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Tru-Urban Mike Kalombos Golden Keyz

Platform: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64, MAC OSX X32 PowerPC, MAC OSX X64 Intel
Format: Kontakt, WAV
Disks: 1 DVD
Tru-Urban Mike Kalombos Golden Keyz

About Mike Kalombo's Golden Keyz

Golden Keyz is a massive library of Mike Kalombo's entire collection of top quality piano and keyboard phrases including exclusive new loops and phrases, all in a powerful, easy-to-use Kontakt interface.

  • This aggressive library includes just under 200 loops and phrases played exclusively by Producer Mike Kalombo using a variety of Pianos, electric pianos, organs and Clavs.
  • Each phrase has been Tempo synced, sliced and spread across your keyboard giving you maximum creative control over each phrase.
  • Then, take it a step further and use the keywsitches to instantly transpose on-the-fly, switch between Effects to change the texture, or even flip the phrase into reverse as you play.
  • Golden Keyz allows you to Be as creative as you want with little to no effort on your part.

Pro Keys Played in nearly EVERY Urban Style of Music!  

Tempo Sync

Each loop is synced to your host's tempo giving you freedom to change the tempo of your song with confidence knowing the sample/loop/phrase will gracefully match your songs tempo without changing pitch or drastically effecting the sound quality.

Slice Point Editing

Access any point in the wave using the Slice Position Editor. Golden Keyz allows you to quickly adjust your slice points for each key on your keyboard. This gives you full creative control over how each phrase is sliced. Go even further using the individual tunning for each slice and really create something unique.

On-the-fly Transpose

Create change in your songs with the press of a key. Quickly transpose any phrase on-the-fly using the dynamic transpose keyswitches.

Full Suite of Effects

Change the sound with a world of options. Two seperate effect chains including effects like tape saturation, distortion, Lo-fi, phaser and more are at your finger tips. Easily switch between these effects as you play or just stick with one. Then, use the master effects to shape the sound even further with EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb, the list goes on. Each effect has it's own bypass switch.

Producer Mike Kalombo

Mike Kalombo is a Producer/Songwriter for So So Def, and a phenomenal pianist and keyboard player. Mike Kalombo is currently working with artists such as Usher, Monica, Mariah Carey and with legendary producer Jermaine Dupri. Golden Keyz contains world class piano and keyboard fit for quality music production.

Royalty Free:

Each phrase is completely royalty free. In other words, If you make the next smash hit using Golden Keyz, you don't owe Mike or Tru-Urban a dime.

Full Feature List

  • Full Control Over Masterfully Played Piano and Keyboard Phrases by Producer Mike Kalombo
  • Just under 200 Musical Phrases
  • Tempo Sync
  • Quick Transposing
  • Fine-Tune Control
  • Full Suite of Effects
  • Slice Point Editing
  • Key-switches - for On-the-fly changes of Tuning and effects
  • Reverse Mode
  • Double Effect Chains
  • 3 Exclusive Piano Instrument Patches by Mike Kalombo included
  • Simple User Friendly Interface
  • .wav files included for those who do not own Kontakt
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You may buy Tru-Urban Mike Kalombos Golden Keyz or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Friday 11 November, 2016.
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