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Vinyl Frontier

Vinyl Frontier
A lower-tempo Portishead-style, trip hop collection of dance loops produced by Simeon. This collection has a gritty vinyl feel and includes long grooves with variations that are followed by all the hits used to create them so users can create their own edits. Hits are included both normalised and at their mix levels for easy loop re-creation.

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"...uniformly excellent...successful fusions of techno, R & B and even jazz drumming forms...wonderfully gritty but bright...can provide a solid but interesting backbone to almost any track...When drum-loop sample CDs are this good and presented with this much thought, it makes you glad you own a sampler. A class act all the way. - 5 stars" - SOS, December 1999.
58 extended drum grooves with numerous possible loop variations within each. Plus hundreds of specially selected hits used to create these grooves in normalised and original versions. Tempo ranges from 77-111 bpm. The data section features selected loops from each groove that will loop seamlessly.
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