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Gagastudio / Gigasampler samples

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The Rain Piano
The Rain Piano: A serious Upright piano with character. Sometimes a Grand Piano is simply too much or lacks personality. Rain Piano is professionally detuned to add character while staying in tune with your other instruments. A true 8 velocity X2 (pedal Up / pedal Down) The extra velocities provide smooth response from softest to loudest timbres. Recorded at Studio Kuling, Sweden using only the finest...
Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Series - Solo Flute and Flute Section [3 CD]
Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Series : Solo Flute and Flute Section The Virtuoso Series Solo Flute is designed to be an extremely flexible multi-sample collection. The focus is on single, multi-sample notes rather than "riffs" or "phrases", though some popular rips (fast sweeping "flurries") are included. Stereo, recorded at a distance of about 25 feet in a concert hall. Most of the articulations are 6 velocity layers deep.
Jacaranda Guitar
Bigga Giggas Jacaranda Guitar Over 1400 Mb of Stereo GIG files. Acoustic guitar samples. The new standard of excellence for acoustic 6 string guitar samples. Fingerpick and Flatpick solo Gigs and 12 different Chord Types recorded with down and upstrokes mapped so that you can strum them yourself. Popular chord types include up to three inversions, so you can jump octave registers like real guitarists.
Peter Ewer's Symphonic Organ [3 DVD]
NemeSys Introduces Peter Ewers’ Symphonic Organ Soundware NemeSys Music Technology, Inc. announced the release of the Peter Ewers’ Symphonic Organ Soundware for GigaSampler® today. Digitally recorded in 20-bit resolution, this library captures the powerful sound of The Grand Cavaillé-Coll Pipe Organ at La Madeleine, Paris. Priced at $359 (US dollars), this library marks the first time a world-class...
Dan Dean Double Reeds
Dan Dean Double Reeds [DVD] GIG format Includes Dan Dean Bassoon Dan Dean Contrabassoon Dan Dean Oboe Dan Dean English Horn Highest Quality Sample Recordings. Source captured in 24 bit Stereo, UV-22 bit-reduced to 16 bit. Instruments exhibit extreme dynamic/timbral range! Articulations include: NV (Non-Vibrato) V (Vibrato, except Clarinet), PT (Portato or mezzo-staccato) ST (Staccato). Advanced programming...
Symphonic Brass Collection [3 DVD]
Sonic Implants Symphonic Brass Collection [3 DVDs Set] Sonic Implants’ Symphonic Brass Collection, featuring solo and ensemble French Horns, Trombones, Trumpets and Tubas, is the newest addition to Sonic Implants’ premium Symphonic Collection. Like the acclaimed Symphonic String Collection, this is another “must have” library for composers and producers. Recorded in the same hall, using the...
Vertikal [2 DVD]
SampleTekk Vertikal upright piano [2 DVDs Set] The largest, most dynamic sampled upright in the world! There are so many sampled pianos on the market today and you as a musician have the benefit to be able to choose from the multitude of different brands and sounds. Most, or nearly all, of the sampled pianos are great, wonderful grand pianos like Steinway's, Bosendorfer and other truly amazing instruments.
VipZone Multisamples vol.1 - Leads
VipZone Multisamples vol.1 - Leads [SF2/SXT/GIG Formats] ROCCO LEAD - lead typical for funny commercial melodies like ROCCO. Contains a lot of high detuned harmonics COMM DRY - powerful lead useful for arpeggios, you can combine it also with other leads to make it more powerful COMM LEAD - characteristic powerful lead, very melodic DETUNED SOLO - lead we can hear often, when listening to the German tracks.
VSL Horizon Series - French Oboe
VSL Horizon Series - French Oboe [GIGA Format] VIENNA FRENCH OBOE The French Oboe is the first instrument featured by the Vienna Symphonic Library whose roots are not to be found in the Viennese orchestras. Its particular sound and playing characteristics differ noticeably from the Viennese oboe. So this edition offers a colorful enhancement to Vienna's range of orchestral expressive possibilities.
Westgate Studios Modular Series - Oboes
Westgate Studios Modular Series - Oboes [GS3 format] As part of their all-new Modular Series, Westgate Studios is proud to announce the release of The Oboes Module. This library for Gigastudio 3.1 and Kontakt 2.1 features 24 bit samples recorded by Grammy award-winning engineer Tim Kimsey. On the DVD you will find a comprehensive set of patches for Solo Oboe, Solo English Horn and Oboe Section. The...
Steinway Black Grand Piano [3 DVD]
Sampletekk Steinway Black Grand Piano [3 DVD][GIG Format]The magnificent Steinway D, recorded in a concerthall for the true concert grand experience. Three different perspectives, Close, Ambient and Medium Ambiance gives you tree different instruments to choose from. Incredible 48 samples/note (36 for Gigastudio 2), cut's this sampled instrument in a class of it's own. The Gigastudio 3 version uses...

Gagastudio / Gigasampler GIG format samples.

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