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EZkeys Pipe Organ v1.0.0 [DVD]

EZkeys Pipe Organ v1.0.0 [DVD]

Toontrack EZkeys Pipe Organ v1.0.0 [DVD] [PC / MAC]

EZkeys is more than a piano or keyboard instrument – it’s a powerful songwriting tool. It comes packed with intuitive functionality that will make it a breeze adding creative layers of music to your songs or writing custom pieces from scratch. Welcome to the next step in creative music software: EZkeys.

The EZkeys software includes an extensive and pro-played MIDI library, compatible with any EZkeys sound library. The MIDI covers all major styles from pop, rock and gospel to country and jazz. This coupled with EZkeys’ revolutionary SMART TRANSPOSE functionality, writing songs has never been easier. Drag and drop MIDI, add color and transpose included or you own imported MIDI on the fly – the sky is the limit!

The EZkeys Pipe Organ sound library features the majestic organ found at Sweden’s Täby Kyrka, an historic church dating back to the thirteenth century. It was designed to fit the songwriting-friendly format of EZkeys and includes the most characteristic pipe organ stops and instruments. On top of that, it comes with a generous selection of presets, allowing you to take this epic instrument from its most traditional use to painting completely new, creative musical landscapes.


  • Contains the groundbreaking EZkeys software
  • Comes with the extensive standard EZkeys MIDI library
  • Includes a carefully sampled pipe organ with the twelve (12) most common stops
  • A wide range of creative presets


The included signal chain presets are based on high quality effects from Overloud. You can control each preset by using a set of controls that will affect the individual parameters.

• Raw Tweaks:

Basic preset. Clean organ sound with one knob controlling the room ambience.

• Cathedral:

A full reverb preset that controls the size of the room, ambience time, the hall color and mix amount.
Filter Delay, Widener, Compression, Plate Reverb

• Church Walls:

Filter Delay, Widener, Compression, Plate Reverb

Three controllers:

  • Reverb amount
  • Delay speed
  • Reverb time

• Ambiens:

LPF/HPF, Tape Delay, Phaser, Tremolo, Pitch shifter, Chorus, Widener, Inverse Reverb

Three controllers:

  • Ambience
  • Filter
  • Modulation


• Ambiens Duo:

EQ, Filter, Fuzz, Tape Delay, Plate Reverb, Pitch Shifter, Phaser, Distortion, Inverse Reverb, Spring Reverb

Four controllers:

  • Ambience
  • Deep voice
  • Modulation
  • Filter

• Machina:

Distortion, LPF/HPF, Inverse Reverb, Hall Reverb, Wah Wah, Tape Delay, Spring Reverb

Four controllers:

  • Ambience
  • Distortion
  • Reverb
  • CutOff

• Modulatio:

Flanger, LPF/HPF, Hall Reverb, Pitch Shifter, Distortion, Filter, Plate Reverb

Four controllers:

  • Ambience
  • Distortion
  • Modulation
  • Filter

• Octavus:

EQ, Filter, Fuzz, Tape Delay, Plate Reverb, Pitch Shifter, Vibrato, Distortion, Inverse Reverb, Spring Reverb

Four controllers:

  • Ambience
  • Octaver
  • Filter
  • Modulation

• Torquedo:

Vibrato, Filter, LPF, EQ, Pitch Shifter, Distortion, Tape Delay, Plate Reverb, Tremolo

Four controllers:

  • Distortion verb
  • Ambience
  • Speed
  • Modulation

Sound Library Overview

  • A carefully sampled pipe organ
  • Recorded at Täby Kyrka, Sweden using only the best in modern and vintage equipment
  • All sounds are designed to be mix-ready. Just pick a preset and the sound will sit right in your mix!
  • Uncompromising dynamic response for great playability


8’ 4’ 2’
8’ 4’
Mezzoforte 8’
Flute 4’
Flute 8’
Flute 16’
Reed Oboe 8’

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