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Sugar Bytes Aparillo v1.0.1
  The Cinematic Machine Aparillo is an advanced 16-voice FM synthesizer, tailored for majestic sonic motions. A clever arrangement of synthesis, wave shaping, filtering, FX and modulation unfolds into a serious sound design tool for epic sonic creation. Make sure to check out the Orbiter, a mass-controller for immediate, instant blockbuster sounding themes. Synth Two FM Operators give birth to...
PlugSound 5 World of Synthesizers
512 patches in total for over 600 MB of sounds, a huge collection of retro and modern synth sounds. The focus of this collection was to supply presets based on a very wide variety of analog, digital, virtual analog and plug-in synthesizers. World Of Synthesizers focuses on real synth sounds taken from a range of essenntial machines from expensive workstations to specialized sound modules. It gives...
VirSyn CUBE is a groundbreaking new software instrument giving you the power and flexibility of additive synthesis together with easy editing and morphing capabilities. Macro parameters allow you to control this beast with unequalled ease. CUBE is available for Windows, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X as standalone program and VST / AudioUnit plugins. Enter the world of additive synthesis with unprecedented ease.
LinPlug CronoX 3
LinPlug CronoX 3 Sample Synthesizer Features * Free Filter with new, continuously adjustable, modulatable filter-type. * Loop Sampler Generator with individually modulatable loop-points and start-point. * Versatile architecture with 4 generator modules that are mixed into two filters. * Easy-Edit panel allowing preset browsing and quick access to main synthesis parameters. * Powerful, editable arpeggiator with up to 32 steps.
Roland Plug-Out SH-2 v.1.0.9
Roland Plug-Out SH-2 v.1.0.9 [PC / MAC Versions]Complete replica of the classic SH-2 synthesizerThe SH-2 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer is a total reproduction of the classic SH-2 synthesizer from 1979. Renowned for its raw vintage tone, the SH-2’s dual VCO plus sub oscillator configuration dishes out devastatingly fat basses, edgy leads and wild effects. Designed for SYSTEM-1 as well as Mac or PC hosts.
AudioRealism ReDominator v1.0.2 R2
AudioRealism ReDominator v1.0.2 R2 [PC / MAC] ReDominator is an emulation of the classic Alpha Juno 1/2 (JU-1/2), a polyphonic DCO (digitally controlled oscillator) based synth from 1986. Description ReDominator is an emulation of the classic Alpha Juno 1/2 (JU-1/2), a polyphonic DCO (digitally controlled oscillator) based synth from 1986. The JU-1/2 became popular in the early 90's techno and...
Humanoid Sound Systems Enzyme
Humanoid Sound Systems Enzyme v1.0.53 [PC / MAC] Features Enzyme comes with 265 factory presets included, all with performance parameters assigned, which provide you with millions of possible sound variations. Enzyme AU and VST plugin incorporates a unique combination of wavetable and physical modeling synthesis to create spectacularly rich, dynamic musical timbres. Sample import is available so you...
Waldorf PPG Wave 3 v1.2
Overview Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V is the reincarnation of the legendary PPG Wave Synthesizer, which no doubt is considered one of the most respected high-end synthesizers of the 80s. Developed by Wolfgang Palm, this instrument is featured on countless records, and it inspired a whole generation of producers, composers and listeners. While back then it was your choice to spent your money either for a vehicle or the PPG.
PlugSound Special Edition - PPG
PlugSound Special Edition - PPG Legendary PPG synth and more on a Plugsound UVI Engine. VST, AU, RTAS, MAS.  
Northmood VSTi [2 DVD]
Sound Burst Northmood v1.0 VSTi [2 DVDs Set] Still in love with the sound of the Clavia Nord Modular? Now it can be virtually yours. Sound Burst Northmood is the sample-based player that plays like the original instrument. The best patches have been sampled, note by note, sometimes with several velocities, using world-class audio equipment by Focusrite, RME, BSS, Aphex, Mindprint, Creamwere and Lucid Technologies.
DiscoDSP Highlife VSTi [Full Version]
DiscoDSP Highlife VSTi [Full Version] Performance sampler with VSTi sampling, sample editor, five built in effects, flexible modulation, parameter morphing, highest offline resampling quality using 512 point SINC and a 260 MB sample library. Features: * Built-in VST host for 32bit sampling of VSTis (freezing). * Built-in wave editor. * Built-in library browser. * 32-Bit floating point based wavetables.
Rapture Pro v2.0.4.25 [2 DVD]
Cakewalk Rapture Pro v2.0.4.25 [2 DVD] One synth to rule them all. The best features of Dimension Pro and Rapture have added significant innovations to bring you a next-generation musical instrument that bridges the gap between live performance spontaneity and impressive studio sound. Highlights Transform, perform, produce, bend, and twist with new sounds, more FX, and more control Find and prioritize...
SuperWave Ultimate Bundle v1.2
SuperWave Ultimate Bundle v1.2 This disk includes: Ultimate v1.4 Ultimate Extreme HD Edition v1.4 Tarkus v1.6 P80 v1.5 Performer v1.8 Professional v2.8 Trance-Pro v2.8 D-909 v1.6 D-808 v1.6 D-707 v1.1 D-727 v1.1 Tiny Pops v1.6  
Native Instruments Flesh
Native Instruments Flesh [PC / MAC] AUGMENTED SONIC REALITY Flesh out your rhythmic samples into full tracks Made for hands on performance – in the studio and on the stage Create inspiring melodies dripping with feel – no music theory needed   HANDS-ON FUN FLESH is the latest creation by producer, musician, and inventor Tim Exile – a fun and innovative performance synth that...
discoDSP Corona v5.1
discoDSP Corona v5.1 [PC / MAC] Features DSP / Code by Oskari Tammelin Virtual Analog + Wave synthesizer 32 / 64-bit Audio Units / VST 3 VA + WAVE / SF2 oscillators Roland® JP8080 modeled Super 7 unison 16 oscillator combine modes 32 steps arpeggiator Dual zero-delay feedback filters 8 destination matrix modulations 4 LFOs 4 ADSR envelopes Distortion / chorus / delay / limiter effects MIDI out...
Rapture Pro UP3 v2 [2 DVD]
Cakewalk Rapture Pro UP3 v2.0.3.96 [2 DVD] [PC Only] [Windows x86 / x64] One synth to rule them all. The best features of Dimension Pro and Rapture have added significant innovations to bring you a next-generation musical instrument that bridges the gap between live performance spontaneity and impressive studio sound. Rapture Pro: Multisample Synth Multi-page layout optimized for studio and live performance...
AIR Music Tech Xpand2 v2.2.7 [DVD]
AIR Music Tech Xpand2 v2.2.7 [DVD] [PC Only Windows x86/x64] Air Music Technology originally created Xpand! as part of the Creative Collection of instrument plug-ins included as part of Avid™ Pro Tools™. With the release of Pro Tools 8, this widely popular workstation was given new controls, improved features, an additional Gigabyte of sounds, and a new name: Xpand!2. As the popularity of Pro Tools grew.
AIR Music Vacuum Pro v1.0.7
AIR Music Vacuum Pro v1.0.7 [PC Only] [Windows x86/x64] Analog Just Got Warmer Vacuum Pro is a polyphonic analog synthesizer with vacuum tube circuit modeling that perfectly captures the crunchy, warm sound of the analog era. With four analog oscillators, multiple filters and envelopes, and built-in audio effects, Vacuum Pro lets you dive deep into subtractive synthesis to recreate those sought-after...
Audible Genius Syntorial v1.6.4
Syntorial is the most direct route between hearing a sound in your head and knowing how to bring it to life. A NEW WAY TO LEARN SYNTHESIS Syntorial is video game-like training software, that will teach you how to program synth patches by ear. With almost 200 lessons, combining video demonstrations with interactive challenges, you’ll get hands on experience programming patches on a built-in soft synth.
Plogue Chipspeech v1.502
Chipspeech is a vintage-style speech synthesizer which recreates the sound of famous 80′s voice synthesis chips. It features 11 different voices, each with its own characteristic timbre. It is specially tailored for musical needs – simply type in your lyrics, and then play on your MIDI keyboard. It’s a true synthesizer, the sound can be extensively modified for easy and expressive performances.
XILS-lab PolyKB III v3.0.3
The PolyKB III is designed to recreate ‘the sound and spirit’ of the RSF PolyKobol 2 polyphonic synthesizer, including its most revolutionary feature: morphing analog Oscillators. Features: 3 Morphing oscillators 2 Multimode 0df Filters 3 Envelopes, 2 LFOS per voice Polysequencer, arpeggiator, ‘vintage’ effects Hundreds of modulation, including 2 Unique Per voice modulators.
GForce The Oddity 2
Instrument Overview Oddity2 is the successor to the multi-award winning Oddity, modelled on the legendary ARP Odyssey synthesiser, manufactured between 1972 and 1981. During its lifetime the Odyssey, due to it's versatile and distinctive tones, was used by artists as diverse as Gary Numan, John Foxx, Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, Chick Corea, Roger Powell, George Duke, 808 State and countless others.
Roland VS SYSTEM-100 v1.0.5
Modern recreation of the legendary SYSTEM-100.FeaturesThe SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer is a modern reproduction of the now-legendary semi-modular monosynth from 1975. It integrates the features of the original Model 101 Synthesizer and Model 102 Expander units, resulting in an incredibly fat and uniquely versatile two oscillator monosynth with modular routing capabilities. Designed for...
Roland VS SYSTEM-8
Cutting-edge software synthesizer powered by Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) modeling. Features Inspired by the past, built in the present, designed for the future, the Roland SYSTEM-8 Synthesizer is a virtual analog powerhouse. Sonic Waveforms are pumped-out from the most powerful hardware synthesizer heart ever created by Roland. Three oscillators per voice, incredible multimode filtering, a myriad of modulation opportunities.

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