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Sony DRE-2000 for Audio Ease Altiverb

Platform: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64, MAC OSX X32 PowerPC, MAC OSX X64 Intel
Disks: 1 CD
Sony DRE-2000 for Audio Ease Altiverb


Digitally processed reverberation effects

With the advanced digital technology employed in the Sony DRE 2000, high-quality reverberation effects with a better signal-to-noise ratio, better frequency response and wider dynamic range can be added to incoming signals.

Reverberation not susceptible to external vibration Unlike conventional mechanical reverberators, the Sony DRE 2000 is unaffected by external vibration or mechanical shock because all operations are performed electronically. Because of this, the Sony DRE 2000 can be installed almost anywhere.

Reverberation parameters easily programmed

The reverberation parameters which determine the reverberation characteristics are easily programmed with the parameter buttons on the supplied remote control unit.

Programs can be memorized

Up to 10 programs can be stored in the non-volatile memory for later recall.

Delay modes

The delay function produces a delay between the sound source and the delivered signal, with delay times of from 1 to 999 milliseconds (for each channel) in mode-1 and delay times of from 1 to 999 milliseconds (channel 1) and from I to 499 milliseconds (channel 2) in mode-2.

Echo modes

Echos can be added to incoming signals in two modes. In mode-1, the same echo pattern is added to both channels and in mode-2, different echo patterns are added to each channel.

Pre-prograrned reverberation, delay and echo modes

Four modes of reverberation, two modes of delay and two modes of echo have been pre-programmed in the unit.

Compact and lightweight

The Sony DRE 2000 is more compact and lightweight than conventional mechanical reverberation units.

"I use the Sony DRE 2000 on drums and percussion, and they have never improved on that sound." - Chris Lord Alge - Sony DRE-2000.

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