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Symphobia [5 DVD]
Symphobia [5 DVD]
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Samples for trance music

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Myloops Stonevalley and Fast Distance MIDI Pack Vol.1
Myloops Stonevalley and Fast Distance MIDI Pack Vol.1 A premium Trance MIDI Pack by Stonevalley & Fast Distance Olivier Picart (Stonevalley) and Franz Hlusek (Fast Distance) have put together a Trance MIDI Pack containing 25 uplifting MIDI construction kits inspired with their own trademark uplifting style. Each construction kit comes with Lead, Pad and an Audio Demo for previewing the kit. Be...
2nd Sense Audio Wiggle v1.1.3
2nd Sense Audio Wiggle v1.0.3 [PC / MAC] Expressive Sound 4 powerful sound generators allow you to directly manipulate and automate the wavetable. Together with waveshaping, phase distortion and randomization tools, creating expressive sounds is effortless. Flexible Modulations 8 free drawing LFO/Envelope and 4 specialized modulators can be drag-and-drop to control most of the synth parameters. Another...
Kenneth Thomas Detroit Trance
Producer Loops Kenneth Thomas Detroit Trance  'Kenneth Thomas: Detroit Trance' is a versatile Trance Sample Pack from Detroit-based Perfecto producer, Kenneth Thomas. This product contains everything you need to create incredible Trance tracks. It's packed full of royalty-free drum samples, drum loops, melodic loops, pads, percussion samples, sound fx, and a whole lot more. This must-have...
Function Loops Astral Trance Vocals
Astral Trance Vocals offers the best solution for your next Trance and Psy productions. Recorded in absolute quality, these vocals are made to take your tracks to the big stages. ​Almost 800 MB of vocal variations, fusion of cosmic, tribal, ethnic - it has it all. Vocals are coming in 3 versions: Slightly reverbed - you can add your delays or other FX. Reverbed and delayed (wet) - just drop them...
Trance and EDM Vocals Vol.2
'Trance & EDM Vocals Vol 2' from Producer Loops continues this best-selling series which blends the best elements of Commercial Trance and EDM. Inside you'll find five energetic Construction Kits complemented by five complete vocal performances, perfect for chopping, slicing or forming the backbone of an entire production. An essential purchase for fans of the Armada, Spinnin'.
In the Studio with Armin van Buuren
It's issue 258 and our Apple Newsstand edition now comes COMPLETE with our video BUILT-IN. Get In The Studio With trance legend Armin van Buuren right there streaming from within the app! So what's in this issue? Powerful kicks and snares are two of the most elusive qualities for producers. They are the elements that can make or break a track both for the dancefloor or the radio –in fact...
Instant Score Galactik Omnisphere 2
This is a truly unique sample-based library created by combining really interesting Chordal and Special Effect samples created by Sound Design guru Arne Schulze (made back in the 80’s!).  Along with my team of 6 programmers, we created 210 patches using 91 soundsources that are gritty and powerful, inspiring (of course!) and bring new artistic colors to Omnisphere 2.2 for composers, DJs...
Vengeance Trance Sensation Vol.4
The Trance Sensation series is back with an epic Vol.4! The samplepack by 'Trancemaster' Dennis Sheperd contains next level basslines, drums, melodies, and dreamy pads that are sure to memorize any dance floor. Each kit comes with accurate BPM and pitch information, and is cut to loop perfectly. All tracks are included as individual WAV loops with and without FX (wet and dry), as well as with...
Storm Force Trance 3000
Trance Euphoria Storm Force Trance 3000 [WAV / MIDI / SPIRE] Trance Euphoria are proud to present ‘Storm Force Trance 3000 For Spire And Kits’ featuring 128 x Spire Trance Presets and 10 x Full Trance Construction Kits. Please note : From Reveal Sound the Full Pack & Sound Set Only are available to purchase as separate packs. This new pack from Trance Euphoria focuses on top quality...
Trance Rebellion
Trance Euphoria Trance Rebellion [WAV / MIDI / SPIRE] Trance Euphoria are proud to release ‘Trance Rebellion For Spire’ featuring 128 x Named Spire Presets And 25 x Trance MIDI & Percussion Kits. Trance Rebellion is inspired by all the top trance artists from around the world and trance festivals, this pack will help you towards your next trance masterpiece. Please Note : From Reveal...
Born To Produce Euphoric Trance in Cubase
Make a track from nothing, right through to the final mixdown and become a better producer... You'll learn... The basics of Cubase, the mixer, using samples, EQ, editing and making a loop Program a lead melody using our easy and effective music theory approach Layer several lead sounds together with EQ to create one huge punchy sound Vocal sourcing and processing to add presence and correct timing...
SuperWave Plugins Bundle
Included all Superwave plug-ins. SuperWave supports 64 bit now. The bundle includes: SuperWave Ultimate + HD Tarkus P80 Performer Professional Trance-Pro D-909 D-808 D-707 D-727 Tiny Pops
Allan Morrow Trance Kick and Bass Tutorial
Description Trance Kick & Bass Tutorial Video (1 hour 50 minutes) Trance Kick & Bass Tutorial Video 1920 x 1080HD video covers everything from: Bass patterns Sound choice Levelling Referencing Processing of the Kick and Bass Compression Parallel Compression EQ + More! This tutorial is done using only Logic Pro X plugins, LFO tool, Kickstart & Sylenth 1. All of the techniques used can be...
Myloops Trance Claps Vol.1
Description Your go-to library for Trance Claps. Trance Claps Volume 1 is a brand new set of clap samples created specifically for uplifting trance music. Talented producer Yura Rusetsky teamed up with Myloops once again and created an exciting set of 300 professional quality trance clap samples ready to use in your productions. We also included the complete demo project and additional bonus sounds (FX.
Myloops Trance Kicks Volume 2
Your go-to library for Trance Kicks Trance Kicks Volume 2 is a brand new set of kicks created specifically for uplifting trance music. Talented producer Yura Rusetsky (who previously created Trance Kicks Volume 1) teamed up with Myloops once again and created an exciting set of 185 professional quality kick drums ready to use in your productions. We also included the complete demo project and additional bonus sounds (FX.
Arturia Analog Lab 3
Arturia Analog Lab 3 [v3.1.0.1391] ULTIMATE KEYBOARD SOUND COLLECTION Analog Lab gives you instant access to over 6500 of the best designer sounds from the 21 authentic legendary keyboards in our critically acclaimed V Collection. Have your mind blown by the power of sound Analog Lab gives you streamlined access to 6500+ of the hottest presets from our award-winning V Collection. Featuring sounds from...
D16 Group Phoscyon v1.9.5
Classic 303 soundFaithful emulation of the classic analog sound of the legendary silver box taken into the future with whole bunch of new features for new level of artistic freedom.OverviewThe classic analog sound of the legendary silver box taken into the future.Phoscyon offers an unmatched sound together with advanced features such as a state of the art Distortion unit; fully user configurable BPM...
DiscoDSP Discovery Pro v6.8.0
Features Virtual Analog synthesizer + sampler 32 / 64-bit Audio Units / VST / VST3 Dual / Four octave key split 4 layers / 12 oscillators with Sync / FM WAV / SoundFont (SF2) support PADSynth re-synthesis 2X oversampling / undersampling Built-in arpeggiator 12 filter types / ZDF NL2 modeled + 2 Moog® Panning modulation / stereo delay / gate effects Graphic envelope modulation Imports / Exports...
You may download or buy samples, drumkits, presets and sounds for trance music in our online shop.

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