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Hardcore Music Studio Hardcore Mixing Tutorial
Courses The fastest way to improve is to learn from a pro with real world examples. Ready to level-up your engineering skills and make it your job to make records? Check out the online courses below. HARDCORE MIXING Tired of comparing your mixes to the pros and not even coming close? Hardcore Mixing is the flagship course from producer/mixer Jordan Valeriote (Silverstein, Neck Deep, Forevermore, etc).
Steinberg Audio Mastering Tutorial [3 DVD]
Steinberg Audio Mastering Tutorial [3 DVD] [English Language] Audio Mastering is the ideal mastering compendium for every audio engineer, producer, media technician or even ambitious home studio enthusiast who masters with a PC workstation, or wants to begin producing their own masters. It provides one of the most complete works on digital audio basics and professional mastering techniques available today.
Composing Secrets from Idea to Finished Recording
Composing Secrets from Idea to Finished Recording [DVD Tutorial] THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO MAKING EPIC MUSIC Get this step by step ebook with video tutorials, taking you through the entire process of composing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering cinematic music like a professional. “The Holy Grail for all aspiring composers!” - Peter Crowley (Composer). Features: Step by step guide...
Voyetra Teach Me Piano
Learn to play Piano at your own pace in the comfort of your home Learning to play piano is easy with the Teach Me Piano series from Voyetra. Each program is a complete, self-paced lesson plan that uses video demonstrations, animations, sound and illustrations to make learning to play piano fun. Learn technique, theory, dozens of classic songs and more. An interactive scoring system evaluates your playing...
Berklee Harmonic Ear Training
Berklee Harmonic Ear Training [English] A vital introduction to ear training for songwriters and performers looking to improve their listening skills and become better musicians. Starting with the bass line, you'll learn a step-by-step approach to help you break down the hearing process, internalize the music, and then identify the elements of the progression. Harmonic Ear Training will help you...
Celemony's Melodyne Tutorial
Ask Video Celemony's Melodyne Tutorial [DVD Video] Our resident software genius, Morgan Pottruff aka Morg is back to show us how to master Celemony's Melodyne. Thanks to its unique audio editing possibilities and its unrivalled sound quality, Melodyne is held in the highest esteem all over the world — by musicians, producers and sound designers. Learn everything from the most basic to the most advanced...
Web Design for Musicians: Make Money Selling Work Online
Udemy Web Design for Musicians: Make Money Selling Work Online [DVD Tutorial] With no experience necessary, create websites for your band, album, or show and make money selling your goods! Course Description As a musician, I learned how to create websites out of pure necessity. I am not a professional programmer - I learned through trial and error and studying on my own what works and what doesn't work.
Ask Video Ozone 7 Mastering Toolbox
Ask Video Ozone 7 Mastering Toolbox [Tutorial] Ozone 7 is here and it’s got all kinds of new modules to learn and explore. See the new vintage processors and catchup on all the new features as explained by expert trainer Matt Hepworth. Mastering is an art. You’ve got to have the right tools and know how to use them. This course takes you through each of the Ozone 7 modules and explains...
Hardcore Music Studio Hardcore Editing Tutorial
Editing is a crucial part of modern music production.  If you want to go anywhere with engineering, and if you want your recordings to compete, you need to be able to edit See exactly how the pros edit for quantized drums that feel great, tight guitars that don’t sound robotic, and transparently tuned vocals – without taking forever to do it.
Timbaland Teaches Producing and Beatmaking
Find your beatGrammy-winning music producer Timbaland takes you behind the boards to teach you his process for creating iconic tracks with artists like Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, and Aaliyah. In his first-ever online class, learn how to collaborate with vocalists, layer new tracks, and create hooks that stick. Step into Timbaland’s studio and learn from one of the...
Adventus Piano Suite Premiere 2.6
The Piano Suite Premier Software An exciting and highly effective tool that teaches you how to play the piano. Piano Suite Premier Software Features: * Vivid Interactive Learning Methods Learn to sight read music, and develop proper playing skills using the vivid, intuitive learning methods in Piano Player. * Over 500 Musical Pieces for 5 Skill Levels A comprehensive library of music for listening, learning, and playing.
Voyetra Teach Me Guitar
Voyetra Teach Me Guitar Learn to play guitar at your own pace With Teach Me Guitar, you don’t need to read music or understand music theory to learn how to play. This comprehensive course guides you every step of the way. Begin by reviewing basic concepts or skip right to the lessons. An animated fret-board shows you neck fingerings in real time as you play along. When you’re ready, mute the guitar...
In The Studio With Deadmau5
In The Studio With Deadmau5 [Video Tutorial] Check out the next issue of Future Music Magazine where we talk to Deadmau5 about his live set up, his studio, DJ's and his rise to fame.
Bassgorilla How To Mix Your Low End
Bassgorilla How To Mix Your Low End [DVD Tutorial] Mix Your Low End With Confidence To Get A Better Quality Mix Brought to you by Bass Gorilla, this course takes the mystery and frustration out of mixing the low end. Over 145 minutes of instructional videos simplifies the problems that every producer faces and gives you practical skills to overcome them. Knowing how to make the bass end of a track...
Puremix Preparing Background Vocals for Mixing
Puremix Preparing Background Vocals for Mixing [Tutorial] Learn how to prepare your background vocal tracks for mixing with a solid method and structure that can help you achieve the sound you are looking for. Background vocals are fun, but they can be frustrating at times: so many tracks, so little time. Before actually mixing them, part of the professional sound you've heard in countless records...
Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring
31 VIDEO LESSONS Hans Zimmer teaches you how to tell a story with music in 31 exclusive video lessons. 100% EXCLUSIVE In his first ever online class, learn from legendary composer Hans Zimmer. Only available through MasterClass. Tell a story with music Hans Zimmer didn’t see a film until he was 12 years old. Since then, he’s scored over 150 films, including Inception, The Lion King, and The Dark Knight.
Jason Ross Masterclass Session Outline
Jason be using Ableton during the calls, but anything he shows can easily be applied to any other program (Logic, FL Studio, Cubase, etc.).You can use any DAW you’d like! We wouldn’t recommend switching your platform just for this course. Common plug-ins Jason will be using: Spire, Massive, Sylenth1, Fab-filter, Cytomic Glue Compressor, Dada Life Sausage Fattener, and Nicky Romero’s Kickstart plugin.
Psilocybian Psychedelic Forest Tutorial
Psychedelic – Forest Tutorial is a 10h long creation of a full track with psychedelic and forest influences. CONTENT KICK BASS 37min PERCS 26min RETURNS 17min SYNTHS 2h 5 EFFECTS 48min ARRANGEMENT & MIX 6h  
Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music
Log in to Armin’s studio Every week, Armin van Buuren puts 41 million listeners into A State of Trance on his radio show. In his first-ever online class, the platinum-selling DJ breaks down his hits—and builds a track from scratch—to show you how he produces, performs, and promotes dance music. You’ll learn his technical process for using samples and plug-ins, mixing, recording vocals.
Waves Plug-Ins CSi Master
Whether you are a newbie or an experienced user, Waves Plug-Ins CSi Master will help you understand the functionality and operation of key Waves plug-in processors. This training and tutorial CD-ROM covers basic concepts, button and element definitions, and production techniques, and includes before and after audio examples. If you prefer the “show me” style of learning, then CSi Movie Tutorials are for you.
GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial [4 CD]
4 CDs. The GigaStudio Mastery CD-ROM collection offers in-depth explanations for every possible aspect of the GigaStudio program and provides detailed instruction and tips for getting the most out of the software. The tutorial covers everything from the process of registering and setting up your system, to loading samples and using GigaStudio's Instrument Editor, and much more. GigaStudio Mastery...
Digital Homestudio Tutorial
Digital Home Studio A complete reference guide on CD-ROM Before you buy any music software or hardware, you need this CD-ROM! Synth-Tek's new "Digital Home Studio" CD-ROM teaches you everything you need to know to set up your own MIDI based home studio. Don't be in the dark when it comes to complex audio & MIDI knowledge. Learn how to record and use MIDI data, digital audio, mixing, MIDI controllers.
Stylus RMX Tutorial
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX Video Tutorial. More then 3 hours of video. Stylus RMX is a completely new groove-based virtual instrument plug-in for Macintosh and Windows. Stylus RMX is the first product to offer the combined power of Groove Control with Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine (S.A.G.E.) technology giving users dramatic new control over groove production and performance. Spectrasonics in-house...
Producing the Phat Hitz
Phat Hitz on a Slim Budget: Producing the Phat Hitz [Video Tutorial] This DVD is jam packed with the backroom secrets that the major studio techs and big name producers have been using for years. It's easy to understand and a load of fun to watch because it is hosted by Kashif, the Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer of such superstars as Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and Lil' Kim. If you are any...

Music video lessons and tutorials.

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