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Orchestra samples

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Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete
Collection of virtual Solo Strings by Chris Hein Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete is an extensive Solo Strings Library including Chris Hein´s Solo Violin, Solo Viola, Solo Cello and Solo ContraBass - all recorded with greatest care and endless details, precisely edited and merged into a practical and musical instrument for NI's Kontakt Player. Each Instrument has over 10,000 samples, 38 articulations...
ProjectSAM Symphobia 2 v1.5
Introduction Discover the all-updated 2016 Editions of the orchestral library series that changed the film scoring game: The Symphobia Series.   Symphobia 2 is the acclaimed sequel to the original Symphobia. All-new orchestral effects, massive amounts of fresh and inspiring symphonic effects, exclusive legato ensembles with real legato transitions, Dystopia III and a brand-new interface. Symphobia...
Sonokinetic Woodwinds Ensembles [Extended Edition 24 Bit]
Sonokinetic Woodwinds Ensembles [Extended Edition 24 Bit] v. 1.1 [11 DVD] STATE-OF-THE-ART ORCHESTRAL SAMPLES FOR PROFESSIONAL COMPOSERS Woodwinds Ensembles developed by Sonokinetic is a brand new collection of orchestral woodwind instruments ensembles; Flutes, Clarinets, Oboes and Bassoons. Features 4 ENSEMBLES: FLUTES, CLARINETS, OBOES, BASSOONS SAMPLE CONTENT 50GB 100.000+ HQ audio files (90GB...
Sonokinetic Sotto 24 Bit
Delicate Orchestral Sample Library About Sotto Orchestral sampled instrument for delicate moments and deafening silence. We have covered a lot of ground in our orchestral series already; there’s the scary Tutti, the uplifting Vivace, the understated Minimal, the driving Grosso and the majestic Capriccio. We’ve always had a yearning to capture something more delicate, and now we’ve...
Spitfire Masse
We’re proud to present a set of super-exclusive ready-built orchestral patches for composers working at the frontline needing to hit that deadline. Designed by composers for composers, and featuring all three choirs of our symphonic orchestral project (brass, woods, strings), these patches have been carefully re-orchestrated, re-mixed and re-baked into a series of awe-inspiring, straight out-of-the-box...
BML Mural Symphonic Evolutions
The most extraordinary selection of beautiful, haunting and utterly unique Symphonic Evolutions (Evos) presented both as standard 'long' articulations in the BML codebase and as Spitfire's totally unique "Evo Grid" system. These fantastic creations from the mind of Ben Foskett are so unbelievably special and unique that we've decided to make them ultra exclusive by only offering...
Sacconi Strings Quartet [17 DVD]
Spitfire Audio Sacconi Strings Quartet [17 DVD] Purpose built tools for writing for string quartets performed by an award winning and sought after British group in arguably the best chamber acoustic in the world. Key Stats 46768 Samples 106.6 GB Uncompressed .WAV 70.7 GB disk space required 141.4 GB disk space required during install Kontakt Full Required Overview When you convince, cajole and caress...
Aleatoric Modular Series Low Bundle
Bundle option for the first user-guided aleatoric orchestral sample library series, designed by Casey Edwards and produced by Strezov Sampling. DESCRIPTION Aleatoric Modular Series: Low Brass User-guided aleatoric orchestral sample library Native Instruments Kontakt 4+ FULL version required Instrumentation: 2 tenor trombones + 2 bass trombones + 1 tuba Lip Bends, Flutter Bends, Jitters, Cluster Deviations.
Venus Symphonic Womens Choir
Description We here at Soundiron are proud to present the latest chapter in our series of powerful, flexible and exquisitely recorded virtual choral libraries: The Venus Symphonic Women's Choir. We took all we learned from recording previous choirs and applied them here to make certain Venus is extraordinarily playable, diverse and stunningly beautiful. With Venus, we are aiming for versatility.
Roland VS SRX Orchestra v1.0.1
SRX Orchestra One of the most complete Orchestral synths in history now available for your DAW. Features The first software adaption of Roland's legendary SRX expansion boards, SRX Orchestra brings to your DAW some of the most beloved and recorded orchestral sounds in history.  SRX Orchestra provides hundreds of fresh, inspiring sounds for composers, film scoring or any situation where realistic...
Chris Hein Ensemble Strings
Chris Hein – Ensemble Strings is an incredibly detailed, flexible and musical string-ensemble-library. A special characteristic of this library is the fact that the ensemble-sounds have not been recorded in a group. Instead, the carefully selected and matched instruments have been recorded separately and edited. Consequently, each instrument is perfectly in tune, offers excellence in timing...
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