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Sample libraries

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New Gold CD 3
New Gold 3 is a CD-ROM for the Akai S1000 Series Samplers which incorporates 75 banks of digital instrumentation. With over 2,200 programs, it contains a wide variety of instrumentation to allow the composer/performer incredible options.
The Heavy Hitters Greatest Hits
Three stellar drummers; Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Alan White (Yes), and Jim Keltner (studio legend). Multiple dry/ambient hard, medium and soft hits. CD-ROM versions offer modular patching allowing easy kit construction. Recorded in world-class drum rooms like A & M Studios & Ocean Way.
East Collexion Horns & Brass
Solo brass, sections & ensemble FX and the full saxophone family. 4 different bright & hard brass sections, 3 different articulations of unison trumpets, 2 different articulations of staccato brass, 4 different articulations of french horn sections, 6 different articulations of solo trumpet, solo coronet, solo flugelhorn, solo french horn, solo tuba, 3 different articulations of solo trombone, solo alto sax.
Vienna Symphonic Library Complete Orchestral Package PRO EDITION
Vienna Symphonic Library Complete Orchestral Package PRO EDITION [25 DVD / GIG format] 25 DVDs (Compressed RAR archives). Total size: 250 Gb. The Vienna Symphonic Library’s SYMPHONIC EDITIONS are orchestral sample libraries of unprecedented sonic dimension. For the first time ever, the complete range of the modern symphony orchestra has been recorded in a specially constructed recording stage...
Pure Drums
Yellow tools Pure drums was developed to enable you to have a full range of live played drums for use in samplers. Therefore we recorded DW, bd, Tama, Pearl, Ludwig, Yamaha, Sonor and Remo drum kits because every kit has its unique character. This is the same with the cymbals: Zildjian, Meinl Custom Shop, Paiste, Sabian and Istanbul. This library will fulfill all your expectations! All drum kits are dry.
ProSamples Vol.34 Hip Hop and RnB 3
Black Butta from EASTWEST was created by "MadJef" Taylor, whose album programming credits include artists like Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, New Edition, Karyn White and many of the albums produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Black Butta features the phatest collection of dope beatz and hip-hop grooves available anywhere in a construction kit format. REVIEW: "Madjef has compiled...
SoundScan vol.59 - Spanish & Gypsy Traditions
Created by natural-born musician, this Soundscan was recorded with excellent Gipsy performers, and delivers effortlessly the trademark sound and rhythms of the genre. Guitars, vocals, palmas and many other specific loops almost impossible to record in the USA or Japan, for lack of trained players. As usual with Soundscan, the looping is impeccable and the tempo are accurately indicated. Whether used...
SoundScan vol.60 - Asian Traditions
Truthful Asian ambience is really difficult to produce, mostly due to the unavailability of credible loops. This Soundscan addresses the need for traditional music from Asia: vocal, percussion and highly exotic instrumental loops. This disc is a treasure chest for authentic sounding loops and phrases. Sound editors and music to picture composers will find an excellent source of mystery and disorientation.
Legacy - The Definitive Analog Sampler
The Definitive Analog Sampler is the first, analog sampling CD you should purchase. Legacy contains an immense collection of vintage synthesizers spanning the years 1972 to 1982. This 680MB CD has 187 multi-sample programs sampled at C and F in every octave of the keyboard and 370 percussion samples from 19 different synthesizers. Each sound has been carefully sampled direct to disk, and the CD ROM...
Total Trance
The latest in our extremely popular TOTAL SERIES, 'TOTAL TRANCE' offers the value-for-money and usability you have come to expect from titles in this series, with over 1200 ultra-desirable loops and samples. The audio CD runs to 79 minutes and the included ACIDized WAV CD-ROM contains over 680 megabytes of data, with all sounds tempo-grouped and ready to mix and match in your sequencer or in ACID.
Jungle Warfare 1
JUNGLE WARFARE! 1600+ DrREX Loops, 1000+ patches/samples for NN19/NNXT, 1.6 Gb (raw) of Drum+Bass xtc. The whole Jungle Warfare Series expertly converted to ReFill format, in a single multi-disc set. Selected volumes of the original audio versions of this library were awarded 5 stars (SOS) and a Key Buy Award (Keyboard USA) - and it's still the world's best full-blown Drum & Bass sample collection.
Xtreme House
Following the success of Xtreme House Vol 1 Tekniks presents the long awaited sequel. Producer John Mercer has created another cd of high quality Beats, Filtered loop, Pulsating basses and funky synth grooves. No construction kits on this cd just pure loops. On cd2 you will find all the loops of CD1 in .wav format including bonus material and separate drum sounds. If that wasn't enough you'll also find EXS24.
Attack Synth: Memory Moog
Looking at the Voice List chart for this sample library, you will see 32 Gig files with 101 Presets + the FX Bank of 42 sounds. Total size is 33 Gig files and 1.08 GIGABYTES of actual sounds. While this is a really large size for a sample library, it does not even begin to cover all the possibilities of Memory Moog sounds. This library is intended to be a useful, high fidelity set of true Moog sounds...
Novation Nova Refill
Novation Nova Refill Pack is a refill using samples taken from the desktop model of Novation's Nova.Review: The real Nova sounds great, but this refill is like the real thing. Some of the patches are the best I've ever used in Reason. There are a lot of pads which are very hard to find in other refills or synths. All categories are covered and they all sound great. In fact, I haven't found an average patch.
Chemical Beats For Reason
This REASON version of the classic Zero-G Chemical Beats library features over 400 REX2 loops, & over 1000 samples. 'Chemical' beats are loops with masses of attitude, huge drum sounds and FX crunched through advanced signal processors, and massive grooves to kick start your imagination. Years of playing, programming and engineering expertise at your fingertips! To complete this awesome package.
DRUMbase 5000
Die gigantische Drum- & Percussion-Library aus Japan - 1000 Programs und ?ber 5000 Samples - u. a. alle wichtigen Drum-Machines & Beatboxes wie, aber auch absolute Rarit?ten, Natural- & E-Drums, latin & japanese Percussion u. v. m.
SynthLine vol.04 - AN-1x
AN-1x • 72 Programs • 540 MB • 1 Sample CD 001 My No. 1 002 My No. 1 Short 003 Fullsynteth Pad 004 Fullsynteth 005 Symbiosis 006 Wavepool 007 Wavepool Dist. 008 Mr. Panic 009 ScreamTalk 010 Ja,Ja,Jaah 011 Endless Bass 012 Syncopa 013 Gnatbites Short 014 Gnatbites 015 Song 016 Song (Sequenze) 017 FM-Zoom 018 lateFX 019 AN1x-Style 020 AN1x-Style Short 021 AN1x-Style II 022 AN1x-Style III 023 Element...
Def House Drums Refill
Dance drums: single and loops, basses, synth, FX.
The Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library [5 CD]
The Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library Now, for the first time, Warner Bros. brings you, on 5 side-splitting CDs, over 1400 hilarious digitally remastered sound effects that have helped make Warner Bros. cartoons so unforgettable for so many years. Each authentic sound effect selected from the Warner Bros. sound department has been carefully restored to provide you with outstanding digital audio quality.
MAGIX sound essentials vol. 1
* More than 23,000 sounds & loops on ONE DVD (18 CD Discs), 8.2 Gb size (unpacked) * Top quality license-free productions * Clear & concise filing system for all samples * Samples range from Classic to Pop, Rock to R 'n' B and Hip Hop to House * WAV format (16-bit / 44.1 kHz / Stereo) * Incredible value for money * No disc swapping Sounds Classic * 2 Step with 1240 samples * 80s with 907 samples *...
White Grand - The Ultimate Studio Grand Piano
SampleTekks White Grand - The Ultimate Studio Grand Piano "The White Grand is the best piano sample I have heard. It sits beautifully in a mix, as well as alone. It actually sounds alive!" - Paul Linford; film composer, mixer, programmer for Trevor Rabin "I had no idea a sampled piano could be this good. It was as if someone told me they had a guitar, and what they showed me was a '54 Strat." - Trevor Rabin; Film Composer.
Bosendorfer 275 Piano GIGA
EASTWEST's BOSENDORFER 275 GIGA DVD. EASTWEST's BOSENDORFER 275 sampled grand piano features up to eight stereo dynamics per note for unparalleled expression and realism. The Bosendorfer Grand Piano was recorded in Switzerland by the producer of the critically acclaimed FIVE STAR Sample Library THE ULTIMATE PIANO COLLECTION, Olivier Truan. It is a 1995 BOSENDORFER 275 (9 foot 1 inch) Concert Grand built in Austria.
Drum 'n' Bass Construction Kits
Drum 'n' Bass Construction Kits is a BEST SELLER collection which has the most amazing collection of Drum 'n' Bass grooves and breakdowns, all in a construction kit format. The collection contains over two hours of the latest drum and bass grooves created by NYC producer and sound designer James Bernard. First you get the complete loop, followed by the drum part, sub-bass part, synth pads and individual...
Loungin' House
Equipped Music Loungin House 24 Bit Multiformat DVD Want to delve deeper into the naked, intimate sound of House? Welcome inside the hypnotic and seductive grooves of Loungin' House. Luxurious dance floor beats, mixed with sexy Latin style percussion, lush chords, samples and more. Spice your groove with Dusty Rhodes Chords, Smooth and Warm Pads, Funky Basstones, Synths, Riffs and FX-Vox Noises.

Sample types

Sample libraries are the collections of sound files that are usually organized in sets concerning musical instruments or environmental sounds categories used for compilation. They are widely used by composers, DJs, music producers and other people for making musical works. Usually, famous music composers are known for their own sound style they form using blends of various sample libraries and sound effects in their compositions.

Samples can be differentiated from regular sound records by few special features. They are short (length about 10 seconds) and are recorded using one note. That helps to make a qualitative instrument on their basis. High quality samples are usually professionally-cut. In such samples micro-pauses in the beginning and in the end of a sample are deleted and the stops for sound loop are marked. Samples without sound loop are called “one-shot” samples, which are reproduced from the very beginning to the very end of a whole piece. Such samples are ordinary used in making drum sounds, sound effects etc.

Samples with sound loops are called “loops”. E. g, one set of drums for four-eight time can be recorded as a loop. Special software that can work with pre-made loops has become widely-popular among the amateur musicians. These programs include SONY ACID, EJAY and many others. Sample libraries and single samples in WAV format can be reproduced with literally any PC sound playback software.

Sample recording

When it needs to digitize the piano sounds, one can guess, that it will be enough just to record every piano note. This approach was used in 1970-s, when sampling techniques just appeared. But the sound quality made with such a technique is rather poor and too far from the professional sounding.

For recording a full-quality sample it's inevitable to take into consideration all the trifles of sound, e.g, the velocity of key press, using a pedal, sounding with opened and closed piano top etc. Adding to it the sounding dependence from the place where sound is played and even from the furniture of this place we have a great bunch of factors that can notably impact on the sounding. So, the quantity of sounds can reach 100 per one piano note. The more sounds we record, the closer we are to the original sounding, but also the bigger are the recorded files. It enlarges the size of an instrument that is sampled.

Potentially, sounding of an instrument that uses sample libraries come close to original. But considering that there are a lot of peculiarities in the sounding of original instrument, digital instruments can't copy it with an absolute accuracy. That's why original pianos are still in use.

After recording desired sounds, we need to make an integrated instrument, which sounds will be then reproduced by digital or analog sampler. For that, we need to assign (map) the samples from our own sample libraries to each keyboard key. For getting qualitative sounding, we need to spend a lot of time assigning appropriate samples.

Clean and processed sound libraries

The most part of sample libraries present clean («dry») sounds without any sound effects applied. So, the musicians can put necessary effects by themselves choosing the right place for them in any individual composition.

Some sample libraries can have samples with special sound effects for particular purposes, e.g., imitation of cathedral choir reverb or heavy metal distortion. These samples are also called «wet» samples.

Sample libraries and music software for DJs and amateur musicians

Sample libraries are vitally important for a good DJ. If some time earlier Djs used analog devices for making cool sounds, now they can use their own collections of digital sounds to make a musical masterpiece. The quality of a synthesizer for a DJ or other musician's purposes is measured by the quality and quantity of sound samples it can reproduce. The best ones, for example, some Yamaha high-end models, have an impressive sample libraries in combination with perfect sound quality.

Sample libraries can be used not only by professional musicians and producers who buys a lot of expensive equipment. They can also be used by an amateur, who just starts his music experiments. Sample libraries are provided in the digital file-sets that can be easily downloaded from the web. Simple sets are usually free or cost not much. So getting them is not much of a problem.

There are a great variety of computer programs which use sample libraries and can substitute synthesizers. One of good examples is FruityLoops. It has its own collection of software synthesizers. There are more than 20 various synthesizers and 2 samplers available. They can be used for making one's own sample libraries. But it needs a lot of time and experience, so amateur musicians often use already-prepared sound sets, combining and mixing them together, adding some effects and environmental sounds. FruityLoops sample library can be easily expanded with other libraries. The friendly interface will help to make such an expansion easy and fast. FruityLoops is rather professional music production instrument with a lot of different options and possibilities. But there is another program to work with sample libraries that is called SoundForge.

SoundForge, developed by Sony Creative Software, is a suitable platform for an amateur musician. Its restricted version, Sound Forge Audio Studio, is a nice instrument to start with. It's price is pretty good and it has all the functionality to start home experiments with sample libraries. SoundForge has a set of instruments for fast editing and creation of new sound pieces. The program helps to remaster and clean old records, put filters and effects and create master-discs. This program will be a good start to making your own sample libraries.

Great collection of sample libraries for any taste

It's clearly seen that producing samples is not an easy task. Luckily, there is a great variety of special sample libraries available on the contemporary music market and there's no need to make them yourself. One can find practically any sound he or she needs.

Our site provides a solid collection of sample libraries in various formats, including WAV, AKAI, GIGA, SF2, Reason refills etc. They can be used for making industrial, house, trance and other kinds of compositions. Our library is being constantly developed and updated. We are glad to present you a variety of choice for making your own music masterpieces.

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