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Sound Dust ODDular

Platform: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64, MAC OSX X32 PowerPC, MAC OSX X64 Intel
Format: Kontakt
Disks: 1 DVD
Sound Dust ODDular

A beautiful throb monster, a one of a kind modulation leviathan. Pulsational rapture is only ever a few mouse clicks away.

ODDular is a hybrid sample instrument based around 3 specially coded beat synced super LFOs, a complex but very simple to use modulation matrix and an innovative user interface.

ODDular borrows some of the more useful concepts of modular synthesis to create otherworldly and impossible sounds that are actually musically useful and don’t require a complex nest of cables to produce.

The sample engine is loaded with 1.5GB of multi samples from rare and sought after classic synths - EMS VCS3 Putney, Oberheim Xpander 6, Siel Orchestra and great sounding synth wildcards - Moog Dfam, Moog Voyager, Technics WSA1, Make Noise O-Coast and Nord Wave.

If you every dreamed of owning a polyphonic BPM syncable VCS3 (who wouldn't) or need to quickly create a complex rhythmic underscore for ‘John Carpenter meets the Berlin Minimalists’ ODDular is definitely for you.

Tech Specs

  • 15 Kontakt .nki instruments - 14 with multi-sampled synths + 1 empty instrument for loading your own samples
  • 210 snapshots...but ODDular is all about tweaking really, these are just to get you started
  • 1.5GB download

LFOs (Low frequency oscillators

  • 3 super dooper flexible LFOs
  • Adjustable beat-synced time units (32nd to whole note, with triplets) plus free running
  • 8 select-able basic shapes + remix function to combine with other shapes for really complex LFO shapes
  • Shift and offset for shape adjustment
  • LFOs can modulate each others speed

ENVELOPE FOLLOWER (the pink one)

  • Tracks overall volume of the instrument
  • Controls for attack, fade, boost and follow


  • Chord and 10 other arp modes
  • Adjustable step lengths from 1 to 64
  • Adjustable step rate from 1/128 to whole note
  • with triplet variations.
  • Swing, decay, octave and mode control


  • On, off and reset controls
  • Clock divider - effects speed of all LFOs
  • LFO overload mode select - 3 modes to choose how modulation behaves when maximum value is reached
  • ODDulation - choose to reset or randomise modulation destinations
  • ODD LFO - reset or randomise LFO speed and shapes


  • Volume attack, decay, sustain and release control
  • Low pass and high pass filters
  • EQ - low, mid and high bands
  • Amp simulator - tone, drive and bottom controls
  • Tape drive
  • Device - a selection of esoteric impulse responses (includes speakers, amps, vinyl and of course the EMS)
  • Room - 17 bespoke convolution reverbs, clouds, rooms, springs, plates and ghosts
  • Delay send
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