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Roland VS Tera Guitar for Concerto v1.9.0

Platform: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64, MAC OSX X32 PowerPC, MAC OSX X64 Intel
Disks: 1 CD
Roland VS Tera Guitar for Concerto v1.9.0

The Tera Guitar line from Roland Cloud represent the most authentic virtual guitars ever created.


The Search is Over

How many times have you auditioned a virtual guitar and thought "I guess it sounds kind of like a guitar, sort of?"  We've been there too.  Having to settle time after time was frustrating enough to warrant creating our own virtual guitar, so we did.  Introducing the Tera Guitar line from Roland Cloud.  As part of the Tera series of acoustic virtual instruments and built on the revolutionary Roland Cloud Concerto engine, you know that all of the textures and nuances of natural wood and string will add organic vibrancy to your music.  Fingers slide across mahogany, issuing bell-like tones that seem to dance off of the fretboard.  Harmonies resonate and burst to life from within maple and spruce.  Each guitar in the Tera Guitar line brings with it the personality and character of the legendary guitar from which it was painstakingly captured.

A Guitar, Virtually

The Tera Guitar line has several features that you will not be able to live without:

  • Via Roland Cloud Concerto's powerful MIDI-learn functionality, the Tera Guitar line's Fret-shift feature allows you to assign and play the same note on different positions on the fretboard for the resonance and tone you need.
  • With Release Samples, you'll get the natural fall-off envelope you expect from a traditional acoustic guitar.

From a Bygone Era Comes Vintage Steel

For the first Tera Guitar in the lineup, Vintage Steel, we've reached back to the days of big-band swing and waltzes named after US states to capture a remarkable guitar.  The world was in turmoil, but music was alive and well and the inspiration for Vintage Steel celebrated its first birthday.  With tones only achievable by 70+ year-old Sitka Spruce and mahogany, you can hear the warm history with every note.  If you've ever wanted a national treasure as part of your composition, Vintage Steel is sure to delight.

Roland Cloud Concerto at Heart

Because all Tera Guitars are built with Roland Cloud Concerto, you can expect:

  • 48 Khz stereo .ogg format (VBR)
  • Adjustable key sensitivity
  • Fine and course tuning controls, both manually or via midi control for coarse tuning
  • Convolution Reverb with 8 impulse responses
  • Decay and wet/dry mix controls
  • Per instrument Limiter toggle
  • Multiple instruments supported per plugin instance
  • Multi-threaded loading and streaming
  • VST parameter automation
For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy Roland VS Tera Guitar for Concerto v1.9.0 or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Friday 04 August, 2017.


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