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SWA Complete Cubase 8.5 Tutorial

SWA Complete Cubase 8.5 Tutorial

Streamworks Audio SWA Complete Cubase 8.5 Tutorial


This three-hour Cubase video tutorial explores the features and functions in Cubase 8.5.  The first six chapters will help the new user get up and running quickly, but also contain in-depth explanations and details to help the advanced user maximize their Cubase experience.  The later chapters explore advanced features and workflows to help you get more out of Cubase than ever before.


00: Introduction

  • New Features Overview

01: New Features

  • Set Up
  • VST Connections
  • File Structure and Audio Handling Fundamentals

02: Setup and Getting Started

  • Project Window Features
  • Functions and Layout

03: Finding Your Way Around

  • Track Types: Audio
  • Audio Track Presets

04: Audio Track

  • All About Audio Tracks

05: Other Track Types

  • MIDI Track
  • Instrument Track
  • VCA Track
  • Group Track
  • Arranger Track

06: Video/Ruler/Tempo Tracks

  • Video Track
  • Ruler Track
  • Tempo Track
  • Using the Pool

07: Channel Settings Editor

  • Channel Settings Editor

08: Legacy VST Instruments

    VST instruments Overview
    Legacy Synths

09: Modern VST Instruments

  • Retrolouge II
  • Padshop and LoopMash

10: HALion Sonic SE/Groove Agent

  • Groove Agent
  • Halion Sonic SE

11: Editing in Cubase Pro

  • Editing Fundamentals

12: Cubase Pro Mix Console

  • Mix Console
  • Mix Fundamentals

13: Mixdown and Export

  • Export and Mixdown


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