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Electronic music

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Dance Music Production Vol.16 - Deep House [2 DVD]
Dance Music Production Vol.16 - Deep House [DVD Tutorial] For Volume 16 we examine the theory and practice behind the production of Deep House. Note: This pack includes complete collection (3 DVD disks) packed to 2 disks with archivator. Drawing on elements of Chicago house, soul, funk and Detroit music, deep house is often best known for its jazzy suspended chords, close-concentrated dissonant melodies.
Matthew Weiss Mixing EDM Bundle [3 DVD]
Matthew Weiss Mixing EDM Bundle [3 DVD] [Tutorial] Take your mixes and productions to the next level. Drums, synths, bass, vocals, transitions, drops and more, mix engineer Matthew Weiss shows you how to get the best sound out of all your EDM mixes and productions. You'll learn how to: Get maximum impact out of your drops We'll teach you how to make sure all of your drops sound huge and translate well on laptops.
How to mix and master Electronic Music from home
How to mix and master Electronic Music from home [DVD Tutorial] A CRYSTAL CLEAR MIX AND MASTER RIGHT FROM YOUR HOME STUDIO OR LAPTOP If you’re a home studio producer, you could agree that it can be difficult to get your mixes to sound clean and clear but still hard hitting and explosive from your home studio. A home studio producer’s tracks can be well written, but if the mix is off and...
Incognet Big and Fat EDM Kicks Vol.4
Incognet Big and Fat EDM Kicks Vol.4 [WAV / MIDI / FXP / SPF] About Samples Library Incognet is extremely proud to present to you our four product of Best Selling series of our label - Incognet Big And Fat EDM Kicks!!! This series apporved and used by Spinnin artists, Musical Freedom artists, Sirup artists, Revealed artists, Dzeko and Torres, Martin Garrix, Blasterjaxx, Ralvero, DVBBS, and many many...
Class A Samples Amsterdam Dance Expansion [DVD]
Class A Samples Amsterdam Dance Expansion [DVD] [WAV / MIDI / Sylenth / Spire] About Library Class A Samples are happy to present you a huge 1.3 GB ADE special edition sample pack! Loops, one-shots, patches, MIDI, vocals, fx and more! Focused on music from Spinnin, Revealed, Skink, Protocol, Big & Dirty, Axtone and more! Specifications: 1.33 Gb wav 24 bit 44100 at 128 BPM 70 Drop Loops 180 One...
Hall Samples Massive EDM
Hall Samples Massive EDM [WAV / MIDI] “Massive EDM” is a new Construction Kits, from Hall Samples, quality for a incredible sound, will give you more than enough unique melody. Contains 5 construction kit, with Melody Loops, Midi, Drum Loops and much more. This pack also includes one-shot samples, allowing you to create new beats. Each file is named with Tempo and Key Labeled. Massive EDM is 100% Royalty-Free.
What About: EDM Melbourne Trumpet Loops [DVD]
What About: EDM Melbourne Trumpet Loops [Multiformat DVD] 'What About: EDM Melbourne Trumpet Loops' is a brand new, exclusive super pack by W. A. production. Inside you'll find 10 Construction Kits, 120 Offbeat Bass Samples, 10 Unique Kicks, 28 Sylenth1 and 27 Spire Presets, plus 10 Crazy Trumpet Loops. More than 500 files and 2.5 GB of content including MIDI, Dry/Wet versions, and more is included.
What About: Massive EDM Essentials
What About: Massive EDM Essentials [Massive Expansion] 'What About: Massive EDM Essentials' is a fantastic pack made by the W. A. Production team. This pack brings you 80 unique and super-useful EDM presets for NI Massive as well as 40 bonus Drum Samples and one Tutorial. All sounds are perfectly crafted to bring you as huge and sharp a feeling as possible. Inspired by the biggest EDM stars.
Raw Voltage Maschine Expansion
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Raw Voltage Pure Analog Power Sampled from customized hardware Rich, organic sound character Contains kits, instruments and patterns POWER SOURCE Add some pure charge to your sounds – RAW VOLTAGE is the unmistakable sound of a huge modular system. From noisy and distorted to cool and clinical, this MASCHINE Expansion is packed full of kits, instruments and...
XILS-lab R.A.M.S.E.S. v1.0.1
XILS-lab R.A.M.S.E.S. Rythm And Motion Stereo Engine System v1.0.1 [PC / MAC] R.A.M.S.E.S. will bring any signal to life with rhythm and motion : Add true stereo depth and space, or take it all away. Re-shape, re- filter, re-envelope and sculpt every source. Create hypnotic or robotic sequences or subtle complex human rhythms. Make digital signals sound analog or add velocity to your vintage true...
That Sound Elements [DVD]
That Sound Elements [DVD / Multiformat] About Library Elements are the foundation of everything. This drum library is the foundation of your next hit song. Elements is hundreds of fantastic “one-hit” drum samples and loops designed to be the building blocks of your songs and tracks. It will push your song writing and production to new levels with tasty kicks, snares, booms and more. The...
That Sound Cinematic Pop Drums
That Sound Cinematic Pop Drums About Samples Library Welcome to a place where the real and digital worlds collide. Its a soundscape where acoustic and analogue drums swim in lush reverbs. This is Cinematic Pop Drums. This is the library for when regular drum sounds don’t convey the depth, atmosphere, and sense of scale you’re looking for. Perfect for the modern pop, EDM and rock producer.
Big EDM Sick EDM Trap
Big EDM Sick EDM Trap [Multiformat DVD] About Samples Library Big EDM is back with another mamooth release, this time Big EDM team went crazy and created 2.25 GB pack suitable to all EDM & Trap freaks. Be sure to receave only the top-notch sounds in this pack and what is even better – you will receave tons of them. Inside this pack you will find more than 700 carefuly prepared and produced...
Samplephonics Cosmic Beats [DVD]
Samplephonics Cosmic Beats [DVD / Multiformat] About Samples Library A cosmic journey through warm analogue melodies, dusty spaced out beats and inter-galactic sample systems awaits! A dreamy amalgamation of Hip Hop, Soul and Future Electronic, Cosmic Beats is waiting for you to add your human touch. Inside this stunning Hip Hop and Future Beats sample pack you will find an astronomical selection of loops and samples.
Vengeance Electro Essentials Vol.3 [DVD]
Vengeance Electro Essentials Vol.3 [DVD / WAV] Vengeance Electro Essentials just keeps getting better! Manuel Schleis and Alex Butcher deliver once again with Volume 3, bringing you a fresh supply of new electro sounds. If you're producing modern electro (chart or club), this 1.2 GB collection of 2400 sounds is for you! Electro & Dubstep drums, bass lines, heavy impacts and FX risers, complextro shots.
Freaky Loops Build-Up and Breakdown Collection [2 DVD]
Freaky Loops Build-Up and Breakdown Collection [2 DVD] About Samples Library “Build-Up & Breakdown Collection” includes a total of 2754 loops and samples. Including an Insane amount of mixed drum fills, snares fills, clap fills, vocal fills, tension-builders, up/down lifters, impact hits, booms, drones, atmospheres, swooshes, rises, impacts and layered fx.. It's all here! This HUGE pack contains over 8.
Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2
Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.95 [PC/MAC] + Tutorial The Ultimate Waveshaping Synth. Z3TA+ 2 is designed to suit any and all of your electronic productions. From pop to trap, energetic to atmospheric, you’ll have the sounds you need at your fingertips. This disk includes: Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.95 PC Version [x86] Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.95 PC Version [x64] Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.
Wave Alchemy Mutate
Wave Alchemy Mutate [DVD / Kontakt] Introducing Mutate, our next generation virtual hybrid synthesizer for Kontakt 5! Twist, mangle and transform unique multi-sampled waveforms to create powerful abstract Dubstep bass, twisted Techno sequences, morphing growls, Mainroom EDM bass / leads, cone-melting subs, lush chords, warm analogue bass and everything in-between... Combine complex evolving tones and...
Jeremiah Pena Photosynthesis vol.4 - Realms
Jeremiah Pena Photosynthesis vol.4 - Realms [DVD / Kontakt] The fourth and final Photosynthesis Kontakt library, Realms is an extensive musical toolkit of bowed metallic sounds. Recorded with rich detail, metal groans and screeches with tones ranging from terrifying to lovely. Realms encompasses a wide selection of raw bowed metal objects, stunningly alive pads, and horrific soundscapes. Realms includes...
Singomakers EDM Ultra Pack 3
Singomakers EDM Ultra Pack 3 [DVD / Multiformat] About Samples Library Modern EDM is not like it was 2 or 3 years ago, nowadays it’s a hot and spicy mix of Progressive House, Bass Music, Big Room, Electro, Future House, Wobble and a lot more. In this brand new EDM Ultra Pack we put all these insane genres into a shaker and blended it properly! So welcome now to this fresh and Ultra Inspirational...
Freaky Loops Futuristic Electronica
Freaky Loops Futuristic Electronica [DVD] Put your hands in the sky and get ready to fly - Freaky Loops is proud to present you this heavy-weight collection packed with emotive and anthemic sounds, memorable melodies, shuffled grooves and magnificent futuristic vibes ready to take you away to another dimension. “Futuristic Electronica” throws you deep into blissed-out electronica. From...
White Label Warehouse Rave
Sample Magic White Label Warehouse Rave [DVD / Kontakt] From the M25 orbital to The Hacienda, don your dust masks as Warehouse Rave transports us back to the birthplace of UK dance music and the second Summer of Love with over 700MB of blistering breaks, authentic analogue synths and bass, classic pianos, old skool organs, throwback vox, madcap FX and more. Warehouse Rave eschews the standard White Label format.
2nd Sense Audio Wiggle v1.1.3
2nd Sense Audio Wiggle v1.0.3 [PC / MAC] Expressive Sound 4 powerful sound generators allow you to directly manipulate and automate the wavetable. Together with waveshaping, phase distortion and randomization tools, creating expressive sounds is effortless. Flexible Modulations 8 free drawing LFO/Envelope and 4 specialized modulators can be drag-and-drop to control most of the synth parameters. Another...
Mixthru EDM with Matthew Weiss
Mixthru EDM with Matthew Weiss [DVD Tutorial] Improve Your EDM Mixes Learn how to mix an EDM Future Bass record from start to finish including levels, EQ, compression, effects, distortion and more. Includes stems. Use EQ to clean and enhance synth leads, pads and strings Use contrast and effects to create a huge 3D space Utilize dynamics processing to exaggerate tension Use EQ to accentuate fundamental...
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