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ProjectSAM Swing! v1.1

Platform: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64, MAC OSX X32 PowerPC, MAC OSX X64 Intel
Format: Kontakt
Disks: 4 DVD
ProjectSAM Swing! v1.1

Swing! playfully brings together the worlds of jazz and film scoring with lively big band ensembles, a groovy rhythm section and an awesome set of solo lead instruments. Now with NKS support!

After setting new standards in film scoring with its renowned Symphobia Series and Orchestral Essentials Series, ProjectSAM now brings you Swing! - The Jazzy Film Scoring Library.

Swing! playfully brings together the worlds of jazz and film scoring with lively big band ensembles, a groovy rhythm section and an awesome set of solo lead instruments. It offers you an incredibly diverse collection of sounds that blend together marvellously. If you compose for film, animation, games or advertisements, Swing! will undoubtedly lighten up your working day.

Key features

  • Big band ensemble articulations
  • Brass section mutes and solo instruments
  • Beautiful solo mute trumpet legatos
  • Sax ensemble articulations
  • Rhythm section includes guitars, basses and jazz drums
  • Greatly playable lead instruments
  • Includes tempo sync guitar and drum grooves
  • Script intelligently switches to half or double tempo
  • All sounds blend together marvellously
  • On-screen velocity and modwheel mapping info
  • Works with Kontakt Player
  • Native Kontrol Standard support
  • 35 GB library (uncompressed, takes up 18.5 GB on disk)

Native Kontrol Standard support Swing! 1.1 supports the Native Kontrol Standard, which means full integration with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol and Maschine hardware and software.

Library Overview

Lead instruments

Big Band Legato
Trumpet Harmon Legato
Trumpet Harmon Cup Legato
Nylon Guitar (full range)
Manouche Guitar (gypsy-style, melodic range)
Accordion 8-Stop
Accordion Musette
Toy Piano
Whistle Ensemble

Big band ensemble (Recorded as ensemble)

Big Band Unison
Big Band Tutti
Big Band Tutti Wide Octaves
Big Band Chords (set of 3)
Big Band Gestures
Big Band Bonus Material

Sax section (Recorded as ensemble)

Sax Ensemble Unison
Sax Ensemble Chords (set of 5)
Sax Ensemble Gestures
Sax Ensemble Bonus Material

Brass section

Trumpet Section Mutes
Trumpet Section High
Trumpet Solo Harmon
Trumpet Solo Harmon Cup
Trombone Solo

Rhythm section

Strum Chords Manouche Guitar
Strum Chords Nylon Guitar
Strum Chords Ukelele
Double Bass (newly recorded, different from Lumina)
Fender Precision Bass
Jazz Drums (brushes)
Finger Snaps

Other instruments

Lap Steel Single Notes
Lap Steel Maj6 Chords
Pedal Steel Maj Chords
Pedal Steel Phrases
Low Ensemble featuring Trombone
Low Ensemble featuring Contra Bassoon

Tempo sync grooves

Jazz Drums Grooves (3 tempo sets)
Manouche Guitar Grooves (4 tempo sets)
Nylon Guitar Grooves (3 tempo sets)
Ukelele Grooves (1 tempo set)

Inspiring Multis

Swing! was recorded in 2 different locations: the concert hall that was also used for the Symphobia and Orchestral Essentials Series (3 mic sets) and a smaller studio environment (2 mic sets). The location chosen depended on the instrument, musical context and usability.

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