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Distorted Reality CD 1

Distorted Reality CD 1
Все для создания эктсремальной музыки: от тревожных раскатов грома из фильмов ужасов до соло на флейте с загадочными эхо. Агрессивные современные звуки, с множеством эффектов, искаженные петли - целая вселенная великолепных экстремальных, жутких, противных, злобных скрежетов, ударов, - определенно заставит сердца слушателей учащенно биться! Produced by Eric Persing, Distorted Reality is a one-of-a-kind library that explores an experimental world of extraordinary colors. Featuring Cutting Edge Textures, FX, Batterie & Loops; from altered 3-dimensional atmospheres transformed via true harmonic Sound Morphing, to incendiary fuzz mutations exploding with corrosive energy. Trance-inducing ambiences, visceral grunge loops, enormous modular drones and astonishing timbral contortions make this an essential resource for the producer, composer, sound designer & industrialist in search of the magic noise! "My jaw dropped! I couldn't believe it. This is exactly the edge I've been looking for!" -Producer Rhett Lawrence (Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, The Winans) "I was STUNNED! Wicked Bad!" - Legendary Guitarist Steve Vai If you're making any kind of edge music and you own a sampler, Distorted Reality is a library that you must hear. From shredded beats to unidentifiable hysteria, this disc has it nailed....plenty of variety...gorgeous curtains of sound --everything from ominous rumbles suitable for the soundtrack of Alien IV to flute solos that blossom with odd echoes....aggressive modern sounds...heavily processed....massively distorted loops...mangled...hysterical...especially nasty....a whole universe of metallic buzzes and tweedles....full and ominous....drum hits that sound like cannons in the Grand Canyon...extreme, rude, in-your-face percussion noises from hell...this will definitely get your listeners' blood pumping.....sliced-off hits suitable for raves, panicky echoing crowd noises, very tasty bowed metal samples, throbbing electronic mandolins, sandworms in hyperspace, pennywhistles from the ninth dimension, and things that fly by so fast you can't tell what they are...............For the progressively minded, it's a feast. - KEYBOARD Magazine Triple 5 STAR review "The title of this compilation might equally well have been Beauty and the Beast because it contains both breathtakingly beautiful evolving pads plus some seriously distorted, twisted sounds that score highly on the aggression scale...a wonderful selection of ambient pads...instant film soundtrack...fuzz gets everywhere, even on the drums, but it's all done so tastefully...a great section of drones that would see the Terminator films through the next three sequels...Indian drones that have been flanged and processed to the point of destruction...ambient drums which range from cavernous and spacey to industrial and tortured...aggressive mayhem...most of the samples manage to avoid being categorized too rigorously...loads of really good sci-fi noises and pads, filter sweeps, synthetic bass sounds and even a couple of Gothic Choirs...the real strength of this collection lies in its numerous evolving, textural sweeps....It really is difficult to pigeonhole this disk other than to say that the overall coefficient of weirdness is significantly higher than average, but I have no hesitation in recommending this remarkable sample collection to anyone involved in soundtrack work, ambient techno music or honest to goodness New Age. It's also gratifying to see that most of the samples are relatively short and there are few that wouldn't fit into 8Mbytes of ROM.......Awarded the SOS five stars for weirdness above and beyond the call of duty!" - SOUND ON SOUND Magazine 5 STAR review
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