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5 tips for a better EDM mix [DVD]

5 tips for a better EDM mix [DVD]

Echo Sound Works 5 Tips for a Better Mix [DVD][Tutorial]

In this tutorial, Echo Sound Works dishes out 5 of his favorite tips and tricks that will help you quickly get a better mix.

These tips are geared for any genre of EDM.

  • TIP #1 - Doing Nothing is Still Something - This idea expands on the notion of less is more.
  • TIP #2 - Side Chain Ducking - This is one of my favorite mix techniques to create separation from conflicting instruments and frequencies.
  • TIP #3 - Pan Arrangement - Arrangement is usually just thought of as the movement between sections or themes in a song. However, you can have mixing elements like pan/stereo imaging play into the arrangement as well.
  • TIP #4 - Carving Out Home Frequencies - I like to take a very common practice of paining frequencies by using an equalizer to cut frequencies, but I work backwards. I find the most important element(s) of my mix and then carve around those cutting frequencies of other instruments.
  • TIP #5 - Limiting Important Sounds - The use of a limiter seems to be a taboo thing these days. Most of use are taught to only use limiters on drums and in the mastering process. But sometimes using a little of limiting on a lead or bass goes a long way.
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