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CL-Projects Hypernova [DVD]
CL-Projects Hypernova [DVD / Kontakt] About Samples Library HYPERNOVA is the new 'Top of the line' Kontakt synthesizer from CL-Projects. Based on a well known polyphonic synthesizer from the late 90's that was capable of emulating Minimoog, Jupiter 8, Juno 106 and ARP 2600 sounds. The Hypernova Kontakt synth is no different. It can also emulate classic synthesizer sounds, making use of...
Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2
Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.95 [PC/MAC] + Tutorial The Ultimate Waveshaping Synth. Z3TA+ 2 is designed to suit any and all of your electronic productions. From pop to trap, energetic to atmospheric, you’ll have the sounds you need at your fingertips. This disk includes: Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.95 PC Version [x86] Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.95 PC Version [x64] Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.
Soundsdivine MMPlus [2 DVD]
Soundsdivine MMPlus [2 DVD] [Kontakt] Features 3 Oscillators 31 Waveforms 2 Filters 2 Aux Envelopes 1 Programmable Arpeggiator 3 Monophonic Pitch Sequencers 2 Additional Sequencers 25 Custom Impulse Responses 5 FX inc. Transient Shaper / Phaser / Delays & Reverb 6.97 GB (compressed) samples from the Moog MemoryMoog 200+ Presets  
Rapture Session v2.0.4.25
Cakewalk Rapture Session v2.0.4.25 Features An easy to use synth powered by the sounds of Rapture Pro Nearly 4 GB of sounds from pro sound designers 11 Instrument categories, hundreds of presets plus Instrument Page for live performance Handpicked Sound Library We've compiled some of the best and most sought-after sounds from Rapture Pro in a simple, streamlined interface. Atmospheric Nightmare...
2nd Sense Audio Wiggle v1.1.3
2nd Sense Audio Wiggle v1.0.3 [PC / MAC] Expressive Sound 4 powerful sound generators allow you to directly manipulate and automate the wavetable. Together with waveshaping, phase distortion and randomization tools, creating expressive sounds is effortless. Flexible Modulations 8 free drawing LFO/Envelope and 4 specialized modulators can be drag-and-drop to control most of the synth parameters. Another...
Cyclone Retwisted
Sample Logic Cyclone Retwisted All sounds are 100% CYCLONE Retwisted! Sampling Meets Synthesis –°ompletely re-engineered and re-imagined, CYCLONE RETWISTED is the next generation of Sample Logic's CYCLONE. Now equipped with Sample Logic's proprietary Step and FX Animator technology along with a new dual-voice additive synthesizer, CYCLONE RETWISTED is truly a one-stop shop for astounding, inspiring electronic sounds.
Wave Alchemy Spectrum
15 iconic vintage synthesizers, 10,000+ samples and 185 unique patches; each expertly programmed and creatively combined into a single unified, incredibly powerful virtual instrument - our most versatile to date… Introducing Spectrum for Kontakt 5 –The hybrid waveform synthesizer that delivers endless inspiration! Concept Over 18 months in development, our goal with Spectrum was to bring...
UVI UltraMini 1.5
UltraMini 1.5 is here, bringing with it over 200 new factory patches, a significantly optimized low-CPU mode and computer-based authorization. Two legendary analog synths with the ultimate convenience of digital—now leaner, meaner and easier to use than ever! The Beauty of Firsts There's something evocative and mysterious about firsts. Normal people will recall their first pet, first crush or their first kiss.
StageCraft Addiction Synth v4.32
Our new synth is a professional, versatile, subtractive synthesizer. It can be easily made to sound like anything from a sweet, light organ, to a sharp, funky clav. There are multiple voices, velocity sensitivity, mono/polyphonic switching, versatile LFOs and filter, and effects. In short, everything you would expect with any of the most professional synths. Simplicity It’s designed to show...
Arturia ARP 2600 V3
The Magic Mix With its sound palette varying from heavy drum n' bass stabs to angular arpeggiated electro bass lines, whatever your chosen genre, the 2600 is a truly versatile sound creation tool which still takes its place at the heart of today's music. With a unique combination of semi-modular architecture and fixed preset routing, it gave it the place of being one of the most versatile synths of the 1970's.
DiscoDSP Discovery Pro v6.8.0
Features Virtual Analog synthesizer + sampler 32 / 64-bit Audio Units / VST / VST3 Dual / Four octave key split 4 layers / 12 oscillators with Sync / FM WAV / SoundFont (SF2) support PADSynth re-synthesis 2X oversampling / undersampling Built-in arpeggiator 12 filter types / ZDF NL2 modeled + 2 Moog® Panning modulation / stereo delay / gate effects Graphic envelope modulation Imports / Exports...

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