music and the music business, and I want to introduce you to my 101 Mixing Tricks coaching course. In it you’ll find 101 big studio mix tricks used by the A-list mixers that I’ve collected over the years.
Mastering EDM Masterclass - Mastering Trap
Master Trap Like A Pro! In this comprehensive 4.5 hour course you will learn all the tips, tricks, techniques and tools necessary to get your masters sounding professional, tight and fat, and much, much more. Learn how to use eq and compression for maximum impact on the dancefloor, make your synths and basses fill out your song, learn how to make sure your kick drums cut through the mix and hit hard.
PlayPianoToday Piano Lessons Collection
Play any song on the piano or keyboard by-ear today! Whether you've played for years or you're just getting started, we're here to help you learn to play piano today with confidence and style. By learning to play piano using the powerful technique of 'Rhythmic Patterns', you'll unleash your creative potential as a musician and songwriter. The benefit of learning to use 'Rhythmic...
In the Studio with Armin van Buuren
It's issue 258 and our Apple Newsstand edition now comes COMPLETE with our video BUILT-IN. Get In The Studio With trance legend Armin van Buuren right there streaming from within the app! So what's in this issue? Powerful kicks and snares are two of the most elusive qualities for producers. They are the elements that can make or break a track both for the dancefloor or the radio –in fact...
Mixthru Improve Your Trap Mixes
Learn how to mix a trap beat with male rap vocals from start to finish including levels, EQ, compression, limiting, effects and more. Includes stems for practice. Clean and enhance a rap vocal Route your tracks for ultimate flexibility Enhance vocals with parallel compression Mix hard-hitting 808s and kick drums Negotiate hi-hats, bells and other percussion Clean up a noisy rap vocal recording Use...
Born To Produce Half-Step DnB Tutorial
Learn how to make a complete track from start to finish. From nothing, right through to the final mixdown, we show you... Set Up Cubase Quickly and Understand Templates (3 Min) Make a Fat Bass-Line using MIDI, EQ and Sidechaining (42 Min) Use the Cubase 'Chord-Track' feature to Create a Melody and Arpeggiator (17 Min) Program Your Drums including Layering, Depth, EQ, Crunch and Much More (38...
Mastering EDM With Izotope Ozone 7
Use Izotope Ozone 7 to transform a less than perfect mix down into a commercial quality EDM track. Course Description Mastering electronic music is not easy. In fact, it's downright hard as hell. Getting your tracks to sound loud, punchy, rich, full and clean all at the same time can have you pulling your hair out in no-time or worse, abandoning a project altogether. Luckily, there are so many...
Groove3 iZotope Neutron Explained
 iZotope have done it again, this time changing the way you mix, for the better, with Neutron! Studio wiz Scottie Dugan shows you all its features and functions, as well as examples of it in use. See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you're intrigued by Neutron and what it can do for your mixes, or have it and are ready to learn it inside and out, watch "iZotope...
Vocal Production Masterclass
This is it! If you use vocals in your music, Marcus Huysken's Vocal Production Masterclass leaves no stone unturned, covering everything you need to know to produce world-class vocal tracks that will make your productions legit. Marcus covers it all from setting up the vocal tracking session, the playback session, vocal editing tools and concepts, creating a game plan, comping vocals, pitch correcting.
Producertech Jungle Production Fundamentals
Nomine (aka Andrew Ferguson) is a hugely experienced Producer, DJ and audio engineer whose journey through the UK's dance music scene began over 20 years ago. Initially known as Outrage, Andrew was one of the pioneers of the jungle sound, DJing on Rinse FM in the station’s early pirate days and releasing tracks on Goldie’s Metalheadz label. With his more recent music now appearing on labels such as Tempa.
Producertech Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques
Take your production skills to the next level, with this course from acclaimed UK producer Seppa. Following the release of his hard hitting, sci-fi influenced Homonculus EP,  Seppa is here to give you a thorough breakdown of the advanced techniques he uses to create his genre-hopping style, which will move your feet, and blow your mind. Demonstrating extensive sound design techniques, Seppa drills...
Dean Brown - Modern Techniques For The Electric Guitarist
Dean Brown Modern Techniques for the Electric Guitarist Series: Musicians Institute Press Publisher: Musicians Institute Press Medium: DVD Author: Dean Brown In this in-depth instructional DVD, funk/fusion guitar master and GIT instructor Dean Brown explains and demonstrates: two-hand rhythmic independence; developing rhythm patterns over a variety of grooves; creating rhythmic variety & texture;...
Songwriting Techniques with Chords
About this video In this course, musician Julian Velard demonstrates the many ways to write songs with chords, and how altering those chords can add excitement and depth to your music. Julian shows how to harmonize a melody with chords, form an entire song using chords, and use chord extensions as melody notes to create a more complex melody. While it sometimes feels like our favorite songs appeared...
Live Mixing A Track From Start To Finish
Production Music Live Mixing A Track From Start To Finish Tutorial Complete mixing process, state of the art techniques and theoretical backgrounds. What you will learn from this course: Mix Preparation & First Balance What is the musical idea of the song. Setting up your session for a great mixing workflow, order of tracks, grouping, creating busses. Identifying the most important section and instruments in your song.
ADSR Sounds Future Bass Drum Grooves
Create Custom Future Bass Drum Grooves From Scratch Future Bass drums can be one of the more intricate elements of the genre – learn how to create these drum grooves from scratch! Future Bass tracks are rarely just 4 on the floor – they commonly use swing, drum fills, foley, top loops and more. On top of that, Future Bass drums typically feature a call and response format to the other elements in the instrumental.
Successful Music Marketing and Branding for Artists Bands
Succesful Music marketing and branding insights that i use to grow a fanbase and enjoy a successful music career online. Description Do you want to take your music career to the next level or get started and sell your music online? Or perhaps you're already and established artist or musician and want to learn more about various aspects of a music career. For the first time in history, we are living in a golden era.
Producing EDM Vocals in Logic Pro X
EDM producer Larry Holcombe is your guide through the journey of producing professional EDM vocals using Logic Pro X. See Larry cover it all, making EDM vocals that have impact and shine. This series is designed for those who want to know the finer points of producing vocals in the EDM genre, and get the results that make the difference between "ok" vocals, and ones that are radio-ready....
The Ultimate Vocal Processing Guide
ADSR Sounds The Ultimate Vocal Processing Guide Tutorial Ultimate Vocal Processing Got a catchy vocal hook that‘s being destroyed by your mix? Do you know how to build a track around a killer vocal? Want to learn how the pros make their vocals sparkle? From plugins to processing, special effects to insider tips, Ultimate Vocal Processing is a 5-part video course specifically designed to show...
Mike Verta The Business Masterclass
Product Description Marketing, branding, networking, negotiating, royalties, stories from “the trenches,” and much more. Rather than Art vs. Commerce, this is about why you need both to truly maximize your craft, contribution, and life as an artist!  
Mike Verta Scoring 1 Masterclass
Product Description Writing music is one thing; writing music to picture is another. In this class I’ll be talking about strategies for thematic development within film structure, handling cue entrances/exits and transitions, techniques for orchestration in and around dialog/sound effects, working with temp tracks, and more. Plus I’ll give you some of speed-writing scoring tips for getting...
Producing a Modern Track from Start to Finish in Ableton
Starting with the basics & finishing with mixing + mastering a complete track. 4 hour pro class taking you through the full process. (Beginner & Intermediate) What you'll learn in this course: Learn how to produce a professional sounding track from scratch without getting stuck along the way This course is for beginners. We are using Ableton - only! This course focusses on production. Our...
EDM Sound Design with Serum
Xfer Record's Serum is one of the most popular synths in Electronic Dance Music today. In this video tutorial series EDM producer Larry Holcombe reveals the steps to take, to make killer EDM sounds with super synth Serum! Larry covers some of the most popular EDM genres such as Future Bass, Trap, Progressive House, Dubstep, Deep House, Wobble House, and Tech House. See how to make the defining...
How To Make Trap with Diskord
James introduces the course and runs through a playthrough of the track we're going to make.

Music video lessons and tutorials.

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