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Sample libraries

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Karma Chopra
Karma Chopra is the World's first Ethnic Dance Sample CD. It features a number of specially recorded loops that fuse grooves from the east and west that will add spice to any production. There's also a section of Ethnic Build-Ups, emsemble grooves, broken down into their individual elements. There's a selection of Tabla grooves at different tempos in different keys, rolls, solo hits, licks, and grooves, and much more.
Keyboards of the 60's and 70's CD 2
Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Electro organs
KORG Prophecy
AKAI вариант Знаменитого аналогового синтезатора KORG PROPHECY. Аналоговые басы и знаменитые KORG-овские соло,очень резонантны и отлично chorus-ованы и фильтрованы.Также несколько готовых партий арпеджио и грувов.
Latin Groove Factory CD 3
The recognized de facto standard for Latin Music and percussion samples. This is the most comprehensive 3 volume collection of authentic traditional and contemporary drum and percussion grooves from Cuba and Brazil. Grooves from the cultures of Puerto Rico, Trinidad, and the Dominican Republic are also included in this smoking set of drum and percussion loops and samples. Produced by experts in the Latin music field.
Miroslav Vitous - Symphonic Orchestra Samples - Solo Intruments I
Miroslav Vitous - Symphonic Orchestra Samples - Solo Intruments I This disk contains Bassclarinet, Bassoon, Basstrombone, Clarinet, Contrabassoon, Trombone, Trumpet, Viola, and Violoncello. All in the highest quality, and very expressive. This is the first of two Solo Instrument disks, which are a must for anyone wishing to emulate orchestral solo performance.
New York City Drumworks CD 1
1.2 gigs of awesome rhythm played by 6 of New York City's top session drummers! Funk, Rock, House, Hip-Hop, Latin, Cajun, R&B, Brazillian, Rock-a-billy, African, Reggae, Swing, Gospel, Country, Thrash beats and lots more! Played with sticks, blastix, brushes and mallets at multiple tempos per groove or style... The definitive collection of drum loops and hits from 6 of New York's finest. 2 CD-ROM set!
Peter Erskine Living Drums
7-layer acoustic drumkits for rock and jazz, additional samples, jazz drumloops 110-310BPM, rock/funk drumloops 116-124BPM. Bass&drums grooves.
Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra 1 - String Ensembles
INSTRUMENTS: 14 Violins, 10 Violas, 8 Celli, 6 Basses. PHRASINGS & ARTICULATIONS* :Sustained notes f, Sustained notes p, Con sordino, Short detache 2x, Slow glissando, fast glissando, grace notes (ascending/descending, half tone/whole tone), Short chords, Broken chords (major, minor, diminished), Arpeggios (major, minor, diminished), Runs (major, minor).
Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra 4 - Brass and Effects
PHRASINGS & ARTICULATIONS* :Sustained notes f, Sustained notes p, Staccato 2x, grace notes (ascending/ descending, half tone/whole tone), Half tone trill, Whole tone trill, Crescendo, Runs (major, minor), Mordents (half tone/whole tone, upwards & downwards), Pickup, Flutter Tongue. EFFECTS & UNCONVENTIONAL SOUNDS (examples): Short & percussive events, Clusters & longer events, short scratches, “Shock Treatment”.
Platinum 24 Electronic Drums
Large collection of electronic drumkits for modern dance music.
Prosonous Grand Piano
From the acclaimed Prosonus library comes a sampled Steinway grand piano without compromise. For the first time, the sampler equipped studio can reproduce every nuance of this spectacular instrument in the digital realm, allowing a depth of expression and level of authenticity previously available only to Steinway owners. Prosonus' unique partnership with Steinway has produced this sampled grand...
Quantum Leap Brass CD 3
Solo Trombone, 3 Trombones and Bass Trombone - 22 Patches - Slightly less variation to the sounds than the Trumpet CD's as you might except being a slightly less expressive instrument. Once again a near flawless collection of authentic trombone sounds, very difficult to imagine that anyone could want any more (within the limitations of this remit anyway). Rich, dynamic, brass sounds, from muted...
Real Mega Drums 2 CD 1
Biggest collection (2-cds) of natural drums at highest recording standard. the sets are sampled with room and without, in different velocitys. large variety of kicks, snares, toms & cymbals. looking for good sounding drum kits? ...try this.
SoundScan vol.01 - Hard & Loud Techno
Whether you're into Hip Hop, R&B, House or even Jungle, the most difficult sounds to find are undoubtedly the right drum samples. Kicks, snares, hihats, etc. This title offers hundreds of these slamming samples in one package! On the Audio section each kits are showcased by a mini sequence in order to give you a good idea of how the sounds integrates in a groove. Dozens of kits for many different music styles: Rap.
SoundScan vol.02 - Hip Hop Underground
Created with "underground" in mind, this volume offers all necessary sounds for this kind of production. Enormous drum samples, expert & killer beats, MPC loops, city sounds, dark tracks, symphonic impressions, piano phrases, drum fills, breaks, bass, guitar riffs, percussion, various instruments samples… and much more. • Total : 506 samples ( 324 expert beats / 127 samples / 55 drums ) • 50...
SoundScan vol.11 - Dance & Groove Drums
Dozens of kits for many different music styles: Dance, Electro, Groove, House, Techno, Trash, Jungle, Disco, Lo Fi, New York & Vinyl… This collection is unique in organising the samples in style-oriented kits, then in separate samples. This dangerously produced SOUNDSCAN™ will be instantly useful and should become your favourite modern drums collection. • Total : 1895 samples ( 1132 in drumkits...
State of the Art SYNTH
State of the Art SYNTHS Tons of analogs, Fairlight, Arp, Moog, Matrix 12, SY77, WS, MicroWave, JD-800 & MORE samples & patches for AKAI! Review: "A cornucopia of synth sounds with banks of assorted flavors to explore... diverse... lots of miscellaneous stuff taken from a truckload of sources. What's not to love about a CD-ROM like this?" With "funky audio quality," and "distinct personality." "The...
StudioLine vol.01 - Mega Piano
1 CD ROM - 540 MB - 63 Programs - AKAI S1000 Format001 BalladStack 002 Super Grand Piano 003 JazzPiano 004 Romantica 005 Dance1 006 TrueStereo 007 Titanium88 008 OctavPiano 009 DXorigin 010 Suitcase 011 Condenser 012 Piano String 013 Pop Keyboard 014 PianoMorph 015 BellPianah 016 Rayz Roads 017 QS Tines 018 ClascWurly 019 FM E Piano 020 Funk DX 021 Wave Piano 022 Natural Grand 023 Ring Road 024 EchoRoads...
Synclavier Keys and Guitars
This packed disc features a gorgeous Concert Grand Piano with four velocity steps, great for classics or rock. Plus hundreds of synth sounds from such greats as the MicroWave, Sequential VS, MiniMoog, Oberheim and the monster Synclavier itself. Add a real Rhodes or Wurlitzer Electric Piano and some rockin' Acoustic and Electric Guitar to complete the picture. 1,400+ samples!
SynthLine vol.15 - Trinity
Trinity • 50 Programs • 540 MB • 1 Sample CD Trinity Ovature Old School Split Vox Morphing Air Piano Ensemble New Set Of Strings Maximum Impact Killer Miller 08 Shakoto Chamber Strings Breath Of Fire Pad & Gtr Big Perc Organ Megasaurus Rex Sad Movie Scene Phat Tip Split Dragons World MIDI Piano Dyna Slap Bass Piano & Strings Stubenmusik Deep Str Standup & Polytone Secret Garden Jazzy Organ Miles...
Ultimate String collection
The Ultimate String Collection is the new standard for string libraries. The collection is perfectly recorded and includes many unique features that put it in a class of its own. Apart from its superior sound quality, the collection features up to 34 violins (for a rich warm sound), 8 violas, 8 celli, and 6 basses. Most of the sections were recorded with double bow action - up and down strokes. This...
Vintage Voltage 2
As Volume 1 , but featuring Sounds of the following Synths: Roland SH 101, Roland Juno 60, Wasp, Roland MKS 70 & MKS 80, Oberheim Matrix 12, Korg Polysix, Monopoly, Korg Delta, Studio Electronics SE 1, Kawai SX 350 and more - as well as a TB303 Construction Kit."Cosmic Strings beamed us right off the couch - the bomb! Totally useful for Rave & Dance....With VV2 that happy smile just would not go away.
Vinylistics CD 1
Classical Drumloops 94-119 & their cuts, constructors
Vocal Planet CD 4 R'n'B & Dance
Birth of a new Masterpiece Spectrasonics is very happy to announce that the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Symphony of Voices is now available! After four years of intense worldwide recording and editing, Vocal Planet presents a universe of exotic vocal sounds designed specifically for the creative producer and composer. The Vocal Planet sample library is an epic Five Disc CD-ROM set produced by Eric Persing and Roby Duke.

Sample types

Sample libraries are the collections of sound files that are usually organized in sets concerning musical instruments or environmental sounds categories used for compilation. They are widely used by composers, DJs, music producers and other people for making musical works. Usually, famous music composers are known for their own sound style they form using blends of various sample libraries and sound effects in their compositions.

Samples can be differentiated from regular sound records by few special features. They are short (length about 10 seconds) and are recorded using one note. That helps to make a qualitative instrument on their basis. High quality samples are usually professionally-cut. In such samples micro-pauses in the beginning and in the end of a sample are deleted and the stops for sound loop are marked. Samples without sound loop are called “one-shot” samples, which are reproduced from the very beginning to the very end of a whole piece. Such samples are ordinary used in making drum sounds, sound effects etc.

Samples with sound loops are called “loops”. E. g, one set of drums for four-eight time can be recorded as a loop. Special software that can work with pre-made loops has become widely-popular among the amateur musicians. These programs include SONY ACID, EJAY and many others. Sample libraries and single samples in WAV format can be reproduced with literally any PC sound playback software.

Sample recording

When it needs to digitize the piano sounds, one can guess, that it will be enough just to record every piano note. This approach was used in 1970-s, when sampling techniques just appeared. But the sound quality made with such a technique is rather poor and too far from the professional sounding.

For recording a full-quality sample it's inevitable to take into consideration all the trifles of sound, e.g, the velocity of key press, using a pedal, sounding with opened and closed piano top etc. Adding to it the sounding dependence from the place where sound is played and even from the furniture of this place we have a great bunch of factors that can notably impact on the sounding. So, the quantity of sounds can reach 100 per one piano note. The more sounds we record, the closer we are to the original sounding, but also the bigger are the recorded files. It enlarges the size of an instrument that is sampled.

Potentially, sounding of an instrument that uses sample libraries come close to original. But considering that there are a lot of peculiarities in the sounding of original instrument, digital instruments can't copy it with an absolute accuracy. That's why original pianos are still in use.

After recording desired sounds, we need to make an integrated instrument, which sounds will be then reproduced by digital or analog sampler. For that, we need to assign (map) the samples from our own sample libraries to each keyboard key. For getting qualitative sounding, we need to spend a lot of time assigning appropriate samples.

Clean and processed sound libraries

The most part of sample libraries present clean («dry») sounds without any sound effects applied. So, the musicians can put necessary effects by themselves choosing the right place for them in any individual composition.

Some sample libraries can have samples with special sound effects for particular purposes, e.g., imitation of cathedral choir reverb or heavy metal distortion. These samples are also called «wet» samples.

Sample libraries and music software for DJs and amateur musicians

Sample libraries are vitally important for a good DJ. If some time earlier Djs used analog devices for making cool sounds, now they can use their own collections of digital sounds to make a musical masterpiece. The quality of a synthesizer for a DJ or other musician's purposes is measured by the quality and quantity of sound samples it can reproduce. The best ones, for example, some Yamaha high-end models, have an impressive sample libraries in combination with perfect sound quality.

Sample libraries can be used not only by professional musicians and producers who buys a lot of expensive equipment. They can also be used by an amateur, who just starts his music experiments. Sample libraries are provided in the digital file-sets that can be easily downloaded from the web. Simple sets are usually free or cost not much. So getting them is not much of a problem.

There are a great variety of computer programs which use sample libraries and can substitute synthesizers. One of good examples is FruityLoops. It has its own collection of software synthesizers. There are more than 20 various synthesizers and 2 samplers available. They can be used for making one's own sample libraries. But it needs a lot of time and experience, so amateur musicians often use already-prepared sound sets, combining and mixing them together, adding some effects and environmental sounds. FruityLoops sample library can be easily expanded with other libraries. The friendly interface will help to make such an expansion easy and fast. FruityLoops is rather professional music production instrument with a lot of different options and possibilities. But there is another program to work with sample libraries that is called SoundForge.

SoundForge, developed by Sony Creative Software, is a suitable platform for an amateur musician. Its restricted version, Sound Forge Audio Studio, is a nice instrument to start with. It's price is pretty good and it has all the functionality to start home experiments with sample libraries. SoundForge has a set of instruments for fast editing and creation of new sound pieces. The program helps to remaster and clean old records, put filters and effects and create master-discs. This program will be a good start to making your own sample libraries.

Great collection of sample libraries for any taste

It's clearly seen that producing samples is not an easy task. Luckily, there is a great variety of special sample libraries available on the contemporary music market and there's no need to make them yourself. One can find practically any sound he or she needs.

Our site provides a solid collection of sample libraries in various formats, including WAV, AKAI, GIGA, SF2, Reason refills etc. They can be used for making industrial, house, trance and other kinds of compositions. Our library is being constantly developed and updated. We are glad to present you a variety of choice for making your own music masterpieces.

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