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Ethnic samples

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Ethno World 6 Complete
The Ultimate Sample-library for Ethnic Instruments and Voices from all over the World ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete is the summit of a library that has continuously grown and been improved over a period of 16 years. In this sixth edition, 80 new instruments and voices with a volume of 13 gigabytes have been added to the library. Marcel BarsottiAwarded film-composer Marcel Barsotti (e. g. Pope Joan, The Miracle...
Sonica Instruments Tsugaru Shamisen
Tsugaru Shamisen, the second release in the Virtuoso Japanese Series, is now available as a Kontakt instrument library. Sonica Instruments has painstakingly recreated every aspect of the revered tsugaru shamisen — the stirring percussive sounds, the powerful playing techniques, and the blazing speed of hajiki picking — in a Kontakt instrument library. The Virtuoso Japanese Series’...
Sacred Indian Chants
Loopmasters present Sacred Indian Chants - a serene collection of world music vocals, performed and recorded in the heart of India. Loopmasters have once again teamed up with our man in the Indian sub-continent - K.V Bala Krishnan, for another fresh and original collection of 100% royalty free Indian Vocals. From the creator of Indian Vocal Sessions, comes Sacred Indian Chants – 1.47Gb of sublimely meditative vocals.
Koron Traditional Instruments of Iran
An incredibly authentic collection of 10 traditional Iranian instruments featuring over 17,000 samples, 1200+ performances, and our latest tools for editing, playback and customization! Our biggest world instrument library ever; perfect for realistic Middle Eastern music, cinematic scores, world fusion and much more. Content: Over 17,000+ 24-bit samples 5 melodic and 5 percusive instruments Kamanche.
Deep Data Loops Indian Vocals
About Samples Library DDL traveled down to South India to record 3 talented singers (male and female) performing in Malayam and Hindi language. 9 songs are featured and cut into loops for better handling. Besides producing traditional indian sounds these loops are also usable in a variety of other musical genres as introduced in the demo. As a bonus some babbling recordings are added as well. What...
Zero-G Eastern Flute
Eastern Flute is a 3.3gb library of over 1400 authentic eastern style flute phrases. Professionally recorded on location in the Indian subcontinent in pristine 24bit audio. These phrases are the business when it comes to locking down the essential character of the region. They can be used in almost any genre of music to add some spice to your project. Each phrase is both provided dry and processed...
Zero-G Eastern Violin
Eastern Violin is a 2.7gb library of over 1000 authentic eastern style violin phrases. Professionally recorded on location in the Indian subcontinent in pristine 24bit audio. These phrases are the business when it comes to locking down the essential character of the region. They can be used in almost any genre of music to add some spice to your project. Each phrase is both provided dry and processed...
Sitar Nation v2.0
The most deeply sampled sitar, tambura, tabla and baya library ever released! Includes multiple mic positions, all important playing techniques, FX patches, and MIDI grooves. Concept We came up with the idea for Sitar Nation in mid-2007, after noticing that despite the growing popularity of ethnic instrument libraries, few products sampled non-Western instruments with a level of depth expected from a modern sample library.
David Fanshawe Earth Encounters 1
“Through the adventures of music and travel, I have been privileged to experience our world as a composer and musical explorer. It is my humble dream to go on sharing my aspirations with future generations through the legacy of my sound archives.” - David Fanshawe (1942-2010). Key Stats 11491 Samples 20.6 GB Uncompressed .WAV 13.7 GB disk space required 27.4 GB disk space required during...
Audiofier Abstrung v1.1
he second installment, a new chapter. Crystals generator In common with the whole Randomisers Series, Abstrung hosts the new Crystals Generator, a special delay generator whose repetitions can be pitched in different ways. In addition to that, the delay line can be filtered, and blurred with the Cloud filter. Grains can be more or less pronunced to one’s taste. The repetitions can also be effected by distortion.
EarthMoments Hamsa Vol.2 - Arabic Percussion
'Hamsa Vol 2: Arabic Percussion' from EarthMoments presents an exploration into the mystical world of Oriental percussion and grooves from distant corners of the Middle East, North Africa, and Arabic musical traditions. Extolled for its rhythmic complexity and rich diversity, Middle Eastern percussive traditions feature a variety of hand drums that form the mainstay of the practice. Included...
Ventus Ethnic Winds Ocarinas
The fifth entry in our VENTUS Ethnic Winds series features three ocarinas with unique timbres, ranges, and styles. Includes 12+ playing techniques per instrument and over 900 pre-recorded phrases! An ornament system allows for unique, authentic performances and TACT (Total Articulation Control Technology) provides the ultimate solution for fully customizable mapping. The Ocarinas We are pleased to...
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion - Global Shake
CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN VIBRATIONS The authentic sound of African club music – bursting with flavors from across the continent and beyond 64 BATTERY kits and 52 MASCHINE kits packed with bouncing rhythms and rich melodic content Exclusive samples of guitar, vocals, and percussion performed by top musicians from across the globeAFRICA IS NOWCelebrating the vitality and excitement of contemporary African music.
Native Instruments Discovery Series - Middle East
PLAYABLE PERCUSSIVE AND MELODIC INSTRUMENTS Extensive instrument and pattern library drawn from Arabic, Turkish, and Persian music 25 authentic instruments, captured in superb quality Easily accessible sounds, scales, and phrasesA MODERN APPROACH TO TRADITIONAL SOUNDSAccess a rich tradition of Arabic, Turkish, and Persian music, and enrich your productions with a fascinating musical heritage. Create...
Sonokinetic Oud
DescriptionTurkish delight…We’ve sampled a huge number of ethnic instruments over the last decade, but few evoke such warmth, mystery and wonder as those from Turkey. This geographical location brings with it a host of musical influences from within and also neighbouring areas; Arab nations to the south and Eastern Europe to the West. Some of our most inspiring libraries have their basis...
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