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Symphobia [5 DVD]
Symphobia [5 DVD]

Soundscan Vol 20 - Fresh Disco House Vol. 1

Soundscan Vol 20 - Fresh Disco House Vol. 1
The new range has a classy packaging and improved looks, but mostly it introduces programs in a lot of new sampler formats. Soundscan always includes an S/Audio disc and this doesn’t change. The Mac/PC disc however contains much more than the original Soundscan… The audio files themselves are much improved: all files are compatible with the ACID-Enhanced .wav format, and all CDs featuring loops are supplied with the .rx2 format (for Recycle 1 and 2 compatibility) in addition to the .wav and AIFF files. Next, each product includes a great variety of programs mapping the samples for the major samplers.
You may buy Soundscan Vol 20 - Fresh Disco House Vol. 1 or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 20 May, 2009.


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