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Mixthru Pop Matthew Weiss Tutorial [2 DVD]

Mixthru Pop Matthew Weiss Tutorial [2 DVD]

Mixthru Pop Matthew Weiss Tutorial [2 DVD]

Improve Your Pop Mixes

Learn how to mix a pop record from start to finish including levels, EQ, compression, reverb, distortion, limiting, and more. Includes stems for practice.

  • Mix and negotiate multiple bass elements in a mix
  • Establish and utilize contrast within dense arrangements
  • Mix guitars while drawing from cross-genre influences
  • Shape synth pads around vocals and other instruments
  • Utilize compression to accentuate rhythmic patterns
  • Mix for a specific record and train your ear for context
  • Utilize transitional effects to emphasize section changes
  • Use reverb to add space and depth in a mix
  • Create height using EQ to exaggerate a sense of dimension
  • Mix vocals to fit specific sections of a dynamic record

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