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SWA Complete ReVoice Pro 3 Tutorial
Streamworks Audio SWA Complete ReVoice Pro 3 Tutorial 11 videos  |  80 minutes Tutorial Description The first chapter of our in-depth Synchro Arts Revoice Video Tutorial on Revoice Pro 3 introduces you to Synchro Arts’ amazing vocal harmonizer/doubler and explains the core functionality of its standalone application and new accompanying plugin. We then lay out the details of RP3’s...
Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production
5+ HOURS 5+ hours of instructions, 23 video lessons, and a downloadable course workbook, 100% EXCLUSIVE Learn the techniques that took deadmau5 from bedroom producer to festival headliner. Make better music Before he was deadmau5, all Joel wanted for Christmas was old toasters to take apart. Now, in his MasterClass, watch him take his music apart. Joel teaches you how he approaches melodies, mixing...
Learn Music Theory for Electronic Musicians
About This Class Are you producing Electronic music? Do you struggle with Music Theory and always wanted to learn but always felt like it was too hard or not really necessary to learn how to play piano? Welcome to this class where I will learn you Music Theory for Electronic Music producers. In this class, all of the music theory is made in the Piano Roll and you will only learn what is relevant to...
Groove3 MIDI Orchestration Explained Tutorial
Music theory master Eli Krantzberg has heard your requests for an in-depth series all about MIDI orchestration and has delivered big time. This series is designed for those of you who want to create realistic symphony orchestrations using todays awesome symphonic virtual instruments. If you want to compose for film, TV or just to get what's in your head outside for all to hear, this collection is for you.
Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music
Log in to Armin’s studio Every week, Armin van Buuren puts 41 million listeners into A State of Trance on his radio show. In his first-ever online class, the platinum-selling DJ breaks down his hits—and builds a track from scratch—to show you how he produces, performs, and promotes dance music. You’ll learn his technical process for using samples and plug-ins, mixing, recording vocals.
Music Production in Ableton Live 10 The Complete Course
SlamAcademy Music Production in Ableton Live 10 The Complete Course TutorialLearn Music Production in Ableton Live 10 Today and Understand how to Create, Record and Edit Your Own Music + Live Sets.What you will learn Learn how to set-up and navigate themselves around Ableton Live 10 Record and Edit MIDI Information Warp and Edit Audio Record in their own Audio Learn how to use the Synths, Samplers...
Artist Pro Series Electronic Books [4 CD]
Artist Pro Series Sound Advice on Compressors Limiters Expanders and GatesArtist Pro Series Sound Advice on Equalizers Reverbs and DelaysArtist Pro Series Sound Advice on Microphone TechniquesArtist Pro Series Sound Advice on Mixing Produce recordings that can compete in the musical arena! When used correctly, compressors, limiters, gates, expanders and other dynamics processors are essential tools...
Sonar 4 Producer Bonus Disk
DVD. 3 Gb. Sonar 4 Producer Bonus disk. The disk includes songs produced by famous musicians with Cakewalk Sonar, new features overview, demos and tutorials
Producing Music With Reason
Producing Music With Reason Tutorial, an interactive CD-ROM providing extensive tutorials covering Propellerhead's Reason software. Jointly produced by Propellerhead Software and M-Audio, the product contains three hours of tutorials and resources for beginning through advanced users. The tutorial will guide you through topics such as: * Song structure * Principles of synthesis * Creating Redrum arrangements * Using Dr.
Cubase SX 3 Tutorial
Steinberg Cubase SX3 Video Tutorial Cubase SX3 takes music production to a new level by adding more than 70 new features including powerful Audio Warp Realtime Timestretching, an intuitive Play Order Track, convenient Inplace Editing and many new editing functions. Add to that the seamless integration of external audio and MIDI hardware, and Cubase SX3 redefines music production technology. Top-10 new features of Cubase SX3 1.
Acid 5 CSI Starter Tutorial
This interactive CD-ROM, geared toward the beginning user of ACID®, is meant to help the musician get up and running quickly on this powerful software. ACID CSi Starter utilizes an interactive environment for learning by providing a vehicle for the user to see/hear an experienced user take them through the steps of producing a song. ACID is a quality, digital music application aimed at the hobbyist...
Pro Tools 6 CSi Starter Tutorial
Pro Tools 6 CSi Starter Tutorial [Second Edition] If you’re ready to use Pro Tools to create amazing music but aren’t sure where to begin, then "Pro Tools 6 CSi Starter, Second Edition" is the product you’ve been searching for! Updated for Pro Tools 6.7, this interactive CD-ROM will give you the hands-on tips you need to get up and running quickly. Cover a basic production...
John Petrucci - Rock Discipline
Guitar exercises from Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci With Rock Discipline, get ready for a two hour epic on the art of modern rock guitar. After a valuable segment on warming up, John Petrucci (Dream Theater) covers how to develop speed and accuracy, chromatic exercises, playing with dynamics, connecting scale fragments to form long solo lines, and much, much more. Dream Theater guitarist John...
Joe Pass Solo Jazz Guitar
Joe Pass Solo Jazz Guitar - Guitar Lesson Over the course of this video you'll learn the best of Joe Pass, direct from the man himself. Chord melody, chord substitutions, leading tones, chromatic chords, voice movements, adding colour tones to your chords, learning to work withinn close voicings, turnarounds, adding substitution tto your melodic playing, special licks and much more. 60 mins.
Brian May Master Session
Brian May Master Session Brian May, guitarist with the group Queen, demonstrates his best licks and solos from tracks such as 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. "Brian May, founder of Queen, and one of rock's finest guitarists, has set standards of excellence throught his carrer. Always the innovator, Brian has contributed greatly to the success of the band and has influenced...
Absynth 3 Tutorial DVD
Native Instruments Absynth 3 Tutorial DVD. DVD tutorial covering all aspects of ABSYNTH 3 - from the basics to in-depth programming. Includes presets and artist interviews ABSYNTH 3 is put under the microscope. This new tutorial DVD is essentially an interactive workshop explaining how to use this unique instrument. Native Instruments' very own product specialist hosts a detailed, step-by-step...
Dave Gibson - The Art Of Mixing DVD Tutorial
Dave Gibson - The Art Of Mixing DVD Tutorial Get an understanding of how to mix any type of music with this instructional DVD! The #1 best-selling book on mixing comes to life with over three and a half hours of vivid, detailed instruction on one DVD! With Gibson’s exclusive 3D visual framework, you’ll learn the right way to create every style of mix for any style of music. In Part 1, you’re...
Reason 3 CSi Master Tutorial
This interactive training CD-ROM guides you through the key operational techniques and cool new features of Propellerhead’s Reason 3. Comprised of approximately six hours of movie tutorials, this unique learning tool includes not only functionality, but also production techniques, special shortcuts, key commands, and before and after audio examples. Reason 3 CSi Master takes you to the next level...
DMC & Technics - 1987-2001 - World DJ Champions
The greatest array of World DJs ever to be put together. All the World Champions to date with six minutes per DJ amounting to 14 additional sets to watch the progress of the competition from its infancy to its pinnacle.  
DMC & Technics - 2000 - UK DJ Championship Finals
Kick off was at around 7pm; me and two other fellas got there about 30 mins after that. Even though my lifestyle is more disorganised then Watford's midfield, I always try my best to not arrive late to concerts. I like to just kick back with the music in the background, with a brew or smoke and see what's up with the crowd. This year's UK finals were being held at the Shepherds Bush Empire.
DJ Producer Series vol.1 - Making Beats
DJ Producer Series vol.1 - Making Beats [DVD Video] Richard "Spyda" Bonnin shows the equipment and tecniques to put you on top of production and the DJ scene. Interviews with Robert Moog, Herbie Hancock, Wally Callerio, and DJ Jam (Dr. Dre) * Learn to make beats using drum machines, samplers, keyboards, sample CDs & more * Discover today's hottest software tools * Interviews with music insiders * 5...
Trance Experience Tutorial for Cubase SX
Trance Experience Tutorial for Cubase SX This tutorial teaches how to create commercial trance music with Cubase SX. The Secrets Of Dance Music Production Revealed Trance Composition and Arrangement From song conception and composition to instrumentation and arrangement, down to the ins and outs of breakdowns, fill-ins and mix-outs, you’ll walk through each step, up close and personal. Mixing...
Ableton Live DVD Tutorial
Ableton Live DVD Tutorial Learn to Create, Produce, and Perform with Live! With years of live performance experience under his belt, musician, songwriter, producer and Live expert Morgan Pottruff explains in a step by step, easy to follow style, how to get the most out of Live. * 38 Videos * Over 3 hours of instructional video * Bonus Tips and Tricks section with 6 extra videos! * Highest quality ever...
Nuendo CSi Master
Nuendo CSi Master [Video Tutorial] Offering more than four hours of movie tutorials, "Nuendo CSi Master" is a hands-on, training CD-ROM that provides you with a unique way to take your music to the next level with Nuendo. You'll cover every major topic, including Setup, Project Management, Recording, Editing, Arranging, Mixing, Processing, Virtual Instruments, Synchronization, Advanced Uses, and Tips.

Music video lessons and tutorials.

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