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Piano Trilogy

Piano Trilogy

Musicrow Piano Trilogy VSTi

Piano Trilogy presents the ultimate piano VST collection, with three unique piano instruments based on sampling ,synthesis, and physical modeling techniques. Vintage Piano is based on an amazing bechstein grand piano from 1906, Broken Piano brings tasteful dark upright piano and various broken piano sounds, while Pianoforte revives the old ancestor of the piano with a bright beautiful timbre.

Vintage Piano:

Warm, authentic, transparent! Based on 200MB of samples from an astonishing vintage bechstein grand piano (concert grand D from 1906); and with the assistance of innovative physical modeling techniques - Vintage Piano offers you the most expressive, realistic and sonically beautiful acoustic grand piano!

Broken Piano:

For some productions, the grand piano is too polished and bright... Sometimes the mellow rich sound of an upright piano is desired, or even some broken piano sounds that will add character and special flavor to your song. Broken Piano brings you just that, with a darker mellow upright piano and plenty of surprising broken piano goodies! 


The pianoforte (or the fortepiano) designates the early version of the piano from its invention by the Italian instrument maker Bartolomeo Cristofori around 1700 up till the early 19th century. This instrument brings back to life the beautiful shining light sound of the pianoforte!


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