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Ethnic samples

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Crypto Cipher Swarmandal [DVD]
Crypto Cipher Swarmandal [DVD / Kontakt] About Swarmandal The name Swarmandal combines swara (notes) and mandal (group) , which represents the ability to produce a group of notes. This instrument is used as an accompanying instrument for vocal Hindustani classical music. It is also known by the name of Sur-mandal. The Beatles’ 1967 single “Strawberry Fields Forever” features a swarmandal.
Rast Sound Ceremonial Vocals
Rast Sound Ceremonial Vocals [WAV / Kontakt] Ceremonial Vocals is the second library within the world vocals series of Rast Sound. We feel lucky and excited to have met/worked with an amazing performer who spends most of her time within the ceremonial act and performance. The library provides vocal performances from South American ceremonies, indigenous rituals and more. Just like in Mideast Vocals.
Aviram Music Box 1.0
Aviram Dayan Production Aviram Music Box 1.0 [Kontakt] Sound from a great Tool With Different Instruments: Symphonion, Cylinder, Swiss cylinder, Mandoline (Organocleide), Orphenion Multi Legato, Bells in Sight, Different Chorus, Air Breathing, Different Pads And Stretching, Winding Noise (Winding, Attachments). Articulations: M-Box - Trigger Between 3 Groups And Changing With Multi Legato. ​Modulation- (1-Modes).
Modwheel Angklung [DVD]
Modwheel Angklung [DVD / Kontakt] A new angle on Drum & Percussion libraries. ANGKLUNG is the third release in the Creative Differences series, a percussion instrument library that focuses on quality, organic percussion sounds recorded and designed for the Kontakt user. Following in the footsteps of HUMDRUM and THE BENDS and WORLDLY GOODS it features a collection of 24 tuned Bamboo Angklung. The...
Aztec Death Whistle
Soundiron Aztec Death Whistle [DVD / Kontakt] About Samples Library Aztec Death Whistle is a deeply sampled folk wind instrument that captures the dark soul of the ancient Aztec death whistle, a ceremonial clay resonator used during human sacrifice rituals and warfare at the height of the Aztec (historically also known as the Mexica) empire in Central America, during the 14 and 15th centuries AD in...
Findasound Fayez Saidawi Oriental Strings
Description Fayez Saidawi Oriental Strings is a professional strings sections library for Native Instrument's Kontakt 5. 1.46 GB of compressed ncw kontakt format samples that are deeply sampled and looped with 8 articulations that fits the most common ways of playing middle eastern strings. An outstanding legato sounds with options to control speed, attack, expression and type of portamento playing.
Best Service Kwaya
The sound of the sun rising above the savanna Kwaya - African Voices by Eduardo Tarilonte Kwaya is an unrivaled choir library offering authentic African voices and chants. With Aba Taano from Uganda, Eduardo Tarilonte has found the perfect choir for this long and intensely prepared project. Kwaya is an ideal choice for every producer wanting to use distinctive and expressive African chants and vocals in their works.
Cinesamples Dulcimer and Zither
Cinesamples is proud to present our new line of libraries - The WORLD SERIES! The first installment introduces the family of the Dulcimer and Zither, a favored instrument color by composers throughout the ages and around the globe. Recorded at the famous Firehouse Recording Studios in Los Angeles, and mixed by esteemed engineer Tim Starnes, the Dulcimer and Zither library will add stunning brilliance...
Sonokinetic Yemenite
A Yemenite Male Vocalist Phrase-based Sampled Library. About Yemenite With this library Sonokinetic is back where it all began. At the cradle of cultural history we found another intriguing and mystical vocal art form. Mr. Abraham Acharak blessed us with a divinely stunning performance and showed us music’s true meaning in multiple inspiring recording sessions. The proven concept of vocal performances...
Hephaestus Sounds Fairy Tale Harp
Expressive orchestral harp library with a great and emotional sound impact, with a “fairy” sound that provides enchanting realism for your soundtrack. Features: 48 KHz 24 bit Stereo sample resolution; 3 dynamic layers, enhanched with cutoff; 4 round-robin cycles; String-off and harp player background noises; 10 sound modes, also switchable by modulation controller; 3-band equalizer and...
Hephaestus Sounds Celtic Harp
A Celtic Harp sampled in studio with 2 hi-sense / noise-zero microphones. The Kontakt instrument is the perfect copy of the real instrument. You just have to play it. Features: 48 KHz 24 bit Mono sample resolution 4x Round Robin 4 Dynamic Layers Dynamic 4xRR Key-off FX 8 Sound Modes Extremely Easy-To-Use Interface Realtime Playing Optimization Only 170 MB of Compressed Samples Stunning Accompainment...
Ventus Ethnic Winds Shakuhachi
The debut instrument in our VENTUS Ethnic Winds series of beautiful solo instruments. Includes 15 playing techniques and 600 pre-recorded phrases – 6,000 samples in total! An ornament system allows for unique, authentic performances and TACT (Total Articulation Control Technology) provides the ultimate solution for fully customizable mapping. Content: Over 6,000 24-bit samples recorded through...
Sonokinetic Yiddish
A Yiddish Female Vocalist Phrase-based Sampled Library. About Yiddish Sonokinetic specializes in in-depth musical history heritage exploration since 2008. With “Yiddish” we fulfill our premise to capture part of the Jewish music culture and complement our signature sampling line with this very recognizable musical style. Different from the mystical Sephardic “Voices of Israel”...
Sonokinetic Guzin
A Turkish Female Vocalist Phrase-based Sampled Library. Samples 44.1 kHZ - 24 BIT AIFF format 3.400+ SAMPLES 1.36 GB uncompressed Royalty and copyright free content license Format FOR NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Kontakt 4.2.4 & 5 FULL VERSION NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE FREE KONTAKT PLAYER! Instrument Patches Native Instruments Kontakt 2 instrument Patches: Guzin K4.nki, Guzin K5.nki Sampled Instruments Traditional...
Wassolou Balafon
AFRICAN BALAFON WITH SNARES. RECORDING THE BALAFON French musician Jean-Philippe Rykiel contacted us about a unique type of African balafon in which each key had “snares” that vibrated when played, giving it a interesting buzzing quality. Sometimes called a “gyil”(JEE-le), it's usually found in parts of northern Ghana, Burkina Faso, and south-eastern Mali. Hardwood keys...
Mountain Dulcimer
Description Ladies and Gents, our MOUNTAIN DULCIMER is here. And we know you're gonna love this thing! The Mountain Dulcimer, native of the Appalachian region of the U.S., is a strummed zither with a beautiful, intimate, unique sound. The specific model we chose to record has a sweet, beautiful and inviting tone, and we sampled the heck out of it! You can treat this VI in the traditional sense.
Xiao Flute
Aria Sounds Xiao Flute - Traditional Chinese Bamboo Flute. The Xiao is a ancient traditional Chinese, end-blown bamboo flute, also known as the dòngxiao. We have sampled this instrument with true legato intervals all the way up to the octave, and, like the bansuri, have artificially filled in the notes which actually are not possible to play on the instrument physically. With our instrument.
Swar Systems Swar Studio v2.0.2
After over a year of hard work, we are delighted to announce a major upgrade to our Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Swar Studio is now packed with all the functionality you'll need to create professional sounding compositions. With its included 41 virtual instruments, 17 of which are Indian ones, it's the sequencer of choice for anyone wishing to give a little Indian touch to their music. With Swar Studio.
Sonica Koto 13
Virtuoso Japanese Series KOTO 13, an exquisitely crafted virtual 13-string koto — the first release in our new Virtuoso Japanese Series of Kontakt instruments The 13-string koto is one of Japan’s most dignified traditional instruments. Capable of everything from elegant, single plucked notes to aggressive glissandos, the koto boasts a wide range of musical expressions and can add a dash...
Voices of Ancient India
About Voices of Ancient India | Kontakt 5 Sample Library | Wave Samples Format Please Note : “ Voices of Ancient India “ sample library need Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher version, which is a free update for Kontakt 5 users. Wave files are kept open if you don’t have access to Native instruments Kontakt. Crypto Cipher is proud to present biggest & emotional Indian Kontakt phrase library...
8Dio Qanun
Qanun Instrument for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX Samples overview The Qanun (Kanun) is a plucked string instrument. It is a type of large Zither/Psaltery with trapezoidal soundboard and common in traditional Middle Eastern, North African and West Asian music. It is regarded as a classical instrument in most of the Arab world and Turkey (kanun). The history of the Qanun is somewhat sparse, but earliest versions...
Embertone The Charmer
Features For FULL Kontakt 5.4.1+ Middle Eastern Shawm 3 Legato Styles + Shorts Drone + Legato ranges Simple. Fun. Beautiful. Description The Charmer is a unique and familiar little instrument in our arsenal. A middle-eastern, double reed shawm, with that beautiful, nasal tone, will be an asset to your collection! Whether you’re creating a score designed with middle eastern undertones, or you’re...
Kong Audio Chinee Orchestra FE v2.1.2
The First Complete Chinese Orchestra Library. Features Flexible design: You can make the instrument your own. Extendable features by using and combining the Extenders. A different paradigm to accessing and weaving the samples. Tailored to maximize the potential of KONG AUDIO’s sound content. NEW IN QIN RV 2.0: Multitimbral, multiout, overall optimization. Special Legato design to make instruments alive.
Sonokinetic SteelPan
Trinidad & Tobago High End Steelpan Sample Library. Samples 44.1 kHz, 24bit NCW format 7.600+ SAMPLES 5.3 GB uncompressed Royalty and copyright free content license Format FOR NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Kontakt 5.1.0 & 5 FULL VERSION NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE FREE KONTAKT PLAYER! Instrument Patches Native Instruments Kontakt 1 instrument Patch: Steelpan.nki Sampled Instruments 3 different playing styles: Hand.
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