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Synergy [5 DVD]
Synergy [5 DVD]
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Samples for trance music

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AKAI MPC Software v1.9.4 CE
AKAI MPC Software v1.9.4 CE [PC/MAC] (Samples library not included!) MPC Software Featuring 128-track sequencing capability and up to eight pad banks- more than any other MPC ever-the included MPC Software delivers a massive 9GB+ sound library, including all the sounds of the classic MPC3000 and four MPC Expansions. Instant mapping and real-time adjustment of VST plugins lets you record each track as an MPC drum program.
Infected Mushroom Pusher In-Action Tutorial
Groove3 Infected Mushroom Pusher In-Action Tutorial Waves has captured EDM duo Infected Mushroom's lightning in a plug-in Pusher, and in this video tutorial series, EDM producer Timothy Allan shows you how to use it to add secret sauce to your own productions! After laying out what you can expect from this series, Timothy starts by showing you how to set the Input control for maximum pushing. Then...
Sugar Bytes Cyclop v1.2.0
What is Cyclop Cyclop is a monophonic Synthesizer with a large number of innovative features. The finest DSP algorithms give Cyclop an unbelievable direct and powerful sound which is made to fit perfectly into the mix. Cyclop specializes in wobble sounds, which means that rhythmical material is the special power of this synthesizer. Conventional structures have been twisted in a refreshing way to...
XILS-lab PolyKB III v3.0.3
The PolyKB III is designed to recreate ‘the sound and spirit’ of the RSF PolyKobol 2 polyphonic synthesizer, including its most revolutionary feature: morphing analog Oscillators. Features: 3 Morphing oscillators 2 Multimode 0df Filters 3 Envelopes, 2 LFOS per voice Polysequencer, arpeggiator, ‘vintage’ effects Hundreds of modulation, including 2 Unique Per voice modulators.
Elevated Trance Power Energy Trance
'Power Energy Trance' features 10 Uplifting Trance Construction Kits in 16-Bit WAV/MIDI formats.   Elevated Trance is a new UK Trance based label, bringing you top quality Trance tools for your productions.   Inspired by all the top Trance producers from around the globe, these products will be sure to help you with your next Trance hit. Product Details: 10 Uplifting Trance Construction...
Function Loops Trance Vocal Hooks
Trance Vocal Hooks offers an outstanding collection of Trance & Psy voices to enrich your productions. These vocals were inspired by the biggest hits of today. You know how hard is to find good vocal hook for your track, so we made it easy for you: recorded over 700MB of vocal loops. Ethnic, tribal, psychedelic - it's all there. First of all, whole content is Key labelled, for ease of use....
Trance and EDM Vocals Vol.2
'Trance & EDM Vocals Vol 2' from Producer Loops continues this best-selling series which blends the best elements of Commercial Trance and EDM. Inside you'll find five energetic Construction Kits complemented by five complete vocal performances, perfect for chopping, slicing or forming the backbone of an entire production. An essential purchase for fans of the Armada, Spinnin'.
Mike Shiver Essentials Vol.2
Mike Shiver Essentials Volume 2 is a brand new sound library that brings you the essential bricks for building Progressive House & Progressive Trance productions. First of all, the package offers 7 complete Audio and MIDI Construction Kits created by Mike Shiver (who also produced Mike Shiver Essentials Vol.1), containing audio loops as well as MIDI loops. Each construction kit is a portion of...
Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 v.2.0 [for Windows x64 and MAC OSX]
This disk contains: Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 v.2.0 [Windows x64 version] Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 v.2.0 [MAC OSX version]  
Arturia Mini V v3.3.0
Technology meets History From the starship funk lead lines of the ‘70s to the gangster whine of mid ‘90s hip-hop, the ever-present MiniMg has been making its fat presence known for over 4 decades. In partnership with Bob Moog we recreated the legendary interface of his early 70's synth that was and is loved by generations of musicians. What truly makes this synth the Legend of Legends is its sound.
VipZone Acapellas Kate Lesing Trance & Dance Vocals 2
VipZone Acapellas Kate Lesing Trance & Dance Vocals vol.2 Finally, after 2 years from a first release of Kate Lesing vocals vol.1, we come out with the new special product - Kate Lesing vol. 2. As you may remember there was some of well known releases produced using vocals from vol.1 (Central Seven - Neverland, DJ Dean - If I could be you) Now in a co-operation with professional lyricist Michael Teuber.
Trance ID
Ueberschall Trance ID [VSTi / RTAS / AU] Trance ID is a sophisticated sample collection boasting a massive library including 40 construction kits which contain cutting-edge Club and Trance sounds. It is a state-of-the-art collection of samples offering a huge variety of sequences, lead sounds, basslines, pads, atmospheres and fx as well as hundreds of drum and percussion samples and loops. Responsible...
VipZone FX Collection Vol.2
VipZone FX Collection Vol.2 [DVD] The new FX Collection vol.2 contains over 1000 WAV (2 CD) high quality files with miscelanous sound effects for using in sound productions of trance, techno, house, breakbeat, rave, elektro, ambient and more... Pack's content: Calm sounds - 69 FX Fade In - 82 FX Fade out - 50 FX Guitar - 61 FX Loops FX - 109 FX Orchestral - 87 FX Reverse - 56 FX Scratch - 127 FX...
Electro Producer Pack 2
Ueberschall Electro Producer Pack 2 [DVD][VSTi/RTAS/AU/HYBRiD] SuperMassive Electro Construction Collection   These sounds are in high-demand for various professional purposes and the EPP2 content achieves optimum fidelity for this style.   Electro Producer Pack 2 SuperMassive Electro Construction Collection Electro Producer Pack 2—the follow up to it‘s well known ancestor—provides 1.
Vengeance Ultimate Fills Vol.3 [DVD]
Vengeance Ultimate Fills Vol.3 [DVD][WAV] It's time for fresh, new fills! Vengeance arms modern club producers with more than 500 buildups, breaks and fills. Every fill is mixed down multiple times (drums only, fx only, snares only, etc.) so you can combine and mix your own dance floor-destroying fill. You can also select between 4-32 bars in length, and between 128 BPM (Electro, House, etc.) and 140 BPM (Dance.
Vengeance Ultimate Fills Vol.1 [DVD]
Vengeance Ultimate Fills Vol.1 [DVD][WAV] Dance Producers know that any Break Part with a long Drum/FX-Fill and the subsequent Drop-In is the one thing in any Club track that is the most time consuming to program. Hundreds of small details need to be noted, cut and edited. Enough of that: "Vengeance Ultimate Fills Vol. 1" will immediately take care of it! Included are over 460 professional Drum-.
Ultimate EDM Kicks Collection
W.A. Production Ultimate EDM Kicks Collection [WAV] 'What About Ultimate EDM Kicks Collection' from W.A. Production brings you more than 900 of the finest and the biggest kick samples that this label can offer. Inside you will find kick samples from all W.A. EDM Construction Kits and samples packs that have been released during the past year. Featuring solo samples as well as full-octave kick packs.
Freshly Squeezed Samples Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials [3 DVD]
Freshly Squeezed Samples Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials [3 DVD / WAV / MIDI] Produced in collaboration with production heavy weight Dave Parkinson, we are proud to present Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials. Let me start by saying this product is truly unlike any product we have released in the past, and could well be one of the largest trance sample libraries on the market. The full package weighs...
Tidy Bits and Pieces Vol.1 [DVD]
Tidy Trax Tidy Bits and Pieces Vol.1 [DVD] [WAV / MIDI / REX / Sylenth] About LIbrary Tidy presents Bits & Pieces, the brand new music production sound pack for the harder generation. Presented by the worlds number one Hard Dance Music label, Tidy’s eye for detail and reputation for releasing some of the biggest anthems from the Hard house, Hard Trance and Hard Dance music genres shines through...
Freaky Loops Build-Up and Breakdown Collection [2 DVD]
Freaky Loops Build-Up and Breakdown Collection [2 DVD] About Samples Library “Build-Up & Breakdown Collection” includes a total of 2754 loops and samples. Including an Insane amount of mixed drum fills, snares fills, clap fills, vocal fills, tension-builders, up/down lifters, impact hits, booms, drones, atmospheres, swooshes, rises, impacts and layered fx.. It's all here! This HUGE pack contains over 8.
Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2
Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.95 [PC/MAC] + Tutorial The Ultimate Waveshaping Synth. Z3TA+ 2 is designed to suit any and all of your electronic productions. From pop to trap, energetic to atmospheric, you’ll have the sounds you need at your fingertips. This disk includes: Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.95 PC Version [x86] Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.95 PC Version [x64] Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.
How To Make Uplifting Trance with Bjorn Akesson
Sonic Academy How To Make Uplifting Trance with Bjorn Akesson [DVD Tutorial] After his interview with Chris, Swedish native and uplifting trance star Bjorn Akesson is back on Sonic Academy, this time with a monster course - ‘How To Make Uplifting Trance’.   Bjorn shows from the first kick to the last effect, how to produce an uplifting 138 monster in this 7 hour course in Cubase 8.
Biome Digital Premium Claps and Snares
Biome Digital Premium Claps and Snares [WAV] 'Premium Claps And Snares' is a supreme collection of dance music clap and snare one-shots. Featuring a total of 402 new sounds recorded from hardware drum machines and processed with hardware compression to bring you some of the thickest and phattest clap and snare samples available. About Samples Library 'Premium Claps And Snares' is a...
Future Loops Nebula Progressive Trance Kits [DVD]
Future Loops Nebula Progressive Trance Kits [DVD / Multiformat] “Organized into massively inspirational Construction Kits, in each kit you'll access all the full drum loops and individual drum stems, all the juicy melodic parts as well as high-quality one shots! ” NEBULA - PROGRESSIVE TRANCE KITS Future Loops is proud to present Nebula - Progressive Trance Kits, a powerful collection...
You may download or buy samples, drumkits, presets and sounds for trance music in our online shop.

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